💰 [3.22 ready] Clickachu's Tornado Shot MF Build - +Video Guide - 100% Phys Conversion [Standard]

I replaced my Lethal Pride Historic Jewel with the Elegant Hubris one, number 146340 to get +80% increased item rarity:

Down from 5.3k life to 4670, but the damage is actually bigger now which was a surprise - thanks to some damage nodes from this jewel.
My 3.21 build guide is posted in the first post of this thread.

Additionally, Build Guide Video and full map gameplay Video are also included there.

MF is not dead!

I made a video on how I craft maps for my Magic Find Build Mapping:

I sold my Spirit Hide body armour and mirrored Chimerick Jack from Emcii. Now with my new boots (also from Emcii) I have 100% ailment immunity so I was able to replace Purity of Elements aura for Haste aura. Feels good.



Belt is the Headhunter belt with 29% iir implicit on it.

What would you suggest as an alternative? I've searched this thread for "headhunter" but all I could find you praising it, but not any alternatives. Headhunters are expensive. Should I just go for a iir including belt and that's basically the main requirement?
Do you have a Mageblood version at all? I definitely prefer Mageblood over HH because I find Inspired Learning is good enough and Mageblood just fixes your resists and ailment immunity really easily with added bonus of being bleed immune and since legacy MS quicksilvers exist in standard (and onslaught if you dont have another source) you also move super fast, get a little suppression and phasing from a quartz, or if you prefer more defensive setup can run tri ele flasks instead of one bismuth and that adds to your tankiness a lot, plus you get more iir from your craft if you use it.

HH is also good for sure but I generally find only damage problem is with single target if you don't have mirror tier gear and that doesn't really get fixed with HH, but that's just me. Curious what you would swap if you used MB though, since that's just what I prefer.

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