[3.12]One shot everthing/Bleed gladiator 1 second sirus last phase

Hello exile , welcome to my guide.
With this build you can hit kill any boss on the game , dealling insane amount of damage and with high clear speed.
And you can do it budget , can kill conqueror's/shaper guardians with one hit using 1 alch bows.

Hey i made a new version of this build check on the blockman post it have same damage but way more tank , max block max evasion with flasks , using arctic armour too.

3.12 changes

no nerfs
Some alternate quality gems can give a litle more damage , but i think it already have enought damage.

Buget viable?

People are asking me if the build is budget viable you can see me killing a red boss map(t14 i think) with just the bow and the helmet and the boots(for the auras).So i think it is , focus getting the clusters first a nice bow and you should be able to kill all boss with one hit.


here is me killing a conqueror with one shot using a 1 alch bow AW8

sirus AW8 1 second last phase

How it works

The bleeding damage works with the helmet assailum using puncture and the skill
ensnaring arrow that make the mob take more damage for bledding.


All videos are done in AW8

Baran (died so fast it couldn't attack me)

Veritania with current gear

Hunter with lvl 84 chararcter and bad gear


Phoenix map clear showcase and boss

Tier 4 seed boss(purple bear)

Sirus AW8(died 2 times cause i have the reflex of a potato)

more videos soon



-High clear speed
-Insane single target dps


-cannot do phys reflect maps/no bleeding maps
-Multiples shots to kill bosses that have more than one phase

gear breakdown

Must be the assailum if you can aford get one with a nice corrupt

Body armour
Can be a kaom , a belly of the best a rare one with a lts of life and resist but the best is kaom

The bow must have the mod "60% chance for Bleeding inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage" and 300+ pds

The best craft on it is % to physical damage over time try to get some life and resist too and if you can physical damage to attacks too

Same as the quiver , the best craft is % to physical damage over time some life and resist

The best craft on it is "Bleeding you inflict deals damage % faster"
Get some movespeed,resist, life on it too

One must have vulnerability on hit the other the mod "bleeding incresead damage and bleeding increased duration" Both should have life , and resist if you need if you can afford get them with phys to attacks , and a sufix open to craft +1 minimum frenzy charge

The best mod to get is To physical damage over time
life and some atributes(dex and int)
About the node to allocates , with my gear i dont need more damage so i choose more life to get from the amulet , if you fell you need more damage get the point Growth and Decay , you can get the point no Witness for elusive , is up to you.

The less passives the cluster have less point are spent

Large cluster
The best point on it is temperred Arrowheads for the second/third is Martial Prowess or Heavy Hitter a jewel with arrowheads + 1 more is fine

Theres many combinations that are great here
I recommend At least one have brush with death for more regen
Compound injury , rend and disorienting wounds are great to have

Small clusters
The more heath the better

With the lioneye's jewel we can convert axe/sword nodes to bow node increasing the damage and get some other bonus too

Intuitive Leap
it let us get some key points without need to pick the small points
If you need resist get the +12 to all
must be placed in the duelist region of the tree

If you can afford get one whatcher's eye with + dot for malevolence

One life , one granite for more tankness and one for movespeed

The Dying sun is great for help hiting the puncture shot and help with clear speed

The bottled faith make enemies take more damage if can get it after you got the rest of the gear if not use some sulphur flask with the craft you need.

Most of my gear is self made , just buy the mod you want on the gear and get it better with the farm(add resist and life , phys , etc.)

how to improve your itens

here is how i craft my gear in league. It's nothing complex but will save you a lot o ex and requires few hours of griding even less if you are lucky.
1 first you need to buy the piece that you want with 1 or 2 mod that you need
in this case i bought one with to physical damage over time and life both t1 and in the best base for damage
2-must be no other only physical mod on the item cause will be hard to remove(50% to remove the overtime damage)
3- have the craft that you need and good luck
check the video below of me transforming a 20c quiver on a multiple ex quiver and way better than mine(80 more life and 170k more bleed dps)

when i get more phys craft i will try to craft another 400+pds bleed bow

jewels and clusters

Most of the damage come from the clusters and jewels

leveling and ascedancy ordem

First of all the leveling of the build is really smooth but if you buy a cheaper uniques will make even better.
Ascendancy is
1-Blood in the eyes
2-Gratuitous Violence
3-Arena challenger
4-Outmatch and Outlast
Split arrow you get on act one just put the suport gems when you can get a puncture leveling for when you can equip the helmet.

In the pob you can check the trees(lvl 30 , 50 ,70 and 100)

If you got any question you can pm me in game nick: Sallamandra
kill all bandits.
sometimes the pob bug and dont allocates the cluster nodes , just do it manualy.
Hey check out my other guide
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switching to test this build, thx dude :)
Sirus video and baran added.
Hello, i just bored and want to do this build can u check my stuff and build ? Tell me how i improve my gear or tree.
Can you add a leveling guide?

Also how much ex do you think it would take without crafting to get up and running?
Hi, im doing a diferent version of your build and i think i should be doing more dps. what u can recommend me? https://pastebin.com/BUa7AFj0
zeLL1 wrote:
Hi, im doing a diferent version of your build and i think i should be doing more dps. what u can recommend me? https://pastebin.com/BUa7AFj0

Check out my char from Harvest, I am playing same build as you.
Only way to get more DPS without clusters is add damage over time multiplier everywhere you can through better items.

Why spec into Crystal Skin? Hard Knocks needs to go too.
Craft better rings and amulet so you can craft 2x +1 min frenzy charges so you got them all the time. Craft better gloves and quiver same as mine - this league is so amazing for it. All rare items I got I made myself.
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Gear breakdown and leveling tree added.
Price of the build estimation? Thank you

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