[3.7] Sweep'N'Strike — 2.5 Million Damage/Sweep and Heavy Strike [Great Leaguestarter]

Im trying this as a scion, going berserker/slayer. Thanks for the the build
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Можешь добавить, что выбирать в пантеоне?

Всё, нашёл(лунарис и груткул)
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I adapted your build a bit, went full sweep and 5 link AW. Just killed uber elder but then died myself at same time at last portal :( (this mostly due to my lack of skill on uber elder). The damage with just sweep was plenty! Could use couple more levels for extra jewel and some more life, but rest went great.
O and I really disliked disintegrator, the degen was too much for me. Went with a good rolled hegemony (for 1c!) and 8% base crit so I could swap ascendancy as well.
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Do you generally use blood or sand stance with this build?

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