[3.9] g00fy_goober's Ball Lightning Miner Saboteur (Easily clear all content)

STREAM: If you have any questions about the build, would like to show your support, or just want to chat it up come check out my stream: twitch.tv/goof1313

Note: If you have any questions pertaining to the build. Please post them here or if you want feel free to ask in stream. Please do not PM me in game or on forum as you will not get a response.

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When I look for "Top Tier" in a build I have many requirements that must be met. I want a build that can clear ALL content (maps/shaper/uber elder/delver/blight maps/Conquerors/Sirius). On top of this it must have fast movement or move skills and not have to worry about any weird issues that ruin builds for me (such as running out of mana, dying to random one shots, not lacking in single target capability, etc etc.)

All in all finding a build that suits me and has all of these things can really be a tall order to fill. Luckily I have yet another build that fits all of this criteria. Ball lightning miner. Hope you all enjoy!

- Very fun to play
- Completely insane single target damage.
- Shock/Ignite/Freeze/Chill immune
- Blinds nearby enemies
- Decent Es on kill + regen
- Can do literally all map mods
- Able to do all content in game
- Amazing defensive capabilities
- Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency

- Can be pretty expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear
- Low Life Version is much better but needs currency and not really league start viable
- Requires a lot of key spamming for flasks + single target + detonate

Quick Leveling Guide
- *VERY IMPORTANT* Build & guide is set up as a low life ES based miner. For leaguestart or leveling, it is MUCH better to do a life version. Ignore ES nodes, pick up some extra life nodes and go for life rolls on gear.

- Explosive Trap super early and then icicle mines for Act 1. (Or can do w/e you want honestly).

- At level 12/merveil grab arc and link them with blastchain mine support, trap and mine damage, and swift assembly.

- At level 28 grab ball lightning and make sure to replace or throw in a slower projectiles.

Gear Breakdown and Stat Prioritization

Hubris Circlet with ball lightning dmg enchant is the way to go. Craft yourself or buy one that has decent ES and the nearby enemies have -9% to lightning resistance fossil mod.

Wand/Dagger with 100%+ crit chance for spells and +1 level of all spell gems along with a bit of spell damage is ideal. If you pour in exalts you can get some pretty crazy weapons with like +1 lightning gems AND +1 spell gems and some other stuff. Not needed at all, but the option is there.

ES base shield with 250-300 ES or more. +1 lightning spell skill gems is the super important mod, any block/res or anything else you get is a bonus.

Shav's Wrappings is the only way to go. We are a low life build after all.

Fingerless silk gloves for the spell dmg implicit. Get a good amount of ES and some resistances.

Rare Sorcerer boots. I try to get 3 solid mods (2 suffix +1 prefix). So like High res + High Res + A solid ES roll. Then I multimod and add movespeed/cannot be chilled and cannot be frozen on them. I LOVE boots like these.

Crystal belt base with an ES roll + some res. Pretty cheap to buy or to craft.

Circle of Regret Topaz Ring. Go for herald of thunder buff effect and inc lightning dmg while affected by herald of thunder. These rolls can be divined to your pleasure. Going for any kind of attributes or str/dex implicits or w/e else you like could be great but can get very expensive. Then a rare moonstone ring with crusader influence on it. Gives a ES% along with a nice flat ES roll and some res. Finally for Amulet presence of chayula is the way to go because once again we are low life so it gives a ton of ES.

Watcher's eye. Throwing in a level 1 clarity somewhere and getting the % max mana as extra es is wonderful but they are SUPER expensive since shaper/elder are much rarer now. Because of this i just went with crit multi/precision one which is still very good boost to dmg.

Tempered Flesh is the next one. Gets socketed at the jewel socket over by the templar start. Does not show/work in POB atm, but we get a good amount of crit multi and lose nothing.

Next is an Energy from within jewel which should be socketed over right at the shadow start (above and a little to the left) so all the life from Melding is turned into ES.

Only one rare jewel is really grabbed. %ES + any kind of crit multi, multi with spells, multi with lightning skills etc etc. Spell dmg/lightning dmg are okay too but not as good as crit multi.

Gems & Links
Body Armor 4L: Ball Lightning - High-Impact Mine - Minefield - Slower Projectiles
5L Trap and Mine Damage
6L Awakened Added Lightning Damage

3L Setup: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Portal
3L Setup: CWDT (level 8) - IC (level 10) - Wave of Conviction (level 12)
4L Setup: Zealotry - Precision (level 1) - Blood Magic - Enlighten (level 3)
4L Setup: Skitterbots - Val Discipline - Herald of Thunder - Enlighten (level 3)
4L Setup: Storm Brand - Curse on Hit - Conductivity - Culling Strike


Crit Chance with Diamond Flask
Here is a nifty little table that explains it better than I ever could while using diamond flask:

Gloves - W/e you want.

Boots - Damage penetrates % ele resistances if you haven't killed recently (100% uptime because you are mines)

Helm - 40% Ball Lightning Damage

Help Alira for the 5 mana regen/s, 15 to all resists, and 20% crit multi

Ascendancy Points
Pyromaniac - Born in the Shadows - Bomb Specialist - Explosives Expert

Minor God - Shakari. Simply makes you immune to poison.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris is the one I run. Chance to avoid projectiles, avoid projectiles that have chained, extra dodge, extra phys reduction, move speed etc. You can use w/e you want though, doesn't matter much.

Tranquility is by far the best to go here.

PoB link


Can we use swift assembly over minefield support? Completely up to you. With arc mines i liked swift assembly a bit better, with ball lightning i think minefield works better but you can use w/e you want.

Why is mana such an issue & why do i keep running out? One of the biggest items for this build is an ENDURING mana flask. Having it so flask effect is not removed at full mana, makes it so you continually have full mana even while casting and it does not stop regenerating once you hit full mana. You can also spam flask multiple times and the duration stacks. Meaning you can literally Have full mana for like 30 seconds or more. This is super important with this build when you sit and spam mines over and over.

Why Ball Lightning damage instead of extra projectile enchant? Ball lightning has a certain amount of times it can hit per second. Every 150ms to be precise. This is PER target and is shared with all projectiles. So 5 or 500 doesn't matter. Therefore extra projectiles don't really do much especially for single target.

How do i do crazy amounts of single target damage? When in a single target fight, or delve encounters, monoliths or w/e else where you have to throw a ton of projectiles out, you spam ur flasks and then HOLD DOWN right click to continuously throw out mines after mines after mines, and spam your detonate repeatedly. This makes you do a LOT of single target burst damage.

I don't like this or that with your build. Do I have to do it? 100% Absolutely Not. This is a build that I tweaked specifically to fit me. Do to you what feels right and looks good for YOU. YOU are the one that has to play it and enjoy it. Trust me when I say if you change your damage by a few hundred or even a few thousand or swap your defenses around it will not make or break the build for the most part. However keep in mind that I will always advise people to do what I have laid out in the build.

Why is my tooltip damage not even close to real dps? There are so many things in POE that do not effect tooltip damage. This is why POB is the way to go and even then, a ton of your dps is not shown. Ball lightning dps even in POB seems super small, but that is per tick, which hits like almost 7x a second and still does not include a bunch of things. Just trust me, the dmg is insane.

Hope you all enjoyed the guide and hope it allows many players to enjoy this wonderful game even more. If you have any questions/comments/vouches you are encouraged to post up. As long as you have FULLY read the guide. Also again feel free to catch me on my stream. Happy farming my fellow exiles!
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Video added!
Nice Guide, i will probably change my gear to come close to this..Where do you get the different Damage types to use the Full potential of explosives expert „chill/ignite/shock“ ? Jewels?

Why don‘t you use Wrath instead of Herald of Thunder? Whats your opinion to wrath?
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Running this build, very fun
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