[3.13] Hopeshredder Frenzy [1 to 60+ million SHAPER DPS] [REVISITED] [ALL CONTENT]

➹➹➹Raider Gang!➹➹➹

My personal favorite build for the last 4 leagues, capable of anything and everything, apart from HoGM. Build updated for 3.13! (As of 2.22.2021) (Gif is from 3.11, will be updated in the future.)

- Shaper ✓
- Elder ✓
- Deathless UElder ✓
- Deathless Sirus ✓
- Deathless Cortex ✓
- Heart of the Grove ✓
- Breach Bosses, 4/5 way legion ✓
- 20 Wave Simulacrum ✓
- T16/17/18/19 100% Delirious Maps ✓
- Maven + all invitations yellow ✓


51.3m shaper dps (2.22.2021).


- Frenzy beats barrage in terms of single target damage BY A LOT. We also have anomalous frenzy which grants +1 projectile!

- Thanks to anomalous gems and maven's orb, our damage can scale a bit higher than what it was in the past. Raider also got some small buffs for movement speed and evasion rating per charge.Importing the tree links that i linked in this build to the current 3.13 version, DPS remains the same.

- Changes to hexes and marks are not that imporant, although since the assassin's mark can only be applied to one enemy, perhaps using a gem would suffice, and instead of Oskarm a pair of rare gloves would do a better job, even possibly crafting the +2 frenzy pair.

- Due to assassin's mark being gone, perhaps one or even both of unique rings can be replaced with +1 frenzy bases with shock when focused (for fans of button mashing), or just other good damage rolls, it will be fun to get cold res though.

- Lab changes are both a buff and a nerf. The damage ends up being the same, although movement speed is slightly improved. Deadeye gives the same dps now, although lacks movement speed bonuses. Onslaught is better than Phasing now, i see little to no point in going phasing, although it could make you die a tiny bit less.

- Leveling and starting out is faster now, since we always have the onslaught buff. Good movement speed.

- Chaos sacrifice missions are a pain in the ass, if you are on the low end of gear strength.

- Talismans are nerfed so we don't craft them anymore.


These are the alternate quality gems i found so far that are worth using:

- Divergent Barrage, 10-11% attack speed is a lot. Very good damage boost.
- Anomalous Ice Bite, 2% increased damage per frenzy charge.
- Divergent Precision, very small damage bonus but better than nothing.
- Divergent Swift Assembly, more mine throw speed compared to normal quality.
- Anomalous Enlighten, allows us to use enlighten with low amounts of int.
- Anomalous Charged Mines, good for starting out until you get Farrul's.
- Divergent Frost Bomb, more AoE radius.


-Strong single target (up to 25mil)
-Zoom zoom clearspeed
-High Scale Ceiling
-High Movement Speed (195-225% unbuffed)
-Can do all map mods except reflect

-Life Degeneration
-Chaos Resistance -70 to -80, usually not a problem but can be annoying at times.
-Not the tankiest char (5.0k - 6.3k, depending on gear and level)
-Gets expensive the more you upgrade
-Can't do reflect :(
-Staring out, be prepared to die a lot (a8 reds)




- To use both The Wise Oak & The Dying Sun, your fire resistances when flasks are up has to be lower than your cold resistance.

- To handle degen better buy Darkray Vectors with 100 life regenerated per second while moving.

- To be able to survive bleed without a bleeding flask, get a Lioneye's Fall with "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you. Until you can afford one you can use any other jewel with it. Normal bleed will be outleeched.


My Gear, explanations within each category below.

There are two core items this build utilizes, Hopeshredder and Farrul's Fur.

Farrul's Fur allows us to always remain at maximum frenzy charges, gaining a lot of damage and speed buffs, both from our weapon and gear, plus our tree.

Hopeshredder grants us a ton of cold damage, accuracy, movement speed and some defenses.

There will be no Body Armor and Weapon sections because of this, these two are essential to the build. Grab them.


There are three options that are worthy of a helmet slot.

Option 1 - Crown of the Inward Eye [1ex]
WHY THIS: It's cheap, offers a lot of life, helps with mana and provides a very strong damage boost.

Option 2 - Devoto's Devotion [5ex]
WHY THIS: If you want even more speed, you can grab one of those. Personally, i prefer option 1 & 3, although regardless Devoto is a strong choice.

Option 3 - Custom Crafted, Influenced Rare Helmet [30-50ex crafting cost]
WHY THIS: The best option and the most expensive one.

How to craft this?

You'll need maven's orbs, double influence and some harvest action.

Until you scale high, blizzard crown gives less dps.


Two options here, endgame pair and a leveling pair.

OPTION 1: Darkray's [ENDGAME]
Very strong, lots of movement speed, frenzy charge, and 18%-22% chance to dodge attacks.

First you start with vaaled Darkray's with Regenerate 100 Life Per Second While Moving vaal implicit. Then later on you can stack them up, run lab for the enchant and vaal them for upgrades. Like the ones i linked here.

OPTION 2: The Blood Dance [STARTER's]
Start with this until you get to around 5k life. They will mitigate almost all (at 8 frenzy), all (at 9 frenzy) life degen you get from Hopeshredder. They're cheap you can get a vaaled one with 6% maximum life as a small bonus.


Endgame belt example. You can craft it yourself once you have enough currency, all you need is a t2/t1 str on the belt, rest you can add with the garden. You can make a belt like that from scratch (clean base), for up to 10ex maximum.

For a budget version get a Leather Belt with t2/t1 str, t1 life and fire res. [Up to around 40c]

For a semi-budget version, get a Stygian Vise with t2/t1 str, life and fire res. You can slap a redeemer's orb on it for some extra stats. [2-3ex, not counting redeemer upgrades]


+1 Frenzy Oskarm [40c-1ex]

Assasin's mark. Hexes gives us a good amount of damage, since their effect is no longer reduced when applies to rares and uniques (all that they can apply to now) this is a good thing to have.


A budget quiver without +1 arrow.

OPTION 2- ENDGAME[Couple Exalts]

+Endgame +1 arrow quiver.

Personally, my recommendation is to buy a shaper base with t2/t1 critical multiplier (or t1 life) and +1 arrow mods on it, then you can craft everything else.

The shaper base is around 0.5-4ex, depending on the type of quiver you're buying. The cost to craft everything else should end up being around 10 exalts.


You can choose to make a synthesized or a redeemerring. Redeemer is a lot more expensive but gives a bit more damage.

Synthesis example. I recommend any t1 life with one or more damage modifiers. T1 life ones aren't expensive. Rest of the mods you can craft on, i used the Deafening Essence of Suffering, its not expensive and it guarantees a strong roll on added cold.

When it comes to a redeemer ring, you would want to have:
- Maximum Life
- Damage Penetrates (8–10)% Cold Resistance
- (5–6)% increased Damage per Frenzy Charge or Added cold damage to attacks or a shaper mod Damage Penetrates (4–7)% Elemental Resistances (double influence)
- One resistance
- Aspect of the Cat
- Critical multiplier


Two circles of fear.

*Lots of possible choices
*Lots of damage

* +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges (Damage, movement speed, dodge chance, evasion rating) [MORE DEGEN!!]
* 7-8% Maximum Life (Really good health boost, i recommend it on at least one right)
* 4-7 cold damage per frenzy charge (Very strong damage boost)
* Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on hit with attacks (10% damage increase)
* +19%-20% to global critical strike multiplier (Strong damage boost)
* +17%-18% to global critical strike multiplier (Strong damage boost)

Circle of Fear + Rare Damage Synthesis Ring

This combination costs more but gives more damage.

The ring is pretty simple to make, the base tho is quite expensive, i paid 55ex for the base.

If you run two rare rings you'll have trouble getting cold res above fire, so i do not recommend that. Even if you could do that, you'll end up sacrificing other mods for it, so in the end it would be around the same for more hassle to set it up.



-Have two increased cold damage rolls, or
-Have one increased cold damage roll, and one increased buff effect.
Two buff effect rolls lower the damage gain, one buff one cold is nearly the same amount of damage compared to two inc cold rolls.

For a [Budget] version, get a circle with cold damage/buff and life implicit. [around 30-50c]


LIFE = Karui

- Bottled Faith, at some point you won't need Karui anymore. This is where the bottled faith steps in, in clutch moments it provides some healing as well, it's a very strong replacement. No doubts about it.

MANA = There is no need for a mana flask
Maybe at the start of your build, some help with this will be needed but in general there is no need for this at all, as long as you have Lioneye's Fall.

1) Dying Sun, Lots of damage.
2) Diamond Flask, Lots of damage. [Craft cold immunity if you picked onslaught ascendancy route]
3) The Wise Oak, Good damage, helps do maps when we are cursed with elemental weakness. Helps if you haven't capped your resistances yet. [Cold res must be higher than fire res, count in Dying Sun's +50% to fire res]

- As long as you have 5k+ life pool and a corrupted blood cannot be inflicted upon you vaaled jewel, you won't need anti-bleeding to survive. Life Leech will take care of it.

It's not a problem at all.

You can sacrifice one of the damage flasks for an immunity flask. Although personally i am not willing to put up for such a trade. It's not worth it.




Frenzy outscales barrage HARD. I got around 30% more dps swapping from barrage to frenzy later on. It might happen that at the very start barrage gives more dps, but do not be fooled by this, as you scale frenzy will push it out of the roof. Especially with the new anomalous +1 arrow version of the frenzy gem.

Sometimes a mob might block the boss, sometimes there are two bosses, here's where the +1 pierce comes in handy.

-------AOE CLEAR

Although you can use anything you like, i prefer rain of arrows due to its incredible aoe coverage. If you like ice shot, tornado shot, split arrow, or anything else more than go for it.


30% more damage for bossing.

Use ice arrow/split arrow/caustic arrow, or any other bow gem that has a skill cost of up to 6 mana maximum. 7 and up will increase mine mana reservation from 2 mana to 3 mana. Keep the skill gem at level 1.


---Pick 4 of your choice.
- Frost bomb for damage
- Dash + Second Wind for mobility, recommended for Sirus/UberElder/Shaper, etc
- Holy Relic for life regeneration
- Stone holem for life regeneration
- Phase run for running fast [Requires good timing]
- Blood rage for more damage


Level precision to the point where it caps you at 100% chance to hit.
Enlighten 4 if you have money and intelligence needed for it.


Level 60, all skill points

Level 80

Level 90

Level 100

Acrobatics > Phase Acrobatics > Point Blank > Wind Dancer > Frenzy Charge Nodes > Lioneye's Nodes > HP Nodes

Help Alira. Res, crit multi and mana regen are all very helpful to us. Mana regen really makes a difference allowing us to recover based on regen alone in clutch scenarios.


Phasing is pretty bad, don't consider taking it.



*Watchers eye for damage. Added cold damage is the cheapest one. I went with it.
*Lioneye's Fall, must have, leech, crit and damage.


Life + Life regenerated while moving to negate the life degeneration. Life % while moving is a suffix, so if prefixes are blocked doing aug life will always give you this mood.


Clusters allow us to get some extra resistance, bit more intelligence, two regular jewel slots for 14% life, good damage nodes, i started using them at lv98 when i swapped to frenzy from barrage, you can play without any difference is not much. Regular nodes are better unless you have very good gear. Here are the clusters i picked based on damage bonuses.


LARGE CLUSTER - For a budget version get any (cold, elemental cluster) with 3 notables, 8 added passive skills. Should be around [80-100c].

If you have money to spare, you can get one similar to mine for around 3-4ex. Blanketed Snow gives a strong damage boost along with Vengeful Commander.

ilvl84+ allows you to augment t1 resistance which goes from 6%-7%, pretty useful so keep that in mind. ilv68+ still allows you to have 4%-5% regardless.

Three Options:
1) Projectile Cluster [Repeater + Aerodynamics], Barrage +1 Pierce AoE Setup [~30c]
2) Aura Cluster [Vengeful Commander + Precise Commander][~1.5ex]
3) Crit Cluster [Precise Commander + Pressure Points][3-8ex depending on the market]

Option 1 if you use barrage for AoE, and if you need to reach +3 pierce or you're stuck needing to reach +2 pierce.

Option 2, if you have at least +1 pierce, and a non AoE barrage setup. Or if you have +3 pierce barrage AoE setup without needing the jewel node. Decent damage, but option 3 outscales it.

Option 3, if you have at least +1 pierce, and a non barrage AoE setup. Or if you have +3 pierce barrage AoE setup without needing the jewel node. Best damage output, but it is expensive.


One double resistance life jewel. Augment cold for added cold damage. [Caps your resistances]
One life, res and intelligence jewel. Helps cap our resistances and int here is crucial to the build. [CRUCIAL]
Two full damage clusters. Get life, crit multi and projectile damage bases, augment cold for cold damage.

x3 Increased Power Charge Duration, makes our power charges permanent.
Rest go with either:
-20% increased total recovery per second from Life Leech
-10% Chance to avoid being stunned


START: Caustic Arrow + Onslaught Support
Lv 18, Swap to Rain Of Arrows
Lv 28, Swap to Scourge Arrow

LV 18 4L Setup:

Drop Onslaught Gem once you finish your first lab. You will have onslaught from there.

LV 31 5L/6L Setup:

Change from scourge to barrage once you have dying sun and volley fire jewel (for barrage aoe setup). Scourge arrow will be capable of killing low tier map bosses once you finish all acts.

When you hit lv60 switch to Hopeshredder + The Blood Dance.

If leaguestarter, use any build with elemental damage until Hopeshredder becomes available. If you start changing to pure cold damage, which you should after finishing acts, buy a bow with added cold damage from somebody. Example:

There is no Farrul's Fur yet, i cant afford it yet, what do i do?
- Use anything you can get your hands on. Yriel's Fostering is nice if you're coming later in the league and have a chaos or two laying around.



Using overall elemental damage to level without trouble. Decent damage.
Grab two rare rings with elemental damage to attacks and added damage of any type, you can craft # to # added cold/fire/lightning from the bench.


If you have just enough money for two 5L setups, buy volley fire jewel, and link barrage single [GEM LINKS SECTION] and 5L barrage totem [GEM LINKS SECTION], copy the 6L setup just without Hypothermia support.

Totems will help you deal more damage when bossing and you'll be able to kick more ass than with just one your own barrage setup.



[Lab]Raider for frenzy charge buffs, + movement speed from phasing/onslaught.
[Weapon]Hopeshredder for high damage scaling.
[Boots]Darkray's for +1 frenzy charge.
[Gloves]Oskarm with +1 frenzy charge implicit, allows the use of two circles of fear, provides assassin's mark on hit.
[Helmet]Crown of the Inward Eye with +1 barrage projectile, or a rare helmet with +1 barrage projectile.
[Quiver]Spike-point arrow or Piercing arrow quiver. Piercing allows us to not use projectile cluster for +1 pierce, giving more damage.
[Amulet]Rare with t1 life, t2/t1 crit multi, t1/t2/t3 elemental damage to attacks, lightning res t1/t2, aspect of the cat.
[Rings]Two circles of fear.
[Belt]T2/T1 Strength belt [MUST HAVE]+T1 life, Stygian Vise.
[Jewels]Life, resistance, damage. If you're starting out you can cap resistances from here. You need at least 19 intelligence from jewels to run enlighten 3 [MUST HAVE]

--------Short rundown over gems

- Barrage or Frenzy for best single target dps.
- Barrage for both single and clear, fits all in one 6L with Volley Fire unique jewel. (If on budget)
If that is clunky for you set up another 6L with Rain of Arrows, or Scourge as your skill gem.
- Mines give 30% chance to deal double damage. Can be used an emergency clear if you find yourself in an elemental reflect map. It takes time to get used to, it's only for bossing. Requires enlighten 3.
- Hatred, Precision, Herald of Ice. All 3 are must haves. Precision caps us at 100% chance to hit, don't level it past that point it will eat up mana needed for mines.
- Dash + Second Wind for mobility.
- Frost Bomb for 10% - 25% reduced cold res to enemies.
1) Blood Rage for extra damage burst.
2) Phase Run for extra movement speed when rushing to somewhere, shaper mid phases for an example. Must be used ~1s before you gain Cat's Stealth.
3) Holy Relic or Stone Golem for life regeneration.

--------How to single target
Place 15 mines > Place Totems (If you're using them), > Activate Blood Rage > Place Frost bomb > Spray The Boss with Barrage


ARMOR = Farrul's Fur [~3.3ex] [Core Item] [Unlinked]
= Yriel's Fostering, if you can't afford Farrul's yet [~5c][Unlinked]

WEAPON = Hopeshredder [MUST MUST HAVE] [~2ex][6L]

BOOTS = Darkray's Corrupted with 100 life regen while moving [~25c]
= The Blood Dance [Early Item] [~1c]

GLOVES = Oskarm with +1 Frenzy Charge [~40c]

HELMET = Crown of the Inward Eye with +1 barrage enchant [50-150c]

BELT = Leather Belt [https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/KYEd23Lc5] [~20c]

QUIVER = Rare Quiver [https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/rGkaDXZUQ] [30-100c]

JEWELS = Volley Fire with Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you [100-150c]
= Volley Fire no corruption if you have anti-bleed flask [1c]

RINGS = Circles Of Fear [https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/4MJPLWLS9] [~20c x2]

AMULET = Rare with Aspect of the cat, you can craft the aspect yourself just buy Farrul, First of the Plains and beast craft it into an open suffix. If you lack int get int base, if you need res buy one with res. Must have open suffix! [~25c base + ~12c for doing the aspect craft]



Regular Crown of the Inward Eye > +1 Barrage Crown of the Inward eye > +1 Barrage rare evasion base helmet



1) Fossil, alch or alt spam to get t1 elemental damage 19%-22%
along with one other influenced modifier.

2) Use maven's orb to elevate elemental damage. We can always force -9 cold pen to elevate while elemental damage has no tags that harvest can hit, that's why it has to be done first.

3) Fill Prefixes, Clean Suffixes

4) Bench Craft cold res, aug cold twice, remove bench craft, remove cold modifier until you are left with only -9 cold pen.

5) Aug crit, try to elevate repeat (or skip this if you wont go for x2 elevated)

6) Aug crit to t1, aug lightning or fire res (change to cold if you need cold)

7) Augment life

8) Bench craft +1 to aoe gems


+1 arrow quiver is quite a nice boost to our DPS. But how do we craft it without buying one for 20-40ex?

1) Buy a shaper base quiver ilvl83+, ilvl84+ for t1 fire res(penetrating arrow quiver) with "bow attacks fire an additional arrow" and t1 life or t1/t2 crit multi.

2) Clean it up if it has any trash mods.

3) If you dont have crit, bench craft crit chance and aug crit, t1 or t2 are good enough to keep. 2/6 chance.

If you dont have life, aug life to get 80-89 or 90-99. Benchcraft phys damage leeched as life so you cant roll it when you augment life, dont use r/a life.

4) Augment resistances on it.

5) Bench craft 32% increased elemental damage with attack skills.


Get a diamond flask. Prepare 2-3 annul orbs, some augmentation orbs ~30 and a stack or two of alts ~100-200 orbs.

Alt for prefix, if you get a suffix augment. Either get one of these two:

1) +20 to maximum charges
2) 40% increased duration

Once you have that, if the flask has a suffix, use annul orb on it and pray. If it doesn't perfect.

Buy unveiled cinderswallow urn for 33% chance to unlock critical bench craft, if you don't want to pay somebody 10c to craft it for you. Repeat until you get 80%, 6 glassblowers per try, 5% to hit 80% crit.

This is of course if you are not using anti-poison, or anti-freeze on your diamond flask.

Buy a base [searching eye jewel] with t1 life and critial multiplier. ilvl68+ for t2 added cold, ilvl83+ for t1 added cold. Augment life to get regen while moving. Augment cold, remove add cold to hit t1 or t2 added cold damage to bow attacks.
If the jewel base has some trash mods, remove them.

2) Regular Jewel Damage
Buy a base with % life, crit multi and projectile damage, augment cold, remove/add cold until you hit %increased cold damage.

3) Regular Jewel Double Resistance
Buy a base with % life, +to all resistances and +to fire and lightning resistances, augment cold, remove add cold for %increased cold damage.

x3 10% increased power charge duration [Permanent Power Charges]
Rest you can do 20% increased recovery per second from life leech or 10% chance to avoid being stunned.

HINT: X to Y resistance garden craft can be used on cluster jewels.


There are two ways to upgrade Darkrays.

1) Double Corrupt
- Maximum Life + Movement Speed [T1]
- +2 to AoE Gems + Socketed Gems [T1]
- Movement Speed + Socketed Gems [T2]
- Regenerate 100 Life + Maximum Life [T1]
- Regenerate 100 Life + Movement Speed [T1]
- Regenerate 100 Life + Duration Gems [T2]
- Regenerate 100 Life + Socketed Gems [T2]
- Chance to dodge attack hits + Chance to dodge spell hits [T1]
- Chance to dodge dodge spell/attack + Life/100regen [T2]
- Dodge + anything else [T3]
- Chance to dodge spells/attacks while moving + anything else [T4]

2) Uber Lab + Vaal
- Movement Speed + Movement Speed [T1] [+20% total implicit, Best possible outcome] [Worth ~25ex]
- Life + Movement Speed [T1] [Second best after 20% mov speed one]
- Life + Attack Speed [T1]
- Attack Speed + Movement Speed [T1]
- Chance to avoid being stunned + life/movspeed/+gems/+dur/dudge [T2]
- Attack Speed/Mov Speed + Spell dodge [T2]
- Attack Speed/Mov Speed + Spell dodge [T3]

Example: My Boots (3.11)

Hint: Don't Forget to 20% quality first!


Double Corrupt only.

Outcome List:
- Life + Frenzy [T1]
- Critical Chance to Attacks + Frenzy [T1][Best][~Worth 10-25ex]
- Attack Speed + Frenzy [T2]
- +2 To Aoe Gems + Frenzy [T2]

Hint: Don't Forget to 20% quality first!


A belt like this might look very expensive, yet it's quite easy to make.

All you need to do is grab a t1 + t1/t2 str belt, clean all the trash mods, craft a prefix on the bench, augment attack, remove add until you have t1 projectile damage, then augment attack for attack speed. After that craft augment attack again, this will always hit ele damage with attacks as a prefix, if your suffixes are full (speed and projectile), if you dont roll max first try craft suffixes cannot be changed and remove add attack until you have t1 prefix elemental damage to attacks. Then augment cold until you hit t1 and it's done.


6L Hopeshredder > Hopeshredder +1 arrow implicit (buy one with high rolls, or make your own, a low roll +1 arrow is the same as near max rolled Hopeshredder without the corruption) > Hopeshredder +1 arrow 6L (You can bench 6S and 6L it for around ~18ex)

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nice build i have noticed the damage myself looking forward to try it out good job

please continue to add sections for beginners and lvling guide
thank you
Build is now finished, feel free to have a look!
The build looks great. Will I be able to farm fractured maps with this?(100% delirium, beyond) I assume damage wise this should do fine but will I be able to survive?
Great build guide! I was playing this build last league and I highly recommend it, gives so much fun and is very enjoyable to play with.
ArkanePanda wrote:
The build looks great. Will I be able to farm fractured maps with this?(100% delirium, beyond) I assume damage wise this should do fine but will I be able to survive?

Yes. Pretty certain of it.

I was able to do T19 100% delirious maps least league, full clear, with Kosis included.

The only possible issue would be unexpected chaos damage, although from my personal experience this is very rare, perhaps mostly from Alva Temples.
Last edited by 30Creptus on Jul 23, 2020, 4:11:09 PM
30Creptus wrote:
ArkanePanda wrote:
The build looks great. Will I be able to farm fractured maps with this?(100% delirium, beyond) I assume damage wise this should do fine but will I be able to survive?

Yes. Pretty certain of it.

I was able to do T19 100% delirious maps least league, full clear, with Kosis included.

The only possible issue would be unexpected chaos damage, although from my personal experience this is very rare, perhaps mostly from Alva Temples.

That's amazing, I'll start buying/crafting all of the gear then. Thank You <3 I suppose you did that with the lv 97 pob rather than the 100 with 22m?

Is there really no other better options for gloves or boots?

and how would I go about getting +2 pierce if I can't get that corruption? I assume through penetrating quiver instead of the accuracy base + craft +1 pierce on helm instead of hybrid life?

Last edited by ArkanePanda on Jul 23, 2020, 4:31:46 PM
ArkanePanda wrote:
30Creptus wrote:
ArkanePanda wrote:
The build looks great. Will I be able to farm fractured maps with this?(100% delirium, beyond) I assume damage wise this should do fine but will I be able to survive?

Yes. Pretty certain of it.

I was able to do T19 100% delirious maps least league, full clear, with Kosis included.

The only possible issue would be unexpected chaos damage, although from my personal experience this is very rare, perhaps mostly from Alva Temples.

That's amazing, I'll start buying/crafting all of the gear then. Thank You <3 I suppose you did that with the lv 97 pob rather than the 100 with 22m?

Is there really no other better options for gloves or boots?

and how would I go about getting +2 pierce if I can't get that corruption? I assume through penetrating quiver instead of the accuracy base + craft +1 pierce on helm instead of hybrid life?

I did it last league with around 20mil dps, at level 100.

In theory, +2 frenzy high rolled rare gloves are better. But that's just theory, getting those is extremely hard, and you need to craft a near perfect ring to replace circle of fear with. Even with that, you will lack around 30-40% cold ress in order to use The Wise Oak, while having fire res at at least 75% without any flask effects.

For the boots, there are no better options. No rares or uniques can replace Darkrays.

You can craft +1 pierce on the helmet, +1 from jewel cluster (+2 from two projectile clusters), +1 from quiver base. You can play with +2 total as well, it's a bit clunky but possible.
Other option is to get pierce from the tree, there is a new tree branch which gives +1 for 2 points, and +3 for 4 points [Piercing Shot]. Although this will lower the dps by a chunk, so i recommend getting it from items.
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Wouldn’t ensnaring arrow not work at all due to pierce?
ArkanePanda wrote:
Wouldn’t ensnaring arrow not work at all due to pierce?

Hmm, i did not think that through. Perhaps it would not.

Doesn't matter much even if that is the case.

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