Synthesis Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Kappa Hype xD
another map rework, so I need a new stash tab? again?
Shed900 wrote:
Core a T15 map :NotLikeThis:

I dont like shaffle. I am casual player. Made only one t13 core map unlocked after 3 months of playing. Now wanted to grind for card to get Shavronne's Wrappings and I got shaffle when I finally got there :(
Seriously, a new map series? So now I can throw them all out again and start collecting new?
Perhaps make us replay all unique maps again for atlas completion?

Is this your money sink? This is unnecessary and insolent. I usually like to give a little money every few months. But not when I feel kidded.
Last edited by BlackRainbow666 on Mar 7, 2019, 2:47:35 AM
is the new flame totem spell or attack skill?
are you resetting unique maps again ?????
Why do you rework Atlas so much? Every time new map tab?
I think that I don't bye anything to PoE before path 4.0.
I am sure that it is hole new game and you lose everything you bought before.

I really hope not !
Why people moan about atlas maps? They are transferred in standard league, so nothing to do with the upcoming Synthesis League...or i am getting something wrong?
nice go 8th march

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