[3.16] VD Brands: S-Tier Bosser, A-Tier Map! 1c weaps vs T16s. 300scourge, 8-10ktHP, 5-25m sDPS!

Hey there! I’m Primaeva, and I’ve been making random janky builds / music vids on YouTube (accompanied by Reddit threads) for a while!

Welcome to the ONLY viable Arcanist Brand build since 3.11! (judging by PoE.ninja for 5 leagues)! This build combines the best (and worst) of the Brand playstyle with the Corpse Pact notable to pump out tens of millions of damage on unsuspecting targets!

This is an excellent pivot build for any Necromancer who's tried out variants of VD (SS, CoC) and want an AI-assisted smartbot to do all their aiming for them. :D Especially in Scourge, where standing still or being in melee range is asking for an ass-beating! Well, this build can take that beating but it doesn't have to - AUTOAIM + MOBILITY BABY!

With some explodey chest shenanigans which the build innately scales you can have a ton of fun trying to outrun your balls as well.

I have a ton of 2minute, action packed videos WITH EPIC SOUNDTRACKS to judge if the build looks promising at all to you. But most importantly - how does it look post 3.15 damage nerf?

[Official 3.15 Bossing Showcase - A9 Feared/Maven/Sirus/Conqs]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWuufXg2Fu8

Testing out some DD shenanigans too for multi-boss fights, here's how that went: https://streamable.com/zxs1qm. It's even more ridiculous in 10-way Fights and Feared.

How is it doing in Scourge? It's pushing into 250+ stacks T16 UGS and T14 Towers mostly, only place where I can consistently hit 250+ since the density and layout works for our build.


UPDATE DAY 1: To test whether the build can be played Necro to maps - I entered maps as an Unascended Witch using Arma Brand.


The Armageddon Brand setup absolutely pumps. It's insanely fast. A practiced racer can probably hit 3h30 with how good Arma Brand is now.

The clear is insane and you never have to look back. You don't even have to pop secondary skills on the boss if you want to. Just slap on WoC - Hextouch - Flammability and the Brands burn him to hell.

Here's the screenshot as well as the passive tree I used. I filled the left nodes, rushing EO and then the Brand Clusters (Brands Attach to New Enemy -> 40% Brand Attachment Range as masteries). Then the north nodes just for recall QoL. Then finally the right side of tree.


All gear was SSF and no traded items were used (but I sold items I found of course.)

So if your question is - can I level as Necro - the answer is absolutely yes. Since you pop Cremation on fights, the Corpse Pact and Corpse nodes come into play, and Commander of Darkness is just free and 30% damage.

Gotta head out for the day now, enjoy Arma-branding!

DAY 3/4: Barely any playtime as I spent a lot of it sleeping in the hospital. But guys. T12 maps on 25c of gear, zero clusters! The Masteries are really carrying this.

I eventually shelled out for an Inpulsa (55c) because the FPS dips in Nightmare were killing my experience.

TL:DR Buy Doryani's Catalysts, stack cast speed, and you have a build that's going to farm early reds very comfortably.

DAY 5 UPDATE: 117% Quant T16 with Sirus Dominated Mobs - deathless with shit weapons!

Day 5 Update - managed to clamber out of bed a bit to see how far the build can go on EO and shit weapons like Doryani's Catalyst.

Glad to report: Did a 117% Quant T16 with Sirus Dominated Mobs - deathless. Getting Stoneskin Flayers and Lithomancers just before i tried this made it SO much better.

Here is the item set for reference!

Should I play this build? Pros and Cons - no BS!

+ Fun, engaging, rewarding playstyle - people love it once they master it! (and Tutorial Video to teech)
+ Fire-and-forget - which pros will know is the strongest defense in PoE, moving and not getting hit
+ Decent to RIDICULOUS clear without/with Inpulsa/Explodey.
+ Very high single-target DPS and extremely high min-max cap (> 25m sDPS) (I'd wager one of the highest possible in 3.16).
+ Ridiculous tHP pool (>10k) + 75%/58% Block + LGOH + smashes T16 Scourge + Double On-Hit recovery + 15k Armour without Armour items.
+ Very enjoyable upgrade breakthroughs - usually 2-3ex buys you another MAJOR component of the build that increases Defense/Offense by TONNE.
+ Thanks to 3.16, build now only costs 2ex to start wrecking T16s and 7ex to pop off hard against A9 Content.

- AGAIN: BUTTONS. TWO BRANDS. BRAND RECALL. This is a build for button-lovers.
- Mild-Delayed Damage build requires playstyle change.
- High-end DPS gated behind Woke Spell Cascade (can be expensive league to league)
- Meh in Simulacrum (Deathless, but slow af since Zone Level is 75 so you become a regular VDSSer)
- Pretty bad at Legion unless you scale AoE nodes. (Gap between mobs)

3.16 PSA: 3.16 is GREAT for the build. Here's why.


Build got a lot cheaper
Previously, we hit a comfortable place with 20ex. It's about 10 ex now. Unnatural Instinct and Clusters are no longer required to hard pop off, and the build comes online much earlier and works much better in a SSF environment.

Reduced Mana Efficiency + Determination Buff
Thanks to a user who convinced me to at least try this out - the one Achilles build of the build was simply small physical hits adding up in tight corridors when you get careless and lazy. With Determination, zero armour items and a Granite Flask, you can literally walk face-first into a stun-immune 250 stack Scourge, they hit you, and then you heal to full permanently because you're taking like 100-200 damage per hit and getting it all back from CWDT-Ball Lightning.

There are many masteries that unlock insane mid-endgame DPS.

1) Fire Mastery - Cover enemies in Ash

This used to be exclusive to Xoph's Heart which we could never wear because we need to wear Leadership's Price. If you think it's not significant - you absolutely facetank bosses and random hits with this build anyway, so it's a free 15-20% multiplier (depending on how many other "Increased Damage Taken" sources you have). When not using this, leave it at 40% of Phys Damage Converted to Fire for faster clear on your chest explosions.

2) Elemental Mastery - Exposure reduces by at least 18%

This is an endgame boost because you either want to use Corrosive Elements cluster/Megalo or an Archdemon Crown to "autoExpose" rather than relying on WoC-ing on the time. Both those methods only reduce resists by 10% - this adds 8% more for one point. Early game, leave this at 40% increased Effect of Ailments as this will let you kill A9 Conqs/Sirus/Maven/Feared etc faster. Once you are in the endgame and made your 7L Helm, you'll deal enough damage (and Hypothermia on Helm gives ~20% increased Brittle effect anyway)

3) Brand Masteries - Jesus F Christ

Holy Conquest and 40% Brand Attachment range make the build ridiculously easy to play early all the way till late without having to blow points and currency to Clusters. Also, having 5 Brands instead of 4 like before actually opens up a new mapping rotation and just really solid clear.

4) Staff Mastery - 30% Increased Defences

A simple, nice fat 400-450 ES boost for one point, no travel? Lmao.

5) Minion Offence Mastery - 20% Increased Effect of Offerings

7/6% Spell Block, a mini-Rumis for one point!

FRESH 3.16 v1.0 Official Beginner Version Release + PoB:
(PSA: All followers get 20c off all my old gear listed for trade!



If you only have 1-2ex to your name and want to try the build, start here. This is a cheap, dual wield version with lots of Leap Slam attack speed and movespeed and it will let you 'trial' the playstyle and push into A8 content easily, while learning the basics. I killed A8 Sirus with this setup and A8 Drox took about a minute - rest took maybe 30 seconds. Do get an Inpulsa if you value fast clear.


EO, Dual-wield, Doryani's Catalyst, cheap helm, cheap body armor.

THERE ARE TWO CHESTPIECES IN THE POB. Frenzy on Hit Chest is superior for bossing and general mapping because, paired with Rotgut, it gives you Onslaught which feels a lot better, especially on bosses.

The Explodey chest is only really needed for lategame Scourges. A temporary fix is to make room for Herald of Ash in your setup which helps clear a bit.

Crafts to buy/borrow off friends - -Mana Cost to Rings / % Life gained as ES (Search "~Elreon Veiled" and "~Gravicius Veiled" on trade).

Once you like the build, it's time to invest into crit-based build, primarily with a Leadership's Price, which adds tankiness and very high-end damage to the build. Leadership's Price is, as of week 1, down to 2ex (from 15ex lol) and will continue to fall as the crappy ones go cheap.

PLEASE ALSO WATCH THE TUTORIAL VIDEO! It will show you how to effectively play the build for Single Target as well as Mapping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChbNqVS5O4g

Transition PoB: https://pastebin.com/chbWuxL0

Do note you need more than the amulet to pop off - you have to adjust Strength to match your Intelligence. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to socket Brawn, the jewel, then shop a Heavy Belt with 40-50 strength on it (shop link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Scourge/8gM97nVhV), craft Aspect of the Spider (make sure you can kill Fenumus!!) on it, then use Blessed Orbs to tweak the Strength Implicit for the final numbers.

This dual-wield build retains cast speed, mobility and hits way harder. Pair it with an explode chest since Inpulsa will no longer work (you lost the ability to self-shock. Skitterbots alleviates this somewhat if you can find the mana reservation efficiency.


As for levelling, HIGHLY recommend using this run by Imexile to guide you through - run it as Necro if you really hate respeccing, but I recommend you push into Reds with Elementalist simply because Stoneskin Flayers and Lithomancers + Level 20 Desecrate takes a while to come along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19-THLhhGR4

Once again, only transition at high 80s, you need the skill points for cast speed nodes and later crit nodes when you have the budget to transition.

3.15 Videos - More to Come!

[Official Bossing Showcase - A9 Feared/Maven/Sirus/Conqs]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWuufXg2Fu8

Mapping - More to come, with tutorial vid. TL:DR It's fast but takes getting used to!

1m20 Minotaur (108% Quant) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G2X_bU8olc

Uber Elder - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjRmIKjVIP4

3.15 PoBs: 5ex to start T16-capable build

5ex: Below PoB, but without Awakened Spell Cascade :( Uses Duskdawn, a 3L Inpulsa, a 6L helm (1-2ex) to get the job done. Will feel slow but will get you T16 kills.

10ex: https://pastebin.com/NxPDqAjS

The first variant where the build will feel good, thanks to solid clear from Inpulsa and Awakened Spell Cascade (currently 6 ex). Make your own belt - Aspect is literally a few chaos and good belts are 1-2c.

35ex: https://pastebin.com/fxnXsAq0

The super-powered version of the build that will spank all content HARD on just a 6L helm. Anything after this is pure luxury - it doesn't increase your clear by much, just bossing DPS.

We add an Unnatural Instinct for 8ex, which 'adds' 8 passive points for you to invest. A Watcher's Eye with ES on Hit (Discipline) for 11ex replaces Fenumus' Spinnerets, giving you more overall health and movespeed, and unlocking Onslaught on boots. Alternatively, invest the 10ex~ into a Frenzy + Explode Chest, then use Rotgut for some super mapping speed. Your money, your call!

60ex v1: https://pastebin.com/S5FWRKAT

The ultimate QoL version that is used in the videos. The 7L helm will set you back 15-25ex, depending on the market. Brand Attachment Range goes sky high with triple Seeker Runes ticking to 100% real fast. Use any Sulphur Flask to keep your spectres alive, keep War Banner up and pop it on bosses if you can be bothered.

60ex v2: https://pastebin.com/bAyD50UD

At Level 96 you get enough points to path down the right side instead of using a top Thread of Hope, although you do lose the 0.2% ES leech which is handy.

From here on, the upgrades get ridiculous and superfluous but there is a lot of top-end to pursue.

FREE: Offensive damage loop instead of Cyclone-Fortify: Incinerate-CWC-Bone Offering - Infused Channelling -(Flammability 32% on Ring/Flammability) - Inspiration - (PCoC/CullingStrike). This makes the build less mobile but straight up adds a 1.5m sDPS Incinerate PLUS 10% more fire damage to your VD for at least a 2.5m~ sDPS increase, scaling with investment. The rapid number of hits also replenishes ~1k Life + ES / second per target - a sort of 'drain tanking' for any multihit boss.

20ex: Bottled Faith - About a 30% more increase in damage.

5ex: Pivot to Crit Mult Rings, shedding resists because Commander of Darkness affords you a lot of extra Res.

1c: Malachai's Artifice amps the damage by about 40% - put a Crushclaw in here for example, or a persistent cold spell like Hydrosphere. Make sure you have no sources of added fire ANYWHERE.

VRF isn't really worth it since it doesn't scale explosions, but then again, it's free damage!

If there are ever Spectres that can cover something in Ash (right now they are undesecre-able) - that's another 20% damage taken as.

u/ManaDrained suggested Volkuur's Guidance or Abhorrent Interrogation, which adds even more damage to the build.

Headhunter wouldn't work too badly either - Soul Eater + Corpse Pact + Vaal Clarity could make some meme map vids at best.

NEW Damage Calculator (with Spectre nerfs etc): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DG38nur_Yw9yDygdiV-Wg6heSodhQJjGKPMUkPafB0g/edit#gid=1159716722


TL:DR - DO NOT. LEAGUE START. THIS BUILD. DO NOT. ATTEMPT BUILD. BEFORE LEVEL 85. Play as an Arca Brand Necro. Do whatever it takes to hit 85 as a witch BEFORE switching in.

As for levelling, HIGHLY recommend using this run by Imexile to guide you through - run it as Necro if you really hate respeccing, but I recommend you push into Reds with Elementalist simply because Stoneskin Flayers and Lithomancers + Level 20 Desecrate takes a while to come along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19-THLhhGR4

Once again, only transition at high 80s, you need the skill points for cast speed nodes and later crit nodes when you have the budget to transition.

Core Concept + Mechanics, aka why this build clicks


TL:DR Zoomer I-just-wanna-Smash version


(You chose… poorly. Jk you do you!)

In this build, an Arcanist Brand with Volatile Dead and another with Desecrate jump on a target, spawning 12 corpses and blowing 9/12 of them up + generating 9/12 balls. The brands have already leapt to a new target and repeat the cycle there - and each cycle takes less and less time to complete.

Corpse Pact supplies up to 200% cast speed to Arcanist Brand, which brings activation rates to around 0.26. Arcanist Brand allows you to goof off and run in circles / towards the end of the map while your millions of DPS blows the head off everything.

In addition, Arcanist Brand casts spells directly at enemies’ feet - literally an ‘autoaim’ in PoE. This means corpse creation + explosions suddenly becomes extremely ‘accurate’ - especially since Arcanist Brand’s less AoE actually FOCUSES the explosions. Thus the explosions become extremely worthwhile to scale for single target - and these babies hit for millions PER HIT through some shenanigans with Harvest Spectres.

The build inherits all the joys and the pains of using Brands - fire and forget, no aiming required, but requires a two more buttons to press than VDSS at early gear levels. Once you crest a certain mark, you’ll be stopping far less frequently than a Spellslinger build because all you have to do is Brand Recall and keep running forward/looting. Bosses - Sirius 8 included, literally die within the duration of a pair of Brands so it isn’t as strenuous as some people make it out to be.

Additionally, since hitting endgame damage does not mandate using a Shavronne’s, the build can wear an explodey chest which the build ALSO naturally scales through base crit, insane global crit mult, and AoE. (Exception: players that mirror that nutty Synth VD wand, whew.). The rest of the stuff like 75/75 block/spell block is there too.

Long-ass boomer version that PoE vets / Newbies wanting to learn will enjoy

(You chose… wisely. Casual 1700 words inc, but you will gain infinite wisdom.)

Arcanist Brand - A Tragic Tale

In 3.11, Arcanist Brand was introduced. This Brand is officially the first “proxy” support-spell-active hybrid that does it all. It leeches to you, uses your stats, scales 100% with cast speed, and unlike CoC/Spellslinger/CWC does not have an innate cooldown. The potential for insane spell combinations with this Brand was limitless.

However GGG must have been feeling that too. Arcanist Brand launched with a very heavy penalty in terms of damage multipliers and coverage/range gimps, the worst base activation rate of all brands, plus a ridiculously short attachment duration of 3 seconds (50% of most brands’ 6s, 60% of Storm Brand’s 5s), making it feel horrible to play in most situations. In addition Brand Recall got a kick in the gonads, and THEN those gonads were surgically removed. Not a good look.

One month on the ladder reflects the grim reality - there are like 6 people on the ladder using Arcanist Brand offensively, with most tossing it on a debuff/support loop.

To borrow a cliched term that naysayers throw around so often, Arcanist Brand was DOA, just like your love life. (aside from that two weeks of glorious WoC bugging).

Yet one candidate stood out from the rubble. We will return the balls to the gonad-less Arcanist Brand.

Volatile Dead - The Match Made in Heaven

It’s unfortunate that this happened to be the (rather overhyped) VDSS league, because anything achieved by any other build using VD will be understandably overshadowed. But Volatile Dead, meta or not, is the PERFECT spell to pair with Arcanist Brand. Here are the reasons.

Says ‘Fork you!’ to Arcanist Brand’s range penalties

40% Less AoE, Chaining Range and Limited Projectile Range have a cry in the corner when meeting chad Volatile Dead. VD Balls are NOT projectiles - so their heat-seeking capabilities are not affected. They don’t chain. Your clear will be hurt a little by less AoE due to reduced splash, but the balls FAR outnumber the enemies, ESPECIALLY with Arcanist Brand which generates balls as you run to the next pack instead of having to stay still to summon 9/12 at a TIME. (We’ll discuss corpse explosions later.)

Corpse Pact - the biggus dickus cast speed steroid


Any caster will tell you 200% cast speed is a ridiculous bonus amount to have. The BEST nodes on the tree have 8-10% (or 15% conditional). 200% speed is 20 of those nodes, without travel nodes in between them.


You know what? This build was conceived with even greater scenarios in mind. The day Arcanist Brand was announced, a small number of theorycrafters, myself included, were already jacking off with the fantasies of melting the servers with infinitely scaling cast speed. Unfortunately some of these gronks couldn’t keep it in their pants and blabbed to a GGG dev, who subsequently instituted the 200% cap on the Ascendancy. As a result Harvest was one of the smoothest launches ever with no server crashes. Boring!

The con to that is you have to consume 100 corpses before that 200% is fully in effect. Yet that’s just 11 ‘casts’ of VD with Spell Cascade, - and about 8 with Woke Spell Cascade. You won’t need the full power during mapping, and once you reach the boss, the exponential nature of Arcanist Brand powering itself up with more and more cast speed means the max 200% bonus will be hit within 2-3 seconds.

VD is also the natural candidate because unlike DD, it works through 3 corpses at once instead of 1. Were it not for this distinction, DD would be the superior bossing skill since the corpse explosions hit twice as hard, scaling way harder than anything you can do with spell damage (math later).

Necromancer has inbuilt Duration!

Minor point but 40% increased skill duration takes a LOT of hurt out from the crap AB duration. That additional 1.2s is pretty legendary and this saves a truckload of points not having to path down to skill duration or brand duration. (+5 points to power budget.)

Corpse Explosions - 4 mill per hit?!

Arcanist Brand has the added advantage of targeting at the feet of the mob it’s attached to. This is no big deal for regular VD users because the balls have homing AI anyway, but it unlocks a new damage category that all but the most-skilled VDSS-ers ‘discard’ - the corpse explosions. That’s understandable: regular Desecrate spreads the corpses over a rather huge area and having to keep your cursor on the boss while moving the cursor to juke mechanics can sometimes be too much work for lazier players.

Arcansit Brand, with an inbuilt 40% less AoE, inadvertently packs the corpses in so tight (and AT THE RIGHT POSITION) that blowing these corpses up can lead to major damage. How major??


That’s right folks, in our variation, explosions theoretically outpace even all the balls hitting. However there are a few hoops to jump through before securing this damage, and that warrants its own section. Read on.

Please Send Nukes - The Corpse Explosion

Strangely absent from a ton of VDSS guides is the unsung portion of Corpse Explosion damage.

On the one hand, that’s fair, because VDSSers invest in spell damage and flat damage from the wand, Anger (flat), +1 to relevant skill mods (flat), and spell crit/mult. LL versions also go for Pain Attunement - which only affects spell damage. Herald of Ash - and the accompanying Circles of Anguish, scale spell fire damage only. All of these don’t even add 1 point of damage to the Corpse Explosion, ergo, screw doing that much aiming work for inconsequential DPS gains!

Part 1 - Spectre the tankiest mobs in game

We used to use Primal Crushclaws (thanks Hakusai), with a whopping 1400% life multiplier. Now we use Stoneskin Flayers + Lithomancers, obtainable from the Delve node "Primeval Fortress" or through /global 6666 some leagues.

A T16 corpse of one of these bad boys has 217k+ HP. A Volatile Dead blowing this corpse up has a base damage of 3% x 217,000 = 6,510 fire damage. That’s like 5 times as much damage than the hardest hitting spells in the game.

Now how the hell do we leap from Spectres to VD damage, you ask? Well, Desecrate creates corpses based on the monsters already in the map - AS WELL AS ANY SPECTRES THAT HAVE EXISTED IN THE INSTANCE. With the Stoneskin Flayer / Lithomancer, you add a significant chance for their corpses to appear in your Desecrate.

Now I may have had to do the research myself, but it’s easier to do a Google Search and stand on the shoulders of giants who’ve done the legwork for you - and voila! An excellent video by ThisIsBadger shows some excellently-derived figures that roughly pin the “amped up” corpse appearance at 1.49 corpses per 10 corpses summoned. Very loosely, imagine if you had a 15% chance to deal ~1100% damage. That is NOT something you pass up, especially when all you have to do is free up 1 skill gem slot.

Plugging these into my DPS spreadsheet at various breakpoints, it’s as much as a 22% DPS boost. That is INSANE. If you go full DPS in the final form of this build, you can put Raise Spectre into a Malachai’s Artifice - since Spectres like the Primal Crushclaw do only phys/cold damage very often and never goddamn die - and shred an additional 50% Fire Res on your boss. Remember those showcase vids up there, the 2-3 second boss kills and ~4 sec Sirus AL8? That was WITHOUT Malachai’s Artifice. You get the idea. Pray this mechanic goes unnerfed.

Part 2 - How do we scale explosions then, since it hates spell modifiers?

We used to use Shimmerons because they scaled Corpse Explosions gloriously (base crit/global mult/global chance). That died with with the ES Leech changes. The next best alternative is to abuse the super-laden Staff nodes - the Serpent Stance cluster + Counterweight (through a Thread of Hope) return a lot of power back to the build. Enigmatic Reach is also very overloaded with AoE, damage and precious cast speed.

There are two excellent unique staves we can pick up to fill the void left by Shimmerons. The first is https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Duskdawn, which gives a whopping 135% global crit multiplier (conditionally, but that condition is almost always up).

The second is a Cane of Kulemak with a Fire Damage roll - these are much rarer as most people would choose to unveil Spell Damage over Fire Damage. The key stats to look out for, in order of priority for the build, are:

Cast Speed > Fire Damage = Crit Multiplier if Rare of Unique Enemy Nearby > Spell Damage > Double Damage / Non-Chaos as Chaos.

Immortal Ambition Overleech - Turning Defense into Offence

The downside is the mega lightning degen from two Shimmerons, and it’s what keeps most people away from these wands. Most builds will literally kill themselves running Shimms - and that’s why the price is dumpster-tier.

Again, time to recook an old formula of mine: a cookie-cutter defense loop against degen - the Immortal Ambition (Soul Tether/Timeless Jewel) + Atziri’s Acuity combo, which enables overleech, which, in my opinion, is such a massive defensive boost + QoL change for any build that you can’t quite go back to a regular build without missing it. TL:DR Regular leech sucks because it needs to ramp up when you take damage, overleech means your ES/health is always overboiling and is ITCHING for a chance to refill once damage is taken. Coupled with Glacing Blows and Immortal Call, you get periods of near invicibility as a heavy hit is halved in damage, Immortal Call procs and shields you for ~33% damage + additional phys reduction per EC, and your overleech instantly works to top you off.

If you ever doubted the potency of overleech, have a look at this video on my old Trickster where I am not only suffering Shimmeron damage, I am literally burning down from RF AND have corrupted blood on me, but I still overleech to full. Of course, that’s Trickster with an inbuilt 70%life/es recovery modifier, but we don’t run RF on this Necro. You get the idea. (I don’t run an anti-corrupted blood jewel even against Sirus 8 because overleech buys so much time I can flask it off casually.)

Custom-made DPS Calculator / Estimator

NEW Damage Calculator (with Spectre nerfs etc): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DG38nur_Yw9yDygdiV-Wg6heSodhQJjGKPMUkPafB0g/edit#gid=1159716722

Skill Gem Setups

Main Damage Skill: Arcanist Brand + Volatile Dead

Early League:

Arcanist Brand + Volatile Dead + Inspiration + Spell Cascade + Essence of Horror (30% Elemental Damage) on Helmet

Late Game:

Arcanist Brand + Volatile Dead + Inspiration + Awakened Spell Cascade + Concentrated Effect on Helmet + Essence of Horror (30% Elemental Damage) on Helmet + Hypothermia on Helmet + (3% spell crit / Inc AoE / +1 to spells).

Why not a 6L Chest?

I’ve always been a huge fan of slotting DPS gems in the helmet. This is because, with a Essence of Horror, you have a guaranteed 5L with a chance of hitting 6/7+L on an Elder helm. The cost of hitting a 5L/6L helm is WAY cheaper than buying any good 6L (or even a 5L) early on in a league.

For example, you could throw out 5-6c on day 1 for an Essence of Horror and be killing red maps really fast with a guaranteed 5L while using a random 2L chest with great stats but no links. (e.g. 0L Carcass Jack, 0L Inpulsa, even a ‘stat stick’ chest with 130+ life / Life gained as ES/ Tri-resists but cheaply priced because it isn’t linked.)

In the context of Harvest, it’s even easier to make ridiculous helms. There is almost no reason to be using a classic 6L when items like this exist!

Do note that Hypothermia is enabled by Corpse Pact chill - and if you run Leadership's Price - you need to run Summon Skitterbots to continue to get this bonus on bosses and targets (since you yourself can no longer chill.)

Awakened Spell Cascade - it’s one of the highest damage multipliers you can get, since it not only straight up increases the DPS per ‘cycle’ by 25%, but decreases the rampup time to hit max Corpse Pact stacks. Do note you will need to anoint/spec Undertaker for this to work properly.

Secondary Brand: Arcanist Brand + Desecrate + Spell Cascade

This is the corpse generation brand and operates in tandem with the VD Brand to create damages. Nothing too fancy here. Do note you will never need to use Woke Spell Cascade for your Desecrate as Spell Cascade alone makes it spawn the cap of 10/12 corpses. A lot of players make this mistake...

Concentrated Effect on Desecrate is added in the final, ultimate build to pack the corpses even in tighter, but honestly, that’s a bit sweaty. (But you have the slots, so why not?)

Raise Spectre (unlinked)

I’ve talked about this too much in mechanics - you should know why we run these. This doesn’t need to be linked at all.

Primal Crushclaws (Grove mob), Stoneskin Flayers (Primeval Fortress) and Lithomancers (Primeval Fortress) are so tanky they don’t even need a support to stay alive, ESPECIALLY if you have Commander of Darkness (+30% allres) and Bone Offering up. There were fights where these blighters survived everything but I croaked by being half-asleep. Seriously.

I do highly advise you start a level 28 Scion (PVP-only), path up to Death Attunement (+1 Spectre) with your free points, and use a level 1 Desecrate + Raise Spectre (L28) to keep a ‘copy’ of these rare mobs however. (This method has been popularised and named a Spectre ‘Bank’ apparently). Just log into your hideout on your main, then switch chars and desecrate on the Scion, and raise it. Repeat in reverse for when your main’s spectres somehow croak (you probably walked them through Sirus’s Corr Blood beam without Bone Offering or something you monster).

Do note that like all minions, Spectres pull aggro even if your character is in a grace period, Don’t get clapped and move instantly when zoning into Incursion, etc. In fact, you can kill your specs if you feel this will jeopardise your survival chances. The damage bonus will apply as long as they appeared in the instance. You can desecrate them pretty quick once you reach your hideout again.

Malachai’s Artifice

If you don’t really give a crap about some added survivability and stuff from your ring (300-400EHP), throw your Raise Spectre in a Malachai’s Artifice. Your specs only do physical or cold damage (Crushclaw has 3 attacks and default attack which has cold conversion) and are 100% confirmed to apply Elemental Equilibrium (-50% resists to other elements not present in the applying hit) to bosses.

Do note you must NOT be running Anger or have added fire on a random Abyss Jewel somewhere for this to work. This works out to be around a 30-38% increase at different breakpoints of elemental penetration - the less you have of it, the closer Malachai’s Artifice comes to a straight up 50% more damage increase.

Incinerate "Debuff" loop (does 4m+ DPS by itself)

Incinerate + Cast While Channelling + Bone Offering + Wave of Conviction + Elemental Weakness (Flammability with AoF) + (Infused Channelling)

This is our 5L/6L ‘debuff’ loop which prioritises Bone Offering for anti-boss defence, then WoC (more effective than Flammability on Guardians+Shaper, then a curse, and finally Infused Channeling for a 10% more damage multiplier.

Why incinerate and not Scorching Ray? Scorching Ray in fact applies Exposure as well. Well, look at the PoB - Incinerate actually deals a respectable 4m+ sDPS and hits very rapidly, making it great for getting leech instances up quick and adding a little oomph to the build.

There are more elegant ways of debuffing/buffing - but that involves crafting a very expensive fire wand with 109% fire damage, 38 crit mult, double cast speed (profane base), You lose a considerable amount of QoL and damage but it’s bridged with up to 40% cast speed, which is insane, Trigger mod and landing a double damage slam or something similar. If someone wants to make this, do comment below and I’ll reproduce the craft here with credit!

You WILL be able to burst bosses down faster if you time your trigger right (instead of the CWC 0.7sec delay in between cycles of debuffs). On the other hand, Shimmeron does a swell job at 3c -1 ex (penetration corrupt) so I’ll just be lazy and let you champs take on this project.

Gear Setups

Gear used in Day 16 (Latest) Video


1) Either Woke Orb a crap any ilvl Elder Helm onto a Shaped 84 Bone Helmet (cheaper) (Hubris Circlet if you don't intend to go Spiritual Aid). If you don't care about the base, you can buy one here, it could save you some chaos:

2) Essence of Horror spam until you get at least L20 Conc Effect - L16 if you can't be bothered, sure. If you get lucky, you hit Increased AoE, but that may cost you close to 10ex in attempts, be warned.

2a) Do note that you can actually sell a lot of the failed helmets for a neat profit if it hits some other nutty combo. The combinations are good for a ton of other spell/attack builds.

3) Use Weedcrafting to clean up any bad affixes (mana, etc). You want an item with 2 spare suffixes (or 1 if one of the suffixes is already a resist).

4) First fill up the prefix pool. Augment Life, for one, then Augment defence if you still need to fill the prefixes. This is so the next steps can only give you our desired outcome.

5) Now craft cold res onto the helm, or change any resist to cold.

6) Augment Cold. This GUARANTEES Hypothermia.

6a) If you want L20 Hypothermia, you will have to change the res to Fire/Lightning, Remove cold, Swap res back to Cold, then Augment Cold again. It's cheaper and safer than Remove Add cold trust me.

7) If you want spell crit, change the Cold resist to Fire/Lightning then remove Fire/Lightning. (We do not Remove Cold because it could hit the Hypothermia.) With the last suffix empty, Aug Caster for guaranteed Spell Crit. Remove Add Caster until you hit 3%.

8) Finally, if you want to go offense, either remove Defence (if you don't have Inc AoE) or Remove Life and craft +1 to AoE gems.




You can reliably generate one for ~8ex.

1) Buy a 6W 6L Vaal Regalia, people selling these for 1.4ex, should be even cheaper now.
2) Redeemer Orb slam it (most people start crusader, big, expensive mistake. Redeemer is always cheaper than Crusader now.)
3) Alt spam until only Frenzy Charge on hit is the sole Redeemer Mod. Remove if you have to.
4) Buy a trash 0L any base ilvl 85 + Crusader chest, should be <15c
5) Use a screaming essence of contempt (1c) or better to modify the Crusader chest, saves you one Aug Phys. Or just skip this if you have lots of crafts.
6) Remove Non-phys and Add as Phys 1-3 times, guaranteed explode. Or aug phys x2 (but you may need to remove prefixes this way).
7) If you roll Phys Damage Taken as Lightning, which is likely, now Remove Lightning mod until it's gone. It's a Crusader mod that you dont want.
8) Remove any other Crusader mod that isn't Explode.
9) Awakener Orb the Crusader Chest onto the Frenzy Vaal Regalia.
10) Tada, Frenzy + Explode
11) Block or modify enough stuff to guarantee a free suffix , then Aug Crit (1ex) for guaranteed PCoC.
12) Adjust the rest. Ideally you want a free prefix so your final craft is % Life Gained as Max ES. (Please use a trusted crafter.)

Done, 8ex + your own crafts should nail this pretty quick!

Entry Level Setup (still 10m+ DPS)
Crap, give me a day. You have to buy stuff to link it here, lol! In the meantime check out the day 0 video for a PoB as well as an idea of how the build performs on an entry level budget.

Ascendancy Points

(in Order of Labbing)

Plaguebringer - Overall a very solid node. 30% increased AoE is brilliant for no cost, considering you’re really here for the 10% more multiplier and 10% less damage dealt (multiplicative) to enemies… and you’re also pathing to…

Corpse Pact - The heart and soul of this build. 30% increased damage is nice, 200% cast speed is what makes Arcanist Brand wreck, AND on top of that, 50% max corpse life is 100% utilised by our explosions - it’s effectively a MORE multiplier! (additive with the Undertaker cluster)

Mistress of Sacrifice - this boosts your block/spellblock from 30/48 to 75/75, has some nice Minion damage attached (Spiritual Aid turns this offensive), and adds a free 40% skill effect duration, which makes Arcanist Brands smoother to play. If you’re interested in beating up T16+ content, this is the third node to snag.

Commander of Darkness (preferred) or Essence Glutton (situational) - the only reason to go Essence Glutton is early game / SSF - is for mana sustain. You can easily get mana sustain from a mana regen ring crafts and Tireless, plus an Enduring Mana flask of the Pupil/Sage/Student.

That's why Commander is the definite endgame choice here. +30% to all res is massive, consider it 2-3 suffixes worth of power you can now spend on offensive stats instead. 30% damage and 3-12% cast speed is nothing to sniff at, either.
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Last bumped on Dec 6, 2021, 10:45:15 AM
Bandits and Pantheons - 3.16 Edition


2 Passive Points is the lategame choice. For early game and SSF, Alira is a great choice, offering solid allres and crit mult along with a non-negligible amount of mana regen. Combined with Commander of Darkness, this is 45 AllRes and a big SSF bump to how smooth the build plays early ever since the trigger cost mana nerfs.


Brine King - fully upgraded.

There are very few reasons not to take Brine King. If you like running the new Purity of Elements, all the power to you - it is an immense, low budget and SSF godsend and you can probably go Arakaali or Lunaris (Lunaris is great for Scourge.)

Firstly, we typically cap at 5.5k life (and 4-5k ES), so getting mini-stunned can still happen (although we have innate 50% avoidance from having ES) and do block a bit, so the recovery is a real plus. Cannot be Frozen is just great for strongboxes and a lot of map mods. Again, it boils down to if you get your immunities elsewhere, then Lunaris is the superior defensive choice, and Arakaali for fighting stuff that DoTs or Ignites (AlHezmin/Purifier, tough Always Poison / Always Ignite maps? But particularly poison since we are hybrid and Chaos punches right through.)

Minor: Really situational but Ryslatha seems to come up the clutchest for me, always having free life flask charges for immunity phases is great. Everything that doesn't have an immunity phase dies instantly anyway.

Huge things to try if you never thought to: Shock and Curse reduction are immense and you need to have at least 50% Curse Reduction somewhere to not get popped regularly (mostly from Vulnerability), be it from a Sulphur Flask, a Ring mod, or this pantheon. Shock reduction is great, but again you guys may have ways to reduce ailments outside of here.


#1 Most asked question: Why am I not doing much damage?

There are a maximum of 2 brands attached to a single target. You very likely have 2 Desecrate Brands OR 2 VD Brands attached to a boss, so the brands do nothing. Please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChbNqVS5O4g thoroughly and see if you have the issue.


You are OOM. Make sure you have the following to minimize/negate this totally:

1. Enduring Mana Flask (of Efficiency). Combined with Arcane Will, it will eventually cover even the most intense mana usage situations. Make sure this is always ticking.

2. Inspiration (Divergent if possible/within budget) - Key to the build. It may be a smaller damage multiplier, but it saves you so many passives and other optimisations it pays for itself.

3. - mana cost rings x 2 - The craft isn't too difficult to buy or self-farm. Search ~Elreon's Veiled and buy a couple of necklaces and rings (1c by now), tada, you unlocked the craft.

4. Tireless Life Wheel - Since we already swing by Glancing Blows, these 5 points provide extreme value, with 15% RMC baked in.

If you are POSITIVE you've covered these two points, and are level 85+ with level 19/20 gems, please then provide us your PoB as well as a video of a bosskill or situation where you feel your killspeed is slow. We will diagnose it.

3.15 And Earlier Deprecated Info

3.15: Patch Adaptation Notes!

1: Classic Variant
Not many updates here - Essence Glutton and Battle Rouse become staple, the rest is still Inpulsa-sponsored clear and Corpse Pact-sponsored single target. The tankiness remains exceptional and you will faceroll through even the shittiest logbooks.

2: NEW! Leadership's Price variant (higher DPS)

Thanks to r/PoEBuilds and IceColdPorkSoda, we're restoring a lot of the power lost via nerfs through Alternate Ailments and Leadership's Price.

To summarise, we lose the following:

Inpulsa clear (can't Shock)
Shock (15% - but you can Skitterbot it back)
Chill (but you can Skitterbot this too)
Ignite (useless, but used to trigger Combustion, which got nerfed anyway)

But you GAIN:

Brittle - Up to 15% BASE CRIT - which often puts you at 100% crit again, and you won't even have to rely on Diamond Flasks / Bottled Faith anymore.

Have confirmed 13.7% Brittle on Guardians with Stoneskin Flayer / Litho hits.

Sap - Target does up to 20% less damage - multiplicative wth Fortify.

Scorch - -30 all resists - which is better than Shock damage taken especially with Spider already up.

Here is a functioning PoB of a level 90 char clearing juiced T16s with ease with about 5 ex of gear (Threads x 2, Woke Spell Cascade make up 3.5ex+), zero special flasks.


Will updatae more as we push the build with items / raw multipliers. Thanks GGG for letting one slip through the cracks!

TO NOTE: We no longer use Primal Crushclaw and Primal Blisterlord. Instead, we use a Stoneskin Flayer and Lithomancer - both obtainable from "Primeval Fortress" in Delve, or try /global 6666.

Of course, there are lots of upgrades to be made. But as expected - the build really wrecks Ultis considering it's got 200% cast speed up permanently. Inpulsa really helped out - you don't even need a 5L! Just get the 6L helm as usual and pop stuff.


EDIT 2: Working with Duskdawn now. Upon analysis, thanks to Serpent Stance, the DPS is almost on par with Shimmerons, with the additional boon of having maxed attack block and Fortify for Ultimatums.

Here is a working version - what I will call a v1.0 PoB - for this post-Immortal Ambition nerf build. (Uses 2 5Ls)


Next upgrades:

2 ex - Corrupted Soul - ~1k+ more ES and two sustain pools.
1 ex - Cinderswallow Urn - Onslaught and great sustain, 10% more mult.

10 ex - Watcher's Eye with ES on Hit, so we can drop Fenumus' Spinnerets. May still keep Aspect of the Spider since it is a 15% damage taken debuff and hindering mobs in Ultimatum. It is horrible for FPS however.

10 ex - Bottled Faith - creme de la creme of DPS upgrades, excels in Ultimatums due to coverage and makes up for base crit loss.
20+ ex - Zealotry + ES on Hit Watcher's - the ultimate DPS buff but morbidly expensive. Precision is an alternative.

5 ex - either 6L the Duskdawn OR Inpulsa's, whichever is cheaper, so we can add Wave of Conviction OR Combustion in the channeling links and put in ES Leech in the main links.

15-20 ex - Triple mod Helmet (Hypothermia on top of Essence 30% and Conc Effect).
? ex - Quad mod Helmet (% critical chance for spells). The 3% base crit really helps out the Corpse Explosions.

15-20 ex - Frenzy Charge on Hit + Explode Chest with spare prefix for Max Life Gained as ES.

3.14: Progressive PoBs - from 5ex to 70+

Entry Level: <5ex (Cluster only) - https://pastebin.com/f1fTFTNw

Woke Spell Cascade, UI - https://pastebin.com/pMyMJEy6

Corrupted Soul, Bottled Faith, Woke Spell Cascade, UI - https://pastebin.com/e8fg94ZF

7L Helm, Bottled Faith, UI, Woke Spell Cascade, Corrupted Soul - https://pastebin.com/CjNtpY6P

Final Form: Frenzy on Hit Chest + Explode + Max Life gained as ES - now at ~10.5k tHP WITH Fortify - https://pastebin.com/wuEhP2nH

ALSO: Thank you to castawayebil who pointed out that a Thread of Hope (Large) on the left portion of the tree allows you to grab Counterweight (60% Global Crit + 30% Global Mult) AND Spiritual Aid (40% global increased from Ascendancy alone) plus the a bunch of 5-10% life nodes. This is huge.

Final Showcase Video vs Conqs/Sirus + Some mapping examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkEf7phLq_M

3.13 Videos hooo! Feared, Maven, Sirus etc Destroyed!

49% The Feared in < 1 minute (went in blind)... ft 44% more monster life, do do that lol : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe75XAj8dvw

A9 Sirus (deathless) - with proper chest and helm - watch this to see how to calmly keep brands up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbzZLTyGABU

Day 8 A8 Sirus destroyed (deathless) - build @ < 40% max DPS currently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1Xw7RtJyJk

Killing Maven'd up Shaper (deathless), Guardians (deathless), and All 4 Guardians (1 RIP): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLm6-WwrMzo

10-way bosses, then 4-Way Elder Guardians (deathless):

Videos hooo!
(Please comment your video requests so you can assess if this is for you! I tend to reply on weekdays.)

Final Showcase Video vs Conqs/Sirus + Some mapping examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkEf7phLq_M
(^ ~80% of theoretical build power - I’m moving on for now. There are areas you can use to push this to 100m sDPS! No, I would not recommend for deep delving bruh.)

(request) T19 100% Delirium 120+% Quant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7zjmLlWcv4&feature=youtu.be

Day 5 Bossing Videos (medium budget): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qILw4rOoco0
Day 0 Concept Video (Starter Kit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGi4OVC5kVQ

^ Re: Concept Vid: If you have always dreamed of firing Ice Spears / Arcs at 300% Cast Speed, uh, feel free to make that your 6/7/8L and to just use the Brands as a Cast Speed Engine. :D

3.11 and 3.12 POB Links

As with my builds, I like to release multiple PoBs for different people with multiple pricepoints. I will also release buy links for the cheapest build, as you can heavily manipulate your search to show you items that are a steal - ESPECIALLY with Harvest crafting making it so easy to modify / remove / add mods.

======= RITUAL POBs =======

Do note - nothing has changed for the build except for Glancing Blows pathing. Most of the BiS items / gem setups remain the same. So if you are really rich and want to enter 50m sDPS realms, use the Harvest PoBs, not these ones.

Tankier - Feared kill vid: Dropped Belt slot for Soul Tether, Jewel = Doryani for Corrupted Soul - 10k tHP, lost slight amount of DPS but worth QoL. https://pastebin.com/S1969VL7

Sirus Kill vid: No PCoC/Frenzy Chest, just more EHP: https://pastebin.com/DYH3PnE4

Mid-game PoB: Upgraded Chest (12ex crafting cost, steps in Gear): https://pastebin.com/jcKpTW2D

Final form PoB ("Glass cannon" at 7k tHP): Probably never going to do this again, so just use the Harvest ones below

======== HARVEST EDITIONS ============
~60 Ex: Endgame version: pastebin.com/b6CV7WQj
~60 Ex: Endgame version (Malachai's Artifice): pastebin.com/qU6RU9JB

~5 Ex: Starter Tier version:



primaeva wrote:
Arfihk wrote:
Nah, I had laptop and I had like 15 fps max, this is new laptop, bought this one in 2020 ;/

Hmm shit dude, try out this thing called undervolting - it helped me a LOT. I'm on a 5-year old laptop too.

These two things did actually:



Thank you for this, just doing the stuff to the nvidia sound driver decreased my random lag spikes during the intense vd spams completely! i have some slight fps issues but thats it. I was literally about to give up on this character cause of VD >_<

Last edited by primaeva on Nov 19, 2021, 9:17:28 PM
how did you craft your helmet?
MrApell wrote:
how did you craft your helmet?

The 3.16 most efficient way to hit the 7L Helm is not going to be cheap at any point in the league.

To make a 5L Helm, you need about 15-20c to buy an Essence of Horror and any Elder Helmet (Hubris is okay for early game. Late game: Archdemon Crown, 100%).

To make a 6L Helm, you need the above, and to get lucky and hit Conc Effect.

To hit the 7L Helm is a last step of the build and should only be done after you've chased ALL OTHER UPGRADES. Our boss damage is vastly superior even on a 6L and every single other upgrade is going to feel better for less currency.

This means: Woke Spell Cascade (3-10ex, depending on meta). Make your Frenzy + Explode Chest (6-7ex). Get your Bottled Faith (9-14ex). Buy a staff or close to BiS staff (2ex and up). Anoint your Leadership's Price (1ex this league ouch).

FINALLY, then you can worry about making your 7L Helm, which basically means 30% More Elemental Damage, Concentrated Effect, and Hypothermia (enabled by Skitterbots.)

There are two ways to go about doing it - both involving a minimum startup cost of ~10ex.

Both start by you choosing a base, with enchant if possible, then Awakener's Orbing either an Elder Helm onto a Shaper Helm (or vice versa, whichever to preserve the enchant/base).

Then the grind begins.

#1 Cheap, try your luck method
Spam Essences of Horror and pray you get lucky. This has a very high failure rate and you will rarely get recoups.

Sensible, but still expensive method
Use a Glyphic + Frigid fossil spam. You can also try Faceted if the league prices allow - this allows for very fast recoups because you can sell failures, but does mean you need a deeper capital (think 30ex prepared to go to waste.)

All the best, Exile!

Ah I was gonna insert this anyway but here you go!

1) Either Woke Orb a crap any ilvl Elder Helm onto a Shaped 84 Bone Helmet (cheaper) (Hubris Circlet if you don't intend to go Spiritual Aid). If you don't care about the base, you can buy one here, it could save you some chaos:

2) Essence of Horror spam until you get at least L20 Conc Effect - L16 if you can't be bothered, sure. If you get lucky, you hit Increased AoE, but that may cost you close to 10ex in attempts, be warned.

2a) Do note that you can actually sell a lot of the failed helmets for a neat profit if it hits some other nutty combo. The combinations are good for a ton of other spell/attack builds.

3) Use Weedcrafting to clean up any bad affixes (mana, etc). You want an item with 2 spare suffixes (or 1 if one of the suffixes is already a resist).

4) First fill up the prefix pool. Augment Life, for one, then Augment defence if you still need to fill the prefixes. This is so the next steps can only give you our desired outcome.

5) Now craft cold res onto the helm, or change any resist to cold.

6) Augment Cold. This GUARANTEES Hypothermia.

6a) If you want L20 Hypothermia, you will have to change the res to Fire/Lightning, Remove cold, Swap res back to Cold, then Augment Cold again. It's cheaper and safer than Remove Add cold trust me.

7) If you want spell crit, change the Cold resist to Fire/Lightning then remove Fire/Lightning. (We do not Remove Cold because it could hit the Hypothermia.) With the last suffix empty, Aug Caster for guaranteed Spell Crit. Remove Add Caster until you hit 3%.

8) Finally, if you want to go offense, either remove Defence (if you don't have Inc AoE) or Remove Life and craft +1 to AoE gems.

Last edited by primaeva on Nov 19, 2021, 9:32:36 PM
Hi, why Arcanist brand have that low duration? Brand maybe lasts 3 seconds, maybe lower ;/
I'm thinking of Your build and Pr3vie's BAMA (Blink/Mirror arrow). Can You help me choose? I want maybe less "laggy", because I have got 20-30 fps, and one with more mobility. I have got some currency, can you tell me which one have more damage after min-maxing? Please. Thanks for your advice.
Last edited by Arfihk on Jul 23, 2020, 9:43:51 AM
Arfihk wrote:
I'm thinking of Your build and Pr3vie's BAMA (Blink/Mirror arrow). Can You help me choose? I want maybe less "laggy", because I have got 20-30 fps, and one with more mobility. I have got some currency, can you tell me which one have more damage after min-maxing? Please. Thanks for your advice.

Hi mate, as much as I want to promote my build, VD has historically been horrible for PCs. I'm not sure how much better it is on a BAMA build but VD has been known to melt computers :(

The good news is, I'm actually going to make a "How to Play PoE on a Potato" video soon :) So I'll try to remember to PM you when that's out! (Or you could follow my YT channel and you'll see when I post it). I have a pretty shit computer too but with some tweaks I managed to make it work.
Arfihk wrote:
Hi, why Arcanist brand have that low duration? Brand maybe lasts 3 seconds, maybe lower ;/

Yeah man, Arcanist Brand has the worst duration of all the brands.

Wintertide, Penance and Armageddon are at 6.

Storm Brand is at 5.

And Arcanist at 3.

I have some gut feeling that they didn't want to make Arcanist Brand overpowered on release (like Heralds..) so made it very safe. I have text that you can infirm from that the devs felt like it would be too good if not penalised in some ways. Hopefully, the abysmal play rates of Arcanist Brand this league (there are 6 people on the ladder who use it offensively) means this build will get buffs next league :))

(Although as you can see VD/Desecrate really makes it pop off.)
Thanks :D
Arfihk wrote:
Thanks :D
Anytime mate hope you get a sick PC soon ;D

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