[3.7] Starforge Cyclone Slayer

3.7 changes:

-> Still slayer - 4 left, 4 right. Same crab nodes.
-> Using infused channeling and Molten shell.
-> Updated links to skills. Check the appropriate section pls.

Updated the tree and pob.

Please let me know if you guys see anything off in the guide. Updates are annoying and tedious to do sometimes.

Note: Please post all your questions in this thread or come by the stream, please don't pm me in game. Make sure your profile is PUBLIC before asking for help so your character is visible. If you have issues with the trees and you're loading them into the poe website, don't. Import them into Path of Building. Please check out the FAQ or previous responses in the thread if you can, chances are I've answered them already.

I do not claim my guide to be original or the best or even this build to be super efficient. I write guides mostly because I'm fond of my characters and I'd like to share them.

I also stream sometimes.


Hi, this my fourth build guide.

Fast map clearer. (Not the fastest)
Slayer leech.
Easy to get going.

Not the greatest single target.
Probably expensive cause melee meta.


This is a pure physical cyclone build. It's really fast and mobile, easy to play, has good clear speed and really good sustain thanks to slayer leech.

Some key items that made me interested to play this:

Tons of flask duration, movement speed (= more clearspeed), 200% of Life Leech applies to Enemies as Chaos Damage = dot chaos dmg (approx 8k dot/s)

+2 weapon range, dmg, movement speed (= moar clearspeed).

Me, earlier:
It's not pure phys. I tried that, turns out using flasks and ele dmg is pretty good (who knew right?). I might actually try and turn this into a pure phys cyclone (maybe something bleed/retch synergy?) which I've wanted to make one for a long time, if it gets better.

And I did. Thanks to GGG with the changes for pure phys.



Path of Building does not count the '200% of Life Leech applies to Enemies as Chaos Damage' from the Retch as of now.


Level as consecrated path/sunder.

25 points

52 points

75 points

103 points

114 points

Final Tree


Kill all


Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour > Headsman > Bane of Legends


Arakaali and Shakari.

Current Gear


Gear slot analysis:


Good corruptions: +2 Weapon Range, Flat phys, 30% Quality.

Budget option: Any phys two handed sword, Kondo's, Doomsower.


Movement speed, dex. Noice.

BIS - Cyclone attack speed.

I prefer Blood rage attack speed enchant cause it gives global attack speed (faster leap slap), for a 3% loss of ats.

Budget option: Regular Devotos are pretty cheap.


I thought about Bronn's but we lose a TON of life for not that much dps gain. Also hard to color.

Budget option: Any rare chest, Tabula Rasa.


Dmg, bleed Explosions help with cleanup. Not hard to get desirable corruptions on.

BIS - Vulnerability on Hit.

Budget option: Anything with life, resists.


Lots of life, resists, as much movement speed as you can get.

BIS - 16% increased Attack and Cast if you've killed recently.


Core item. Aoe, dmg, movement speed.

Budget option: Anything with life, res, dex, int.


Core item. A LOT of Flask duration, movement speed, dmg.

You could use Ryslatha's Coil for single target.

Budget option: Anything with life, res.


Life, resists, int.

Steel best base. Flat phys to attacks/attack speed are a bonus.

Craft a -9 to mana to make your cyclone free.

You can also use a Circle of Guilt with % phys and % HoP aura effect if you have one.

Budget option: Anything with life, res, int.


You could replace the silver flask with anything else. Upto you.


Gem Links

Swap for bosses.

Remaining links (put them wherever you get the right colors):



Acid Caverns

3.6 videos:

Old Ele version with disfavour videos:


Leech nerfs?
For the most part, the leech nerf only affects slayer if you have more than 5s of downtime when hitting things. Which we do, so its not a problem.

Can we shock? Should I get enchant - "10% Chance to Shock/Freeze/Ignite If you have not Crit recently" or various jewels that apply % shock?
For starforge your physical damage is treated as lightning damage for the purpose of inflicting shocks. You don't need any lightning damage, even if you could get any cause starforge negates elemental damage.

The % chance to shock gives you the ability to shock yes, from whatever sources you can get. I've tested RT and that enchant and it shocks shaper consistently with our attack speed, but I believe the % increased damage from the shock is really low against bosses where it really matters. Since we need to hit hard in one hit to get higher % dmg which cyclone doesn't do, I don't suggest investing in shocks for this build.

Mana issues!
Get a -9 mana cost craft on your ring or use a fossil crafted chest with -15 to mana cost and socket your cyclone 6L in it.

Blasphemy + Vuln?
Sure, if you don't have the glove corruption.

Is this good as a league start/SSF? Budget option for starforge?
The expensive pieces in this are retch, daresso's salute, haemophilia with vuln corruption and starforge.

All of them are endgame upgrades, nothing you need to get started. You can even use a Kondo's Pride to start out with. Try to get retch, daresso's and regular haemophilia's early, it'll help with clear.

Crit? Impale?

I personally will not go crit, with the new auras and support gems the damage is going to be more than enough I think.

Not sure about impale yet, I was to go impale I'd drop the fortify nodes and some life nodes to get the two impale clusters.

What about for example: close combat or pulverize?
Tbh you could use both. The gem links are a choice.

I wanted more single target so I use conc instead of pulverize. Inc area gives very similar aoe as pulverize. For one gem swap you get similar area and 30% more single target. You can easily go pulverize. It's upto you.

Close combat is a good option but I'm not sure if its more consistent than Damage on full life. Not saying close combat is less consistent, I'm just not sure if it is, so I stuck with dofl.

I want to keep this a pure cyclone build. You could do that but you'd need gem info to test if its actually a dps increase or not with no spell scaling and a 4L cyclone vs a 6L one. I doubt it.

Also it would only matter with single target, based on the cyclone range that was shown, regular mobs will die before they even hit hit by the BV (smaller aoe).

Wirthing Jar?
For the overkill leech from slayer. Makes it easier to keep up leech during gaps in combat. Not mandatory.

Okay so Impact has:

Potentially 15% more damage - This is only useful against uniques and rares. Mega cull boils down to more dps than 15%, not even considering that the 15% is conditional.

and Area - The area is a bit bigger but I like, you lose the movement speed and attack speed which I like way more. The area isn't that much better imo.

I think impact might be a better fit for crit builds.

Damage on full life? Blood Rage?
Dmg on full life works, if you're on full life.

'While taking damage over time, the full life condition can still be met by through continuous life recovery, such as regeneration, leech, or flasks.' - wiki.

Since we leech all the time, it outregens the blood rage and keeps us at full life, you can test this out by hitting an enemy (activating your leech) and casting blood rage and checking if your tooltip damage decreased.

Basically if your hp bar is flickering at like 6989/7000 with blood rage active, you're on full life. If your hp is dropping, you're not.

Can I use a rare chest?
Yup. You can get one with more life than belly. Even better if you get one with any or -15 to mana cost, phys taken as fire, effect of auras, +1 to socketed active skill gems.


Added guide?
Added Shaper and Chimera videos
Update Pantheons
Changed to pure phys and added new videos.
3.6 update
Added an FAQ section
Updated pob and tree. Waiting for gem info for final changes.
Update gems and pob.
Updated main links. Linked maim to Flesh and stone.

Other guides:
I make build guides for fun.

YouTube - http://yt.vu/+fatfat664
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/cent664
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U should try that build with Cherrubim's Maleficence..
U should try that build with Cherrubim's Maleficence..

Cherrubim's does nothing for us. We easily hit leech cap, so the leech is useless. The life is lesser than a belly and the retch chaos damage is not scaled by anything.
I make build guides for fun.

YouTube - http://yt.vu/+fatfat664
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/cent664
Nice build man!
Nice build man!

Thanks! :3
I make build guides for fun.

YouTube - http://yt.vu/+fatfat664
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/cent664
Can you do all content with this build?
Can you do all content with this build?

Yes. However I don't suggest using this build to do endgame stuff like Uber Elder or more difficult bosses.

Slayer leech is very powerful for its survivability, but cyclone feels uncomfortable for mechanical bosses and the single target of this build is not great for endgame. It's definitely doable but I wouldn't suggest it.
I make build guides for fun.

YouTube - http://yt.vu/+fatfat664
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/cent664
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the link in final tree shows Marauder class.... why???
the link in final tree shows Marauder class.... why???

My bad. Fixed.
I make build guides for fun.

YouTube - http://yt.vu/+fatfat664
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/cent664
That's all I wanted to know, thanks!

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