Since 2012 we've posted over 80 episodes of our Build of the Week video series. The series has been a great way to showcase the variety of gameplay styles possible in Path of Exile with each episode becoming a snapshot in time to look back on.

Doing this series in seasons that include six or more episodes has often created an 'all or nothing' dilemma for us. The series requires a significant commitment of video resources that we're not able to make each league. This results in us going months without showcasing builds. We don't love this outcome as we're missing out on showcasing so many awesome, creative ideas that would be great to demonstrate to the community and archive in our record books.

To fix this problem, we're planning to change the Build of the Week series into a 'Build Showcase' series. This means we can post videos periodically when time allows and pick the best of what the community has to offer. We will still be focusing on a variety of build styles that appeal to a range of players from strong beginner's guides to bizarre helicopter-themed builds.

While this means fewer episodes per league, we expect that this means more episodes overall (as we won't skip whole leagues). We're very excited about this change and would love your feedback on what you'd like to see in these kinds of videos. We also wanted to take a moment to encourage you to share your builds in the Class section of the forums. We'll be checking this section frequently for builds to select.

Also, while we have you here - we know you're eager for news about this week's update to Synthesis. Patch 3.6.3 is coming along well and we're expecting to release it by the end of the week. We also hope to share the full patch notes a day before (possibly Wednesday NZT) the patch goes live to keep you in the loop.
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What's up everyone ;)
Niki74 wrote:
What's up everyone ;)

My wife left me.
My wife left me.

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Always eager to see creative builds, so showcase sounds good idea!
It's Spring Break. I'm ready. Patch me baby.
Looking forward to more of these.
Le Toucan Will Return
CosmicAstro wrote:
My wife left me.


~ Do not expect to be taken seriously if you hide behind a private profile or an alt account.
Hopefully 3.6.3 is bringing an actual fix to the betrayal intervention freezes and Synthesis gets more streamlined than it is now.
Just got back to PoE after a year of not playing. Time to have some fun in Heist :D
As long as it has Bex, I will be watching :)

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