[3.13 UPDATED] Bergerbrush's Lacerate Zerker - DPS Machine on a Budget - Project Builds

I little change build tree for me.
His works?

Thanks for answer :)
Bergerbrush wrote:
Hello Bergerbrush. Is it possible to have a champion(or even a slayer?)variant with this build ? With berserker, the damage is high but i feel very glasscanon.

Which one do you prefer? Champion or Slayer?

I can probably make a personal PoB for you if you want.

I totally agree its very glasscannon btw, thats kinda what Zerker does. Huge damage but very squishy :p

Well,i am playing with a carcass jack atm, the 3 weakness i see, are the lack of aoe without carcass jack (wich give very poor resist), the lack of armour and to finish the lack of leech. That's why i hesitate between both slayer or champion.

Yeah basicly you need to use proper flasks, get some decent leech to make it decent defensively.

The problem with Zerker is that you get no defenses what so ever from the ascendancy. And you don't get any AoE on your Cyclone either as mentioned.

This Build is just pure damage at the expense of defenses.
3.11 build and the tree is from 3.10? are you kidding?
srlucas3 wrote:
3.11 build and the tree is from 3.10? are you kidding?

Sorry, could've sworn I updated the Skill Tree... There are PoB's for 3.11 at the top of the Guide though if you use PoB for now.
Updated every Skill Tree & PoB to match 3.11 Skill Tree and changes.

Also added some more suggestions in Phase 3 Gear.
From what I can tell currently. There isn't any changes to this build at all and therefor I will not make any specific changes or updates right now.

I will keep updating this Build for 3.12 though if people are interested~
I will try this build on HС. Wish me luck to pass acts)
3.13 Ritual League Updates & PoB's


Update #1 - BERSERKER MEGA BUFFED! We gained 10 more Rage and got more Critical Strike Chance from Blitz as well!

This means that both the Lacerate and Cyclone version of this build has gotten about 10% more Damage.

Also adding "Chains of Emancipation" belt to build for huge QoL Rage generation and complete curse immunity.

Lategame Lacerate PoB: https://pastebin.com/3Jx5fpcG 9m+ DPS

Lategame Cyclone PoB: https://pastebin.com/qZmmFTuH 8m+ DPS

I sadly reached my Limit of PoB link generations because I'm updating most of my Build Guides and therefor I can not link the New PoB's yet. But the information given in this Update is enough for most of you to manually fix PoB I guess.

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