[Xbox One] 3.7.3b Patch Notes

We've had to temporarily pause the deploy of the update on the servers until the publish of the patch being available for users moves forward. We'll begin another short countdown as soon as we have more information, sorry for any inconvenience.

EDIT: We're going to be deploying the patch at 5:25am UTC.
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Ugh. Don't get me wrong, glad for channelling and too many action fixes, but I still have to recast my Cyclone multiple times, at seemingly random times, where its animating and draining mana, but doing ZERO damage. No sound effect from hits,and enemies lose 0 HP, but hey everything else works soo pretty close. Can you at least yell me what may be/is the cause of this malfunction? Am I the only on experiencing this still?
Is it possible that the server ressources are limited while the weekend?

Patch 3.7.3 brought immense improvements last week which were noticeable within the week , but the weekend was partially a nightmare.

POE Epiloque is always loading and tearing while it takes such a long time until objects appear.

While switching objects in HideOut: Tearing and frame drops

Some maps and the deepest mines are still at the limit.

The delays until objects appeared on the maps were not satisfying at the weekend.

It was clear to see: last week, performance was better.
Like the previous update, it is a very good update. FPS problems are still present, but less often specifically against enemies throwing projectiles
Leap slams still double jumping multistrike still locks you into place its been over a month this is ridiculous give the console players the option to turn off animation cancelling off there you go problem solved 😴

If you have 9 skeletons and you put in From Dust in the socket:

Does it mean, you keep max 9 Skeletons but you place 3 instead of 1 skeleton per cast?

The additional skeletons count towards your total number of skeletons

I think better is:
These additonal skeletons are part of the total number of skeletons.

Anyway, if the total number stays unchanged, you bring more skeletons in shorter time on the map?

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Even after the patch, the overall performance was underwhelming (as Necromancer). Slow downs, FPS drops and freezes on every map while playing my Minion-Build. Changing to my Cyclone-Build means Double-Casting Leap Slam (Yes, I have still this bug!) and a small amount of desyncs from time to time, but overall the game worked.

Sad story since I prefer playing Minion-Builds in ARPGs.


Does it mean, you keep max 9 Skeletons but you place 3 instead of 1 skeleton per cast?

That's right. I have completed the cruel lab and I am currently summoning 5 skeletons per cast.

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