[3.7] "Herald of Asenath" | Physical Bow Summoner | Tornado Shot + Mirror Arrow + Herald of Purity

I'm probably missing something but, how do you generate endurance charges? You took 2 extra endurance charges on the tree. Thanks for the update on the lioneye's fall :).

Ah, I just saw that you updated your post.

The notable Smashing Strikes generates endurance charges on melee critical strikes. Since Smashing Strikes is within the radius of Lioneye's Fall, it changes to generating charges on bow critical strikes. In fact, this is the primary reason why a bit of critical strike chance is scaled on the build; regular endurance charge generation fuels Immortal Call, which is incredible at mitigating incoming physical damage.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
Build updated for 3.7! It's still not end-boss viable, but I just wanted to share my love of non-meta builds by revisiting and revamping my favorite theorycrafted build. Videos will be posted either today or tomorrow :)
Hello! I love your non-meta build a lot, but I wonder if you could have used mirror arrow instead of tornado shot, since it's an attack skill. If not, using the default attack to trigger your items would allow you to 6L mirror arrow for you to link it with brutality, impale, minion damage, trap support/mine support and something to put several mirror clones at once.
Also, getting as many cooldown recovery speed would let you cast mirror arrow all the time for a lot of clones.
Impale support is probably better than faster attack support for damage.

And since the clones get your bow and quiver, maybe it's better to forget about Maloney's Mecanism and go for the best physical dps bow and quiver, then find a minion damage stuff for the rest.
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Does Lioneye Fall still work for endurance charge generation in the jewel close to the life cluster above the staff nodes. I believe it no longer viable in the pre 3.7 spot.
Following your build, lvl 56 now and its a ton of fun, I put Blink instead of Mirror in the quiver and I shot and teleport, its fast and so fun xD

Its this kind of creative build that's make me play poe, thanks.
GGG сделайте лучнику нормальный рдд синглтаргет скил, а то меня трясет от мили баража :D

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