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I am here to introduce you to the STRONGEST bow build I have ever played.

Deathless Uber Elder EZ Clap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHLTNlwr7I8

Kurgal the Blackblooded Delve Boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0zBdIkYvG4

It is simply destroying bosses (Uber elder viable most def!) and clear feels so incredibly satisfying!

Build guide video is available here: https://youtu.be/F7D6Xkqb24Y

So,Abyss league was the last time I played Deadeye (Dex stacking bow build: https://youtu.be/LtrF1ta8_XI )and with the new Scourge Arrow skill coming into the game I saw a great way of using Deadeye for this build because the ascendancy is perfect for it.
Fast and deadly and gathering winds give great smoothness and speed to the build and with so many projectiles Rapture and Powerful precision gives an immense amount of crit and clear speed.

I also made use for the first time the Doomfletch prism bow,which gives a total of 300% phys as extra cold fire and lightning damage,this of course means we have to stack as much physical damage to attacks on most all of our gear pieces to boost our damage via the bow.

Help allira for multi+resists.
Level 90 tree: https://tinyurl.com/ya5vzxqy
I only went clawnodes+lioneye's jewel when the character reached level 94 because I had other priorities. Until then I just used the life mana leech nodes at the dualist.

After that my tree looked like this:
Level 94 tree: https://tinyurl.com/ydbo25y3

Gem Links:

6L MAIN: Scourge arrow,Mirage archer,Elemental damage W attacks,Vicious projectiles,Increased critical strikes and Faster attacks(swap for slower proj for single target)
Faster attacks and generally attack speed is perfect for this build because it reduces the charge up time to get full 5 stacks,the more attack speed you have the quicker you will charge up to 5.

My other 6L came out by accident (true story) so in the chest I got:Increased Duration+Vaal grace+Phase run+CWDT+Immortal call+Enfeeble. but of course you can split that up to still have in duration effecting all of those other skills.

Hatred , Herald of purity - Hatred scales our phys damage and HOP adds more flat phys which is good for the build,my only wish is to be able to turn off the minions because they do nothing for us really..

Blink arrow+faster attacks is our movement skill

Blood rage will give some attack speed against bosses and generate our frenzy charges while mapping.

4L: Orb of storms+ Power charge on Crit+ Blind+Chain(swap chain for Culling strike against bosses) This 4L powerhouse is a great utility that not only insta generate power charges for us but also blinds enemies around us and adding another layer of defense.



The helm enchant you're looking for is additional pod at max charges(currently bugged to give an additional pod on every charge)
Just chaos spammed this helm and was amazed at the result,sick resists and life,you could also fossil craft for %increased life but I couldn't be bothered and just chaos spammed.

Mark of the elder is a great ring for really any attack build especially being a steel ring for more flat phys stacking.
It is paired with a shaper's steel ring chaos spammed got really lucky there with the additional EDWAS and t1 flat phys and even int to fill in for gem requirements

On the amulet you want crit+crit multi and as much flat phys as possible,if you get EDWAS it is great,try to get some life if possible,I got lucky with vaaling the perfect implicit for my build because we are using hatred and we get a nice increased effect on this slot.

It is impossible to find a competitive body armour to Loreweave,high flat phys,crit,elemental damage,life and 80 to all resists that thing is just too OP and broken,honestly should be removed from the game or nerfed.. but until then,no choice but to slap it on. Vaaled this too and got a nice crit damage reduction,so,not too bad..

Here you're just looking for a rare quiver,and since additional arrows do nothing for this skill,no shaper quiver is needed,just look for as much flat phys ,crit EDWAS and try and fill in your life resists on this slot,got this quiver for about 1.5 exalt.You should be able to find something similar.

Just life resists and movement speed,nothing special but I did for the first time got super lucky with the best boot enchant in the game! so I got some nice ele pen on this slot,attack and cast speed if you've killed recently is nice as well for clear.

This belt I crafted with 3sox resonators: Pristine, Prismatic, Jagged - is what you're looking for,I hit an absolutely insane roll,though it does lack a a bit in life.. couldn't risk annuling and crfting life,the damage rolls were too good,but my character reached over 6k life in the end so it was fine :)

Tombfist to be able to stack a lot of phys via jewels as well as the intimidate,super good gloves for this build.


The trifecta of suffixes: heat,warding and staunching of course,and WISE OAK is incredible for this build and you should manage it to balance equal triple resists at the same value because our bow gives fire lightning AND cold damage so this adds an immense source of damage (and mitigation from ele damage as well of course)



The jewels were probably the most fun part of this build becuase I fossil crafted the abyssal jewels to get life and flat phys,which makes this so huge to and so good for this build,jewels like those hardly at all (if any) exist in POE.TRADE and IF they do they are super expensive,I'm talking 5-6ex per slot.. With just jagged and pristine jewels I was able to craft and get those amazing results.

Hope you guys enjoyed your read,and if I may,I would strongly recommend this for late league experience,because it does require a bit of currency to get going,but I can say it was the most fun I had to put a build together this league,and the result was an incredibly strong bow character.Probably the strongest I ever made.

If you have any questions about the build feel free to ask,and I also stream every day and you're welcome to join the daily grind.

Streaming Every Day,

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Added jewels section :)
Streaming Every Day,

Added Deathless Uber Elder Vid+ Kurgal the Blackblooded Delve boss fight!

Strongest character I ever made(probably).
Streaming Every Day,

oh cool. i was really thinking about doing a doomfletch scourge arrow myself, but as elementalist with tri herald for the pen and stuff like that. just trying to get massive pen.

i never really attempted it but on paper it seemed strong as hell. good to see such a successful deadeye version.

personally i hate being so low life and glass cannon-y but this looks pretty good. grats.
Really cool build but can you post something about level up? Also is it possible to play it as a scion?
Completed 19 ChallengesGLADIATORGR wrote:
Really cool build but can you post something about level up? Also is it possible to play it as a scion?

Thanks,check out this:
for leveling,its standard bow leveling man.just put some leveling uniques and you're ready to go.
Regarding scion,I wouldn't,personally,but its up to you.
I love everything about deadeye for this build and I think losing any one of the major deadeye nodes would make this build less powerful,but you can def try,its up to you.Its POE after all.
Streaming Every Day,


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