3.6.1b Patch Notes

Check this out.

I was camping on the Twilight Strand for Oni-Goroshi and the Syndicate jumped me, killed me of course, and when I came back Jun had a Lab set up on the strand and then future Hillok got me with a train a little further down the beach. Then I took it out on the other Hillok.

This might be getting fun. Ill never get the sword, but was I ever going to anyway?

This is awesome.
Did this also fix the game freezing when syndicate intervention pops up?
Ребята, ваша игра конечно хорошая, на ряду с конкурентами я бы даже сказал лидер, но то что Вы делаете с мастерами на стандарте ужасно. Может стоит сделать не по 3 появления мастера на карте раз в несколько карт, а на каждой карте по мастеру с одним взаимодействием? Адекватное взаимодействие с синдикатом сломано, нельзя скипнуть ненужный вариант для нормального построения.(молчу про ужасные лаги при нападении). Касательно Альвы невозможность скипнуть ненужный вариант тоже актуально.

A league of shit! bug everywhere, a zero league with a system really bad! , betrayal that makes you lose 10% each time you meet them! I STILL COME TO LOSE 10% I AM ENERVE!

4h00 play >>> 30% lose niceeeee !!!!
Last edited by majestick on Mar 20, 2019, 5:07:31 PM
map drop rate still sux, cleared 15 t16 maps, got 3 t16 in return, just impossible to play anymore
fixed client crashes! 1-2 minutes and crash. 1-2 minutes and crash. 1-2 minutes and crash. 1-2 minutes and crash. 1-2 minutes and crash.!!!!!!! FIX IT PLEASE
I need more sulphite. Gimme now plz so I can skip Synthesis content more efficiently.
Can unleash support Essence drain or Soul rend? It could before
I have been penalized 4,200,498,886 exp points since the Syndicate when insane. Is there a record? And does that include when you are <0 and die? I mean if you count the < oh man It must be in the bazillions.

We must remain vigilant Exiles!!! I am searching the skill tree for a nod to tick that will overcome this. Keep up the good fight people we will win this war.

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