Nox's 3.5 Toxic Totems Build Guide

Hello Totem Fans!

Welcome to Nox's 3.5 Toxic Totems Build Guide. This build was made as a league starter and also to push to Lvl 100 in the endgame. I played a variant of this build in Delve with much success and knew, even with the Quill Rain nerfs, that this build could take me all the way to Lvl 100 in Betrayal, and it did!

Betrayal Rankings

#3 Hierophant Betrayal
#2 Toxic Rain (Main Skill Gem) Betrayal
#204 Overall


The build uses Toxic Rain DoT stacking and poison. By utilizing the Heiro Ascendancy as well as the new multiple totems support, we have 6 totems laying down hundreds of layers of DoT DPS onto mobs and bosses. With the right enchants, corruptions, and a Quill Rain, we can achieve over 270 PoDs/Arrows per second. It's a lot of damage.

Insanely cheap with upgradeable items throughout your journey to endgame
Huge DPS
Safe (MAX ATTACK/SPELL Dodge) + Big Evasion from gear
10k Life endgame - 7k Life Budget
Can run all content, all map mods

Laggy in party play
Not for potato computers or Fisher Price modems/routers/internet

Dmg Calc
((PoB Shaper Damage = 10,000 per pod) * (Duration = 1.64 seconds per pod) * (Attack Speed = 2.9 aps) * (Number of Arrows = 10 per attack)) * 6 Totems = 2.8 Million Shaper DPS


PoB w/ Gear

Brief Explanation: Fill out the templar area -> MoM area -> Rush Ancestral Bond Keystone, then fill out minion dmg -> Duration clusters -> Acro/Phase Acro -> Witch Area -> DMG Nodes

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Last edited by bq1234 on Dec 31, 2018, 5:25:33 AM
gonna try this!
Just started this, really fun so far! Do you use blight just for the slow? Would something like Despair increase the DPS even more?
Your endgame POB seems wrong, Lioneye's Glare requires 212 dex when you only have 189 dex???
I would really like to try this build, but I'm not sure how to begin it or use the PoB links. If you could give me some info that would be great.
Super interested in running this next league (if nothing changes). Two important questions, number one, are you able to use the MTX? number two, the video was awesome, and if you could post more with uber elder, maping, etc, I think it would be cool to see. Thanks!

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