Big Updates to ExileCon

really good
bet you they'll be sold out within 5 minutes.
Buying a Canada-New Zealand plane ticket rn!
Any word if you'll be doing something for those of us who can't afford to attend to be able to purchase the Con exclusive Micro Transactions through some means or another? Would love to do it and I know others in the same boat! Please GGG you are my only hope!
Nvm it's 2k!
Too bad i won't have any spare vacation this year. Tempting to pick a ticket, go for bickpacking across the NZ and add Exilecon to the schedule.

flight tickets are not even that expensive right now (900€+- from Europe for decent 30h trips).
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
RIP Marvel Heroes, the last great ARPG.
Holy shit. This is going to be one hell of an event. I can't wait to

Watch the announcements alone in my dark room eating ramen noodles
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Fyre! Err, Fire (Cool)!

But why no media coverage? I'd like to stream a bit like blizzcon also recieve something cool in game like when I got my minecraft cape, even thou I did not have the time to attend irl.
Great. I've got to learn how to race quick then :)

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