[BSC] -- Mastermind II -- ALL CHALLENGES 1+2+3+4+5 -- Also kill other bosses

Got both challenges ^_^ ty "RFblue"
Got Mastermind I and II challenges. Good shit ty
got my Mastermind II challenge from him

even made sure everyone was loaded

+1 vouch for mastermind challenge kill.
great service, the first time I paid the boss gliched and no one got achievement, I paid first and he refunded me. 1 day later I asked for the same service this time it didn't bug out and I paid in full afterwards.

820 is literally all scammers atm and having a honest person doing services is worth gold
Safe and easy Mastermind 2 Challenges. 10/10, would do again.
This guy is a serious bosskiller, Got my mastermind II Challenge and made it sure everyone was inside before going in. GGs man
+1 trustworthy guy did uelder for me
killed my 83 mastermind and did all challenges ez, this guy is a beast +1
ign: OvenChicken, BradenHoltbeast, DuelistBetterThanShadow
Completed my 4/5 Mastermind II Challenge with no problems :) !!

whould do again +1

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