0.10.3c Patch Notes

Version 0.10.3c
  • Magic items are no longer allocated to specific players when they drop. The only items allocated are: Uniques, Rares, Gems, Currency and Maps.
  • Increased the base duration of the item allocation timer from 1.6 seconds to 2.6 seconds. There is still a bonus allocation time for characters that are a distance away (travel time +10%).
  • Allocated items no longer show a countdown timer or player name. They are still dimmed out while they are allocated to someone else.
  • These changes were made to reduce the number of allocated items (for readability), increase their allocation duration (for fairness) and to reduce the visual chaos associated with the timer and allocation name appearing and disappearing (for readability). In our testing it is now much easier to see what items bosses drop and to click the items that are allocated to you.

These changes are the result of a lot of internal testing and discussion of player feedback. We will certainly make changes to the looting system in the future based on continued feedback. After you've tried out the new patch, we'd like to hear:

  • Was it easier to read what items drop now that fewer are allocated and the size of the item hovers doesn't change?
  • Does the increased allocation duration help enough in terms of being able to grab items in time assuming you react quickly?
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edit: PS <3 carl, hes nerfing my unique!

edit: on a more serious note, can we PLEASE have a way to turn off the loot timer in races\party races?
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Wow, really big changes. Please increase duration of ice wall, it was my major way of blocking people from squiring loot, trolololol.


After playing, my responses:

1. Best change ever, seriously. The fact that items don't change when hovering is amazing. The system could still use improvement but this is like 500% better now. I know people might not like it but they will get used to it. The massive cross of loot was kind of ridiculous during 6man boss kills, one could literally not see all the loot on their screen.

2. Absolutely. It's a shame that I just recently created the frost wall loot technique. I blocked people out of grabbing pretty much everything unless they were in melee range. I very selfishly don't like this change because now my frost wall technique isn't viable.

However, I logically believe that increasing the timer was a great move. I still manage to ninja items from people not paying attention but there is definitely a lot of time to grab items now. The system is more fair overall, even though less advantageous for me, xD.
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This is amazing, great work GGG!
Thank you for finally doing something about the loot system.

I'd still like you to address the ability to block other players by standing on loot, though.
Nice changes :)

1) Base duraction increase very useful. THXXXSO MUCH
2) The distance scaling is a bit high. When i play my marauder in parties i always walk to the edge of the screen where i can still see a boss when he's dying. It lets me pick up all my rares wheras if im in the frontline it wont happen. This shouldnt be in the game
3) Increase the duration if multiple rares dropped for you. Or increase duration from boss/champion drops because its impossible to pick up 3-4 rares before the timer ends.

How about giving the party leader the option of setting the timer length?
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Awesome! It's good to see you have increased the base timer but a bigger increase would have been even better.

This doesn't affect me the way it used to now since I am running 3 clients on my machine in same game so that I am guaranteed to get all my item drops.. as long as the client doesn't crash when I'm in a map and mess stuff up :(
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