Suzim wrote:
Tree suggestion for ele version, contains more damage, and flask effect to get +3 projectile from dying sun

The issue with going up the right side is that you get less es although the damage is similar and you get free pierce if you feel you need it. Regardless, on every tree, you always get the flask effect. There is no other flask effect that you take that isn't shown, but you need upwards of 200% es (depends on gear) to break 8k which is what is usually the benchmark for what most CI builds aim for. That tree has 81% (+ Energy from within) which isn't going to cut it. Otherwise you can do a life based and reach 6k pretty easy and have more damage, acro + phase acro, etc.

Imgur comparison of your tree vs what my friend did this league as ele wander and yours. As you can see, the damage really isn't that much higher, but the es is 2k lower

His pob is in the bottom of the original post if you wanted to look for yourself, can ignore whats checked. We were just was looking at maximum potential dps, but usually you don't have like vhaste, etc. on always

I will say though, if you don't have unnatural instinct, then the tree going up the left side is missing on out a lot of potential dps bc we don't have enough points to get all of the nodes
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