[Softcore Synthesis]Craft service (Trigger socketed spells incl)\boss service

whats up bro have the

(46–50)% increased Spell Damage
Gain 4% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage

Hey buddy just wondering if it's possible to get a quiver made I have the shaper base needs to have
Crit multi
Crit chance
Attack speed
Additional arrow
Elemental dmg with attack skills

Would be willing to settle for hp in place of attk speed
I'm not a pro crafter maybe u can get em all but I don't think so

Also looking for a plus 3 bow skills I have the 82 shaper base
Pref with attack speed crit chance and multi
With elemental attacks dmg

These are heavy crafts msg me on psn and we can work something out
I would understand if you wanted more
Psn is grass-assassinv2 look forward to speaking with you
And know another few people I can definitely send your way
service done, reliable and fast I highly recommend

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Do you have the 6 socket recipe? If so let me know the fee you ask please.
Callido35 wrote:
Do you have the 6 socket recipe? If so let me know the fee you ask please.

yep i have 6s\ 30c fee per item
Oh I've been needing you! I just made a post too.
I need an
Oval scepter with the mods
Trigger socketed spell on skill use
And if possible +% minion damage
+dmg when full on life

If still possible to add after that
Plus % cold damage and or damage over time.
Actually just the first 3 mods I posted. If I read it right that would cost 90 chaos? Unless I can buy the item and give you it to add on. Thta would work well actually. If that's the case I'd just prob need a couple added
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guys i provide just a bench craft
if u have item that ready to multicaft ( see screen on top) i can help
if u need just 1 bench mode its also my work
but why you ask me about items that are you need
and fee 30c PER ITEM
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OK understood, I still want the trigger socketed gem on skill on my scepter that I have. When can we do this

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