[3.9] Rain of Spikes - Impale Deadeye Rain of Arrows/Barrage

Faded_ wrote:
Found the jewels on the path of building link, just wanted to find out if this build is viable in 3.9 new leauge?

I have been super busy with Uni stuff, but coming next week I will be updating heavily this guide, since this will be my league starter. Stay tuned.
Hi, can you please explain why you've taken Point Blank on the passive tree when you have Far Shot from Deadeye? Do these two nodes even work together?

Honestly, I took far shot since no other options were viable, you could experiment a bit with Endless munitions instead of Fast and Deadly, but the last time I calculated this in POB fast and Deadly was slightly more damage, if your focus is clear speed, then endless is better, Point blank is there to give the extra punch against elites and bosses and you cannot go without it while tackling this content, other than that, there's a calculation I found which gives roghly how much you gain out of having Far shot + Point blank. https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/870r1t/graph_of_far_shot_and_point_blank_damage_approx/
I'm still using this build in the new league and the old path of building link for the passive tree is it still viable?
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I started playing on Wednesday so still too early for me to draw conclusions on viability, but judging by the changes made, although not massive should actually improve the overall performance of this build slightly, I need to run some calculations to figure out how much the new mechanic "-# physical damage reduction agains your impale hits" affects overall damage. With regards to the tree not much has changed, however the aformentioned calculation might affect my willingess yo take nodes such as Farsight, I will be making updates as I progress in the league, however holidays will make my progress not so fast, so any updates you guys can make will help me also make it better. THanks.
So, I ignored the levelling gems (split arrow etc) and just used barrage 6L/RoA 6L cuz I have tabula+the temptest bow, I slotted in brutality and literally started doing 0 damage.. How do I fix this? When should I start using brutality?

Edit: nvm realised it was because of the temptest bow lmao..
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Another question, which tree should I follow in the PoB? There's 4 different trees after 70, I'm not sure if I should go the Iron Reflexes version. Which is better?
Also which stance do I use for flesh and stone? Sand for clear, blood for boss?
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