GhazzyTV - Animate Weapon Necromancer [SC/HC - End-Game Boss Viable]

I am running a tankier version of this build

I tried the ranged AW but didn't like the micromanagement and my FPS dropped on large mobs so I had to drop it

I don't think my tree is well optimized so any advise would be appreciate
What do you think I should upgrade first ?

Gear is almost complete, I think I need to work a bit on gems. Any advice ?
Does Anyone replaced the ranged weapon with a guardian?
How Did it work out... how much did the clear speed suffer?
Thank you for the build Ghazzy. I have also tweeked it a littlebit for safety with Zombies and a cwdt setup. Not sure about the numbers, but the Jinxed Juju feels safer than high life amu (before +skill craft). Would allso realy like to fit in generosity-dreadbanner and a quartzflask, but not enough space...
What do guys think about the covenant jewels in the cluster jewel space, since it's only the positive that counts there. Is it worth it for this build or should I go for more ghastly jews?
I set up the AW Loot filter as said and have the Jewel in the right socket but i cant summon the ranged weapons, any idea what could be wrong?
Hey guys,

I don't usually respond on forum threads (too many to keep track of) but you can always reach me for answers on my stream, twitter or discord community in which myself & many other veterans are helping each other out on a daily basis every day of the year :)

I set up the AW Loot filter as said and have the Jewel in the right socket but i cant summon the ranged weapons, any idea what could be wrong?

A few things to keep in mind as this is a common question I get on stream:

1) Make sure you have Spirit Guard Jewel in a location as I have where there is at least 40 Dexterity within radius (they don't have to be allocated.

2) You have to use animate weapon on an actual range weapon, lingering blades created by the blade abilities are melee weapons hence why they are called lingering blades, they don't miraculously turn in to range weapons just because one has different support gems on that 2nd AW skill.

3) Animate Weapon has an iLvL limitation based of the gem LvL which means that if you're below gem lvl 20 the ranged identified items on the ground you're trying to summon might have a higher iLvL than what your gem can summon so double check that as well.

I can't think of any other reasons why you wouldn't be able to summon ranged weapons :)

Due to popular demand and me not being a full-time streamer I'm unable to go through all forum threads as I used to, however, I still respond to every question on my YouTube videos!
Build Guides:
@ghazzy I know you normally do not respond, but what are some upgrades I could make to my character? I know endurance charge on rings, and upgrade the amulet. Is there anything else specifically that I can do?
Mate,im in loove with your build.. pretty fun ,when you see the build ,the true power,working.. aaah ,is awesome .
About the elemental version of the build:

You cannot have any jewels with added physical damage to minions, because with the gloves it converts to cold and you cannot apply EE with your flame golem, I just checked that in PVP.

So you have to avoid any added physical and elemental damage on jewels, which is a huge loss of damage.
one fast question, you mentioned anoint as revenous Horde, is it bad idea to run the +1 spectre anoint? atm i use 2x carnage chieftain..totally new to summoners and i got no idea if i fail hard on this one

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