[3.8] Raider - HoA 1500 deep delver

This build revolves around playing around the raider's defenses, utilizing certain defenses that convert phys into an element or reduce incoming damage when we aren't hit frequently, and herald of agony for damage.

Random vids:
mapping - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/477357032
random delving at 1200 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ4arIwiFV8
uber atziri - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/470724546
[3.8]556 aul extra, hasted, area, 30% damage with starter gear https://www.twitch.tv/videos/481716848
900 aul double extra +crit/crit multi - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/470729302
1200 aul no real mods - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/466301865

Why play this build?
It's absurdly cheap to get started and scales easily for the content you are targeting. It can do uber elder with just it's six link and poison gloves and you are one tanky boy.

-Cheap to get started
-Elemental immunity via ascendancy
-Instant leech is great for delve
-Can be as tanky as a jug with the right scaling and tankier in some ways
-Good damage for little to no investment 700k-1mil shaper dps depending on setup
-Can do all map mods
-Can do all content and can push deep delves including bosses

-Not the best clear and therefore leveling is kind of a pain
-Being able to be stunned is annoying when you are not spinning

How our damage works:
Herald of agony gains stacks based on poisons we apply (up to 40). The more consistently we can keep up those 40 stacks, the more damage our agony crawler is doing. We accomplish this with poison linked to our cyclone via our gloves and hits can't be evaded/high hit chance with good attack speed on single targets (2+ targets will always be 40 constantly).

Agony crawler has an inherent 40% phys to chaos conversion and spirit offering is an additional 30% chaos damage given to our crawler. This means it is primarily doing chaos damage so despair, wither, and -chaos res from helm is quite nice for damage here.

How our defenses work:
We are an evasion build first and foremost. We reach around 95% evasion and 52% dodge with our setup which means we have a ~2% chance to get hit. This gives us plenty of time to regen/leech if we do take a big hit so that it wont matter by the time we can get hit again but only if we can take those hits to begin with.

Here is how we can handle that
-We use saffels, soul of steel, and purity of ice so our max ele res is quite high
cold res - 86%
fire res - 80%
lightning res - 80%

-Minimum endurance charges as crafts give us 4% flat phys reduction and we can get them on both our rings

-We can use specific affixes on jewels that play nicely with the fact that we arent hit often and are generally not sought after so its particularly cheap to acquire like this.

-Aspect of the crab is OP with our defenses given our evasive defenses as said above. It basically reads 20% phys reduction for single target fights and honestly 20% even if there are a decent amount of mobs near us.

-We can convert a lot of the phys damage we take into elemental damage which we are extremely strong against so that even with our somewhat lopsided defenses, we can take big phys hits without flinching. You can get this on your watchers eye for purity of ice, corruption from saffels frame, an elder affix on your chest, a craft for your helmet, and taste of hate(flask).

-outside of mitigation we have some less damage modifiers with infused channeling, fortify, andsilent steps(when we blind which is 20% of the time).
We reduce blinded enemies damage by 5%, fortify is 20%(not included +fort effect) less damage, and infused is another 8 from basically everything other than a projectile given cyclone has all the tags. This combines to be an additional 33% less damage taken from hits after we factor in our mitigation.

Conclusion: We are a beefy girl. The combination of our defenses with taste of hate up makes us have phys cap for hits but not degens which is relevant for some types of mobs in delve like the lich/vaal boss.

Starter gear:

Rare gear with life/resistance in every other slot. The boots should be replaced by a matatl's affix rare like the ones i have in my delve gear when you can and obviously the corruptions don't matter until you want to minmax. I highly recommend investing in the saffels with that specific corruption asap though given physical damage is what the build is weak against.

Delve gear/End game:
Note: you swap gear to match the modifiers you'll find at low depths given the damage scaling is just nuts. Specifically for high phys damage nodes and crit multi nodes. I want aspect of the crab for phys nodes and the shield / belt combo for crit multi nodes to negate potential one shots.

damage claw:

Defensive claw with more leech:




if you can isolate both phys reduction (Elder), good life roll, and fortify effect(glyphic fossil), that would be ideal but phys reduction as shown is certainly good enough for most cases before you min max like crazy.

Defensive/non calamity setup:

Offensive/clear with calamity:

Note: I used coming calamity without corruptions up to 1100 depth and from there i had to min max for specific nodes and got my corruptions for it.

Offensive option:

-Gives you reservation for an additional 25% aura if you use calamity(more damage or defenses like crab.

Defensive option:

-The 15% phys conversion is huge
-The cooldown is important for some nodes/bosses where you can avoid one shots with good play
-12% ish damage loss
-loss of an aura from moving from calamity and worse helm enchant for clear

(I use this for bossing and specific nodes where i need big cd)


Phys boots:

Bossing boots if its mostly ele like aul:

Clear boots:


note: for 3.8 we are dropping grace because of evasion cap can be achieved without the use of it given the numerical changes to the ascendancy and blind.
note: auras are swapped constantly based on challenges presented for you in deep delving but don't matter otherwise if you are lazy. Theres a lot of free damage you can get for mapping etc where the incoming damage isnt anything.

and aspect of the crab. I put them on my boots but you can get them anywhere you want.

Note: you'll have to choose between flesh and stone/aspect of the crab where it suits you but its an easy toggle (more damage vs more tanky on the fly)

Flex auras
Note: you dont need all the mitigation for every node and for general mapping you can swap things around for more damage or other types of max res.


Cyclone gems:

Note: you can swap infused channeling for life gain on hit if you want more leech and you don't need the mitigation infused channeling provides. I personally swapped at 1200 depth to infused channel.

Note: in 3.8 the changes to -mana cost make it a little hard to make your cyclone 0 mana. This is doable with your amulet, and two rings having -3 given the total cost of your cyclone will be 8 with the 6 link. I've gotten around this with just 2 rings for now until i get an amulet upgrade by taking out withering touch so i am only on a 5 link. My current cost is only 6 and i am reducing 6 mana so its free :).

HoA clear gems:

if you can not afford an empower 4 you can substitute it until you can with this

HoA boss gems:

if you can not afford an empower 4 you can substitute it until you can with this

Mapping/delve: lunaris + shakari
Swap to abberath in magma nodes

Aul/shaper/uelder: solaris+yugul/ryslatha.
Note: Aul is going to be a long fight given his hp scales with depth etc so i usually swap out 3 of my flasks for 3 blood of the karui because it refills overtime and its a little safer for shield charge phase (especially if it has area)

lich/vaal boss: solaris + ralakesh

Starter pob: https://pastebin.com/Kwhp1j3W (lvl 86 with almost bad ssf level gear)
Standard pob: https://pastebin.com/HzndfPBW (90 tree)
Standard pob: https://pastebin.com/11cLNLuB (100 tree)
Defensive cd pob: https://pastebin.com/fhp6tYVF (for extremely spikey damage in delve)

If you want to see me play the build / talk about it feel free to pm me in game or visit me on twitch.

ign: Heraldofmothany
Twitch: twitch.tv/mothraelite
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Edit 1: Typos, added two more pobs for specific setups including trash starter setup around level 86, and added a brief description of how our damage works.

Edit 2: Added mapping and delving to video area outside of the Aul vids.

Edit 3: Made changes to amulet given grace is no longer needed in 3.8 and changed the gem area for easier reading.

Edit 4: Added flasks

Edit 5: Added new aul vid from 3.8 with starter gear and added pantheons
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Just a quick typo notification. When you list your max resistances you list cold resist twice and not lightning resist. Just something you might wanna quickly edit :)

As for 3.8 we know Raider is getting some numerical buffs so i'm keeping an eye on this build as I want to deep delve in 3.8. The cyclone range nerf shouldn't affect this too much I think?

Cyclone range doesn't do anything to the build. For the most part the build doesn't increase AoE or weapon range though I do personally do randomly take some AoE on tree for very specific delve nodes but even then its more QoL then it is a necessity since cyclone isn't the thing doing the damage.

If anything, it's looking like the build is going to get slightly better defensively with the next patch from the 'tweaks' but we'll see with the actual numerical changes listed.

I also suggest if you do try this build out next league as a league starter, transition into it from any bow skill you'd like until about 85 and some starter money to get your 6l coming calamity to get going. Hopeshredder scourge arrow is my go to personally.
Would you say this will be buffed in 3.8 potentially?
GGG linked a picture of the upcoming raider changes in 3.8. Basically, we are getting another 5% more evasion, 15% less accuracy for things around us while we have phasing and a flat 5% evasion from the ascendancy points that the build takes.

The above translates into: we don't need almost anything next league to have near evasion cap/evasion cap and can handle the accuracy nodes in delve/maps far easier.

Link: https://i.imgur.com/VarP3fK.png
was thinking about that dagger with global +3 to minion, but losing hits can't be evaded and some life leech would be too much to trade for +3 most likely. How do you achieve max dodge/spell dodge without phace acro and the other nodes?
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looks very interesting. How do you deal with entropy though, when you reach the point that everything OS you ?
and how do you foresee the elreon mana cost craft nerf to channeling skills ?
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How to colorize Calam to 5 offcolor?
Jew method?
For coloring the calam, your best bet for the 5 off colors is the vorici method(jew + crafting bench). You can get away with 3r 2g 1b or ideally 2r 3g 1b if you are short on currency.

Regarding the mana cost problem, cyclone shouldn't be an issue unless it's less than 4 per ring with the new update because it only takes -8 i believe to make it free because for whatever reason cyclone's base cost is 2. my primary concern is self cast immortal call being a bit too much now as it was instrumental in some of the harder nodes i did on my push to 1500.

Regarding getting off screened, i didn't really have anything one shot me until ~1200(with absolutely terrible mods) / 1300 with some mods on the extreme physical nodes. I'll post some videos about how I handled those situations. There certainly is a limit to the depth you can go but if you want an option thats not jug and isn't dex stacking, this is certainly a great option. Jugs also got hit hard with the cyclone changes and i predict they wont see anywhere near the depths they pushed during legion league. Additionally, i often swapped to flesh and stone for the reduction in damage outside of my blind radius if it wasnt a particularly hard physical node but I know that isn't possible next league given the nerfs(at least in the way i was using it).

tldr: with most of the gear shown above and having very little knowledge of how to actually play, i can guarantee 1000-1100 depth as its fairly trivial for the build. Further takes some knowledge about nodes/ generally good play and some swaps for certain nodes.
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