3.5.3 Hotfix 1 Patch Notes

Pls reduce loading time when join some1 HO or when join new zone (mastermind)!
Sometimes crash or DC when join new HO

And add more veiled mods with more new crafts!
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TreeOfDead wrote:
Pls reduce loading time when join some1 HO or when join new zone (mastermind)!
Sometimes crash or DC when join new HO

And add more veiled mods with more new crafts!

Stop using wifi. Doesn't matter if you're using 802.11AC, it's molasses S L O W.
GGG's awesome. Thank you.

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Thank you very much for this Patch hotfix.
Now i CAN'T COMPLETLY PLAY THE GAME. Getting constant unexpected disconnect from the servers all the freaking time... like most people out there..
The game at long last is totally unplayable. I logged on this morning and bam. Went to another server and bam. Went to a third Bam!

Lol ok you win. Are you guys still in business? Not according to me. I haven't played since you "upgraded".

I doubt if you worked at it you could have done better.

Why do you bother to keep door open? Oh right, you're selling crap to newbies. Late and great eh POE?

Seriously why do you bother keeping the doors open? I haven't played for weeks since the upgrade. Do you even care any longer guys?

Say something GGG. Do something GGG. Don't just sit there unresponsive!!
No response from GGG to countless forum posts about problems with this horrid totally unresponsive problem.

Since it's pointless to continue I'm so gone.
I guess GGG couldn't give a rat's fuck that their player class is bailing.

Must be great work if you can find it.
MFairfax wrote:

Since it's pointless to continue I'm so gone.
rant to be continued soon....

Anyone raging about client crashes etc. Start digging on your side first. Yes, there are crashes. But hey... there are thousands of players who can enjoy PoE without issues. Maybe they did something right? Maybe they did something different than all the ragers :-)

Every now and then my client crashes too. So what? Just join again and it's all good. other games crash as well. who cares.

just stop bitching at GGG. There are tons of other games out there. go complain about battle royal netcode issues or something else please <3


to add something positive to that topic - showed PoE to two mates recently. both of them love it. New players are discovering PoE every single day. the community keeps growing instead of "bailing" as Mr. Fairfax claims.
I have a brand new computer. It has passed all test known to mankind. I have upgraded my interest to the fastest and best Verizon can provide.


So I fail to see what "digging and checking" on my side can do anything. I've sent about 1500 bucks to play this game and I cannot.

Thank you.

things that could help instead of just complaining:

- tell us what you hadware is (video card brand and model)
- what driver version are u using?
- you mentionned a 2 min timer (more or less)before crash, did you monitor how the temperatures of your GPU and CPU raise(or stays) in those 2min intervals?

- what client version of poe are you using? (steam's//ggg's)
- what kind of crash do you suffer ? (disconnections, or game closing silently, or game closing with a "poe64.exe ceased to function")
- did you check for errors in "/poe/logs/client.txt". (maybe delete it, restart the game, wait for crash, re-check this file)
- does the game crash if you just log-in, go to a empty hideout and do nothing for 3-4 minutes ?
- is the game on the same physical drive than your windows?
- did you reinstall the game when you upgraded your rig, or just copied the folder ?
- did you try starting the game in admin mode ?

there are ton's of thing i would search for, instead of just forum posting, if i couldn't play PoE.

(this post is not bashing in anyways, just trying to help you!)
when is the new league coming outtttt. do a flashback leagueeeee :))))
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