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Hey, i'm a friend of Bondanar, and would like an invite to the league :D
This league is gay
Very interested! Would olove to join for the next 2 weeks or so! Can help crowd fund also! Let me know thanks!
Adam Gross

I'll like to join (:
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Hello. I'd like an invite please, thank you.
i am interested too.
Just want to let everyone know this league WILL BE EXTENDING another two weeks. A member was telling people league was ending but its not! Will be extended to at least the 21st of Feb, possibly longer! Has been really fun and relaxing playing, chatting, and getting to know new friends!

if ANYONE is interested in joining please contact me or just post in this thread! Very friendly community, we try and provide every new player with lvling gear if they want it and trading/helping each other out is highly encouraged! 20-30 members so far and growing! Come join the best SC private league until next league start!

Adam Gross
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Invite me please, active player
invited! join up, we use global 3034 as our chat :)
Adam Gross
Pm me or reply on this post if anyone is interested in joining our SC betrayal private league! we have 20+ members who are active, room for 10 more! its 100% free and paid for until the 24th of Feb right now. Trade and chat is 100% encouraged, we use global 3034 if anyone has any questions!
Adam Gross

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