3.6.2 Patch Notes

Pls fix synthesis league and make easier!
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"Intervention encounters can no longer occur until either 60 seconds have been spent in an area or until you have completed a different Betrayal encounter in the area..."

Does this mean I may have to run through the parts of the map again I already have been to, just to find the intervention encounter? Or does the encounter happen in a part of the map I havn't been to?

Since Intervention is a rather valuable Encounter, this would be kinda bad.
Thanks, GGG. Keep up the good work. I love this game. I wish I could play more.

Dungeons with timers are bad tho, mkay?
Miscellaneous Fixes
  • You can now toggle the visibility of area modifiers on or off by clicking on a new button found above area modifiers.

I hope this selection keeps saved between instances.
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Fingers crossed that you have actually fixed the intervention problem this time around. Most of my deaths are due to this.

As far as Synthesis goes, I'm pretty much skipping it. Not of interest to me.
And the map drop rate issue that so many people are having? The "fix" on the 18th apparently didn't fix everyone.
Testing today this intervention stuff, it doesn't really occur in all the maps. For example I was in a Reef map today , intervention popped and it worked smooth as Michael Jackson's song. In every other map you just instant die and get disconnected :D
"Areas prior to Maps will only generate with a single Betrayal encounter"

RIP Quarry farming
In the next patch you can add to the crafting bench the veiled mods that are still unlocked and remaining ranks to unveil. Like the other normal crafting options- greyed out. We just want to check our proggress with the unveiling ;)

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