cliffordmain wrote:
I am new to this kind of game and I installed the game itself not from Epic so I want to ask how can I make my account in-game look like the items dropped have color on their name?

These are the little things you will learn over the next year that will really help...

Remicaster1 wrote:

Edit: I forgot to mention
I don't feel like continuing updating the guide, it takes a lot of effort and I get 0 return, instead I get flamed.

This experience of mine only got worse and I've lost patience on this kind of stuff, people pming me despite big signs out there "don't private message, just ask literally anywhere else" and they still do it. So yeah I won't be updating it. But Shakcentral plans to take over the guide.

I followed your guide a few leagues ago and just wanted to say 'thank you'! :)
This build is so good with Mageblood. WIth Bismuth, Quick silver, Granite, and Quartz flask, I can get cap resistance and ~8000 Armor without having any resistance gear. So I can purely focus the gear on damage and movement speed. Still testing on other flask but so far this is the best comble for me.

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