highest dps/ure build to get it

I much prefer my 3000 dps at lvl 40 without AoF, because i play on Hardcore league only and the 75% cold resist i have helps.
I dunno about gigantic one hit "dps" machines.

If you can kill something in one or two hits, its one or two hits. All the excess is just wasted (in my opinion).

Daily Wraeclast Screenshots:
I'm fairly confident the highest single target damage in the game combines all the current OP bullshit and look like this:

- 1h sceptre (intrinsic elem damage, cruel, champ, sharp, empowered, %fire damage, crit multi) and a derpshield
- Diamond Flask
- Crit multi on whatever uniques give it, and on amulet.
- Mara/Templar grabbing:
-- AoF
-- Skull Cracking and 2-15% crit multi with mace
-- Cruelty and nearby 2-10% crit multi
-- Lava Lash
-- Elemental Equilibrium
-- whatever physical/fire/burn nodes you can fit in

Now, the money shot:
- Hit enemy with ice nova with added lightning damage (-40 fire resist)
- Curse with Elemental Weakness (-4X fire resist) and possibly have someone else Temporal Chains and/or Vulnerability to increase burn damage/duration
- (Assume all skills and supports are max quality)
- Phase Run
- Shield Charge at max distance + Weapon Elemental Damage + Increased Crit Damage + Melee physical + Melee physical on full life + (meh)

And there you have it, eleventy billion kajillion fire damage with a burn worse than gonorrhea!

EDIT: It should go without saying that this isn't the most consistent dps, nor does it even hit most of the screen (though mixing in Elemental Proliferation on that burn damage is great AoE). Highest effective dps right now is probably either an AoF wand witch or AoF bow templar/ranger.
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2600dps with my 2 handed staff using glacial hammer and hatred on my lvl 34 templar.
Completed 22 Challengespneuma wrote:
I'm fairly confident the highest single target damage in the game combines all the current OP bullshit...

HAHAHAHAHA, best post i've read in a while, very funny and informative

HC forever.
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Check the burning arrow of Struyk

Omnibrutus wrote:
Check the burning arrow of Struyk


Was wondering why the DPS was so much higher than mine lightning arrow comparing dmg per hit and attack speed.

So i end up with conclusion that this SS was made with diamon flask effect with is somewhat untrue DPS.
My DPS with diamon flask also go skyrocket to around 50k on the lighting arrow i posted.
I wonder whats his true dps without diamon flask active ,probably much lower as i guess he went purely crit dmg without any crit rating. So without diamon flask he is prob.. fcked pretty hard.

I will just leave this here...

Edit: This wasn't my accomplishment, it was a pal of mines. Also this was .9.6
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