3.8 Insane Frostblade Berserker / Just melt everything down ! [Video Added]

Hello everyone ! I share with you my Frostblade Berserker. This character is just so much fun that i wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy !

Let me showcase the items that i use with skill gems :

I want to precise that you should have at least 400+ PdPS foils and a nice Mana Cost + Base Crit (or Maim) Chest. The rest of the items are just Resistances, Attack Speed, Elemental Damage etc. I should say that none of these items are mandatory to reach the end game content but these items are really strong (even though they may be expensive) to kill for example Guardians in 1-2 seconds (all the buffs on). Note : For Bosses, you change Ancestral Call for Ruthless !

Flasks :
Here are the flasks that i use :


Jewels :

2 Fight for Survival Jewels (mandatory) and 2 jewels of your choice (melee damage, crit multi, attack speed etc.)

Bandits :

Help Alira

Passive Tree :

Videos :

Lair of the Hydra fight T16 : https://youtu.be/6FWAGLqEBgo

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I'd appreciate if you guys share with me your experiences and comments about this build ! Thank you in advance ! Enjoy the game.
Thanks, interested.
If you can provide some leveling tree budget gear options, would really appreciate it.
I'd like to add "leveling guide" also in the build guide but i dont really have time to make it. For leveling, you use any "Physical 1H weapon" until you can equip your Jewelled Foils. Its beginner friendly build !

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