[3.6] Javelin Deadeye | Spectral Throw CoC Ice Spear | 4M+ Shaper dps

hello there, why only level 1 spectral throw???
edit: nevermind i figured it out
edit 2: i think lol
edit 3: seriously tho why no level it??
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hello there, why only level 1 spectral throw???
edit: nevermind i figured it out
edit 2: i think lol
edit 3: seriously tho why no level it??

Because of mana cost i guess. Higher lvl would require more mana.
Spectral throw itself deal minimal dmg in this build so it's a little qol improvement to keep it at low level for easier mana sustain.
I've given this some testing now, here are some things I've noted:

* Can clear at least t11 on a 5l.
* Like all CoC builds, needs a lot of crit to get going.
* Mana on hit is a decent QoL if you're reserving most of your mana, at least with low crit chance.
* Can definitely use other attacks to proc CoC, personally prefer Lancing Steel.
* Squishy, should never be close to mobs. A CoH Warlord's Mark is definitely a must have. Chaos dmg really, really hurts.
* For self crafting, you can grab a shaper base weapon rather cheap. The CoC mod should cost you around 200alts (needs atleast ilvl 75). Multimodding is not a requirement, but definitely recommended for a 6l with Empower
* AS is more dmg and mobility and should not be underestimated. Grab some on jewels until you get solid abyss jewels.
* There's absolutely nothing but creativity stopping you from using other spells.

You don't scale damage with the attack skill, so keeping it at lvl 1 (leap slam too) will really help with mana.
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Been using this build this league and its been a lot of fun! Thanks for your work on it. I just switched to Lancing Steel to proc the IS, I can see why you like it! I have been using the Beltimber Blade and switched GMP to Ice Bite. I now get all 3 charges end, crit, and frenzy. I linked HoI(Herald of ice) with Added Cold Damage gem and Chance to gain Power Charge. It really helps when lvling. Also instead of Frost Bomb (which I do have back in there now) I was playing around with Frost wall, kinda cool how it seals you in a ice fort when hit a few times. Other thing i did different was to add Vaal Spec Throw in for fun, nothing like casting it while mobbed, reminds me of a d2 hammerdin!
As for keeping the attack spells at lvl 1 , I may do that once they get to 20%, for now its only a 1 point mana difference anyways. Looking forward to endgame with this build. My stuff is un locked to public, so if you want to check out my build so far go for it. Thanks again!

EDIT: SHATTERING STEEL is redic! So op as proc. Had to switch power charge on crit to 6l set up and inc crit strikes to the Herald of Ice..so i get all 3 charges most efficiently just started mapping we will see.
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Thanks for the build. It is quite powerful already with a Terminus Est.

What do you think of the following items for this build ?

2)Mark of the shaper + Elder ring with Warlord's mark on hit ?

Thanks a lot !
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What am i not seeing, besides arcane surge, what's the reason for Vortex in the build
any updates/changes for 3.7? Want to give this build a try.

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