[3.7] Ground Slam Dualwield Slayer - Stun all content

warmuth wrote:
Nice guide, having some fun with it so far. This and sweep are both sleeper skills that are a bit under the radar due to cyclone being so insane right now. Switched in a shockwave gem to try it out. Not sure how it calculates damage wise, pob shows it doing almost as much as the main slam on its own. It seems like it might be more useful mapping to get the proc on the first hit instead of waiting on ruthless to kick in on the third attack. If the damage from selecting ground slam and then selecting shockwave are added together it would be a big dps increase overall but I don’t know if that’s how it works.


With shockwave you want to check "Averrage damage" and divide it by cooldown (for level 20 shockwave without other sources of cooldown reduction its 0.72sec) to get its dps that you can add to dps of ground slam. I use ruthless to get longer stuns with every third attack, but you should really try all the options and see what is better for you (maybe even multistrike). With good gear you can remove 1-2 support gems and not get any problems while mapping anyway, I fels like Im doing too much damage.
Looks like its about 100k dps loss from ruthless overall. I do notice the difference while mapping, the shockwaves help clean up and can even hit around corners. I was all excited to head in to shaper and stunlock him to death but the vaal groundslams killed him immediately haha.

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