Niko's Fuel quest bugged

Niko's quest doesn't update. I completed it once and when I entered the next area, "Niko's Fuel, Collect Voltaxic Sulphite 0/5" showed up, despite there being no sulphite collectables on the entire map. The quest won't go away, even if I go to town or to a next area.
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+1 to this, it also seems to be preventing all sulphite spawns except for niko's daily. mega sucks.
Same here
Glad to see I'm not the only one, same thing is happening to me. I get the quest text for collecting the sulphite, but none spawns.
Indeed. I haven't been getting a single Niko spawn all day; the only quests that seems to spawn in maps ars Alva's incursions.
same issue here

EDIT: what worked for me was: i entered a map with niko daily which was the only way to spawn sulphite for me, then i popped sulphite node and waited for niko to emerge and talked to him. hope this helps
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Also having the same issue, quest pops up that needs to be done in every zone, but is uncompletable and blocks niko from spawning in maps. Huge issue that needs to be dealt with.
+1 to this he wont spwan, not to maps yet to try the above fix
Also having this issue. I was planning on spending alot of time in delve early but I cannot obtain sulphite because of this bug
Same thing here!

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