one of the best claws ingame (( lvl 49 ))

Wrong section to stroke your penis.
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artemis42 wrote:

Sadly he died to a DC in felshrine. I have seen much better prehist claws though. They're a great deal because they are often cheaper than much worse great white claws.
not bad claws ;)
also missing attack speed :(
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geffreyy wrote:
Wrong section to stroke your penis.

actually maby i just want to see better claws @ that lvl ;)

also rng is rng and i will not be proud of gear ( more proud of my build ;)

and to your information i play hardcore cus wen u can get killed and just go on i get bored real fast ;)
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choose one
ign = ultrahiangle

Prefer mine. Has tons of leech and LoH as well as some fire resist.


This perhaps?
Lyralei wrote:

This perhaps?

1 nice claws
2 not better ( also higer lvl )

still like them to :P
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Yeah its not better. Shame it didn't roll the hybrid IPD%/Accuracy roll but the higher base attack speed makes up for that I guess =P
is there some kind of affix range where claws roll higher %phys than other weapon?
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dragnar wrote:

holy shit @ that lvl lal

low attack speed

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