[3.5] "Herald of Asenath" | Physical Bow Summoner | Barrage / Herald of Purity / Asenath's Chant

======== [3.5] "Herald of Asenath" | Physical Bow Summoner ========



This Deadeye build attacks with Barrage and Sentinels to deal pure physical damage. The build does not revolve around Blink/Mirror Arrow (like most "Deadeye Summoner" builds), but instead balances both the "bow" and "summoner" aspects of the build. The majority of utility skills are triggered through Asenath's Chant and a high-level CWDT setup.

The name Herald of Asenath is a blend of "Herald of Purity" (one of the build's main skills) and Asenath's Chant (the build's cornerstone item). According to lore, "Asenath" was a heroine and legendary archer who united the Maraketh tribes in rebellion against the Eternal Empire. Not only does this build don a unique item with her name, but also wields a bow and commands a contingent of followers - very akin to Asenath. I like being corny with my builds (^-^);;

As of now, the build can handle Uber Labs and T14 Maps. Things start getting a little dicey at T15 - I believe this build might not be Shaper/Elder viable, but you're welcome to try!


Pros & Cons
+ Easy to play! You only actively use three skills, minions are auto-summoned, and most utility skills are triggered.

+ Unique! Seriously, how many "bow summoner" builds do you see?

+/- I made this build purely for fun :) As such, I take a more casual approach to this build and I don't intend it to do insane amounts of damage. You can view this as either a positive or negative (lol).

- The build might be difficult for new players or league starters as it requires/suggests very specific and potentially expensive items.

- I strongly advise avoiding maps or enemies with physical reflect; I'm trying to find a way around this.

Why Deadeye?
Why not Guardian/Necromancer?

I understand that the Guardian streamlines the Sentinels from Herald of Purity and that the Necromancer provides a ton of minion damage. However, take a look at the Deadeye's passives and how it relates to the build:

* Powerful Precision: The "Projectiles Pierce 3 additional Targets" mod is a huge improvement to Barrage, allowing it to hit multiple targets for greater output from various various build mechanics (e.g. life/mana gain on hit, knockback, Maim, Blind, Endurance Charges, etc.). The "Projectiles have 100% increased Critical Strike Chance against Targets they Pierce" is a big boost for landing critical strikes.

* Rupture: The "Gain +30 Life when you Hit a Bleeding Enemy " mod works incredibly well with Barrage, while the "Attacks have 25% chance to cause Bleeding" mod enables the critical-related mods on this passive. The "Moving while Bleeding doesn't cause you to take extra Damage" is a nice addition for defense.

* Gathering Winds: The "If you've used a Skill Recently, you and nearby Allies have Tailwind" mod gives the Tailwind buff, thus multiplying action speed (which includes attack speed and movement speed) for both you and your minions. The "10% increased Effect of Tailwind on you for each Skill you've used Recently, up to 100%" mod further enhances Tailwind on you.

* Fast and Deadly: The "100% increased Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow Cooldown Recovery Speed" mod significantly reduces the cooldown of Blink Arrow - your movement skill.

So, why Deadeye?

I chose Deadeye because, again, this build is designed to balance "bow" and "summoner" aspects. Assuming an ascendancy is not selected, the build is clearly more "summoner" oriented - Guardian and Necromancer lean more towards "summoner" and, without Deadeye, you'd miss out on various "bow" goodies:

* Built-in Pierce
* 180% increased Critical Strike Chance
* +30 Life Gain on Hit
* 20% more Action Speed
* Blink Arrow with 1.5s Cooldown

Of course, choice in ascendancy is ultimately up to you. Just remember you may have to compensate for consistency in the build's mechanics that the Deadeye simply has a much easier time doing.

// SKILLS //

Path of Building

* PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/3MQc1uub

Here's a screenshot of non-Shaper DPS (I haven't tried Shaper yet) from PoB. All player buffs, enemy debuffs, and 20/20 gems are accounted for. The Sentinel's damage should be higher due to Tailwind, but PoB doesn't calculate this yet. For single-target, multiply the Sentinel's DPS by 4 (since there are four Sentinels).

Skill Gems
Barrage + Faster Attacks + Increased Critical Strikes + Mirage Archer + Maim (5L) + Brutality (6L)

Herald of Purity + Multistrike + Faster Attacks + Brutality + Minion Damage (5L) + Maim (6L)

Flesh Offering + Desecrate + Blood Rage + Vulnerability

This setup must be in Asenath's Chant. If you have corrupted gloves with "Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit," change Vulnerability to Increased Duration.

CWDT (Max) + Immortal Call + Summon Lightning Golem + Vaal Haste

Lightning Golem can be swapped to any other golem of your choice. I like Lightning Golem for the increased attack speed (plus the mecha-golem MTX is amazing!).

Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks + Faster Projectiles + Blood Magic

Build Attributes

Passive Skill Tree

[Here] is the current passive tree for approximately Level 88. Much of the tree focuses on minion, socket, life, and resistance nodes.

Place two Volley Fire and one Lioneye's Fall in the appropriate sockets. The rest of the jewels are up to you - I have a jewel with "5% chance to Blind" and another with "Minions have 4% chance to Taunt" for extra layers of defense.

Leveling Guide & Leveling Tips
* Level 1-15
* Level 16-30
* Level 31-46
* Level 47-57
* Level 58-67
* Level 68-79
* Level 80+

When leveling, head straight to the Sovereignty notable to allow use of Herald of Purity. Until then, focus more on supporting your bow attack than Herald of Purity. I suggest Caustic Arrow + Mirage Archer, eventually switching out Caustic Arrow for Toxic Rain after killing Merveil in Act 1. Switch to Barrage only after allocating the "Powerful Precision" Deadeye passive.

Ascendancy Allocation


Bandit Rewards

Go with Eramir's reward (+2 passive skill points). You can never have enough passive skill points as a bow summoner.


For the major god, use Brine King to prevent getting stun- or freeze-locked. The minor god is more flexible. Since I have three life flasks, I use Ryslatha to regain charges during boss fights, but feel free to select any other minor god.

// ITEMS //


Required Item

* Asenath's Chant: This item is an undeniable requirement for this build as it permits automatic casting of up to four utility skills. For the helmet enchantment, go with either "Flesh Offering grants an additional 21% increased Attack Speed" or "+1 to maximum number of Sentinels of Purity."

Recommended Items

* Lioneye's Glare: "Hits Can't Be Evaded" is fantastic for bypassing accuracy and an embedded "Far Shot" provides more damage. However, you can use any other rare bow with decent physical damage.

* Belly of the Beast: Offers a considerable amount of increased maximum life, resistances, and life flask recovery.

* Thief's Torment: Combined with Barrage and high attack speed, you will quickly recover a ton of life and mana. Resistances and "50% reduced Effect of Curses on you" is also great.

Other Items

The rest of your items should focus on core stats: Life, resistances, defense, etc. You can craft rare jewelry and quivers with Deafening Essence of Fear for the increased movement speed for minions. Corrupted gloves with "Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit" is not necessary; it's merely quality of life for easier curse application.


Again, I use three life flasks (to recover from big hits), but you can change these to whatever flasks you want. However, I strongly recommend having at least one mana flask for when your arrows miss and you're low on mana. The last flask is up to you (Dying Sun is a good option if you prefer more DPS).



Working on it! (Hopefully within the week)


Frequently Asked Questions
Why not Null's Inclination?

Null's Inclination is often considered the quintessential weapon for bow summoners. However, I didn't want to use it for a number of reasons:

* First, the bow is more for chaos damage and its physical damage is way too low.

* Second, the high intelligence requirement puts great strain on a build that's already low on intelligence.

* Lastly, the "Trigger Socketed Minion Spells on Kill with this Weapon" mod is not boss-friendly. Moreover, it's inconsistent because your Sentinels will inevitably score kills. Of course, one can use Speaker's Wreath with Null's Inclination, but that would remove Asenath's Chant, which is obviously the cornerstone of this build.

Why not other minions?

Most other minions do not align with the mechanics of this build. Raise Zombie, Summon Skeletons, and Raise Spectre need a bit of micromanagement, which goes against the build's auto-summoning nature. Likewise, Summon Raging Spirit and Animate Weapon require investment in skill duration (which this build does not). Animate Guardian can fit in the build, but you may need to rearrange some skill gem setups.


Change Log
* 1/2/2019: Initial guide posted in the Ranger forum.


While this build isn't the strongest in the game, it's certainly a different take on a "bow summoner" that is fun and exciting. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy Herald of Asenath (particularly how it ties into the game's lore) and I hope you try it out. Thanks for reading!

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Last bumped on Jan 9, 2019, 5:50:33 PM
really like this build idea, i'm very new to the game so im still quite on the fence about how to even go about choosing a build, but this is a pretty unique one that sticks out to me (this is very similar to the blood archer summoner i wanted to do back in launch before i realized how impossible that was)

My question is, what is your ms like, whats your boss damage, your clear speed on maps, how high can you handle, etc

im afraid this build even after pouring a ton of money into it could not really clear red maps quickly, thus making it a pretty novel build, but just a novelty

also i find it strange you're playing on standard lol
Last edited by kaydiechii on Jan 8, 2019, 6:35:37 AM
I will admit this build is definitely a novelty. I've gotten into T15 maps recently, aaaaaand it doesn't do too well (as I expected, haha). As such, I don't suggest my build for end-game content, but it certainly holds entertainment value [at least for me].

And I play Standard because I dislike having to start over every few months. I have a busy personal schedule and I, for the most part, play PoE in short bursts whenever I have large gaps of free time.

Regardless, thanks for checking out the build! Let me know if you have any other questions :)
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Why are there so many skills on tree referencing using a staff instead of a bow?
I'm probably missing something but, how do you generate endurance charges? You took 2 extra endurance charges on the tree. Thanks for the update on the lioneye's fall :).
Last edited by JorganWindcaller on Jan 9, 2019, 7:48:24 PM
The "staff" nodes are converted to "bow" when they're in radius of Lioneye's Fall, which is placed in the jewel socket right above "Resolute Technique." This also means the "Disemboweling" node wheel [and a few nodes in the "Bone Breaker" node wheel, if you choose to use them] will convert to "bow."
Last edited by kaype on Jan 9, 2019, 5:51:30 PM

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