Xbox One 3.6.1 Hotfix

(Xbox one original) Last patch broke my game and im still crashing with the new one when i fight enemy's using vaal double strike are the servers getting reset soon i'm getting connected to australia when i live the US. It does seem better tho somewhat fixed thank you GGG i haven't crashed since i switched to cleave so something is wrong with vaal skill gems and otheers i hear.
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Thank you. I have been playing since the launch on xbox and the game has never felt so good. No lag or freezes and even on death effects from monsters visible from the start of a map. Hope it continues in further releases. Synthesis launch was def the worst lag/ freezes/dissconections
Ditto, couldn't have said it better myself. Running smooth now without crashing between every other map. Map's are loading in half the time. Betrayal would have been suicidal with all the lag pre patch.
Thanks again GGG now we can get back to the game.
gfrisk wrote:
Betrayal would have been suicidal with all the lag pre patch.

You obviously haven't seen what Betrayal encounters are doing to people on PC.
Currently being stalked around these forums by some clowns who caught feelings over being called out at being grossly inept at their job.
It's better than before but still freeze in map sometimes, back to the game menu and no portal left when i return to my hideout.
And crash in the mine too.
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Jeff_GGG wrote:
PhychoCat wrote:
Thanks for all the hard work guys. It plays so much smoother now.

Any news on Betrayal content or at least unlocking the mods on the crafting bench?
Happy to hear that, please let me know how this continues to play for you. Getting the Betrayal content re-enabled is next on my list.

While I want Betrayal in the game (mostly I just want veiled mods), I really hope we don't get this before fixing the invisible mobs issues, if we get invisible invasions that will drive me crazy and I could easily see that causing problems preventing me from advancing.

Also, in 3.6.1 we were supposed to be able to delete memories but that never was implemented?
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I noticed that the monsters inside the Azurita mine do not provide experience while the Crawler is not moving, you can collect items normally, but the monsters do not give experience when you play flags to move in the darkness of the mine. Is that correct?
Oke where to start this patch has fixt some of the issue but also introduced new problems

the start-up screen is still faltering

and now I get reboots to dashboard if too much happens on the screen or if I get too many updates (gems)things thing thing thing .....Reboot

and sometimes just like that, I get disconectted (the oparation timed out)

Xbox one x
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From: Jeff_GGG on Mar 20, 2019, 3:37:17 PM
To: Snowpeople

We're aware of the crash occurring with Double Strike and a few other skills. We'll get this fixed ASAP, targeting it to be in the next update.

(Okay, Glad you guys are aware. Thank you guys for all your work.)
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