3.4.3c Patch Notes

fossils / resonators still cannot be stacked ... awsome
Are there going to be ways to improve stashing resonators and fossils at any point? Also herald effects applying to the new heralds?
FriskySteve wrote:
fossils / resonators still cannot be stacked ... awsome

There is a premium stash tab in the works for that. (not kidding. They are already in the game files)
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tkgroovy wrote:
So everybody who has not had enough time to farm currency to pay for the taxi gets the short end of the stick? Will the spawn rates be improved, at least?

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Using a Fractured Fossil to mirror an item with the "Item sells for much more to vendors" implicit modifier now generates a new vendor sell price on the Mirrored copy.

does ggg know the exact figure of mirrors/mirror shards that were duplicated in this way?

i find it hilarious that people praise the new leagues for new economies... but the new economies tend to be marred by exploits/bugs/unintended ____ the majority of the time.
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Very underwhelming patch notes.
So at deepth 150 i still need fcking 400+ sulphate for small path ? OK so i guess i don't come back in the mine this patch.

Maybe next time.
This is insulting, cool knowing that you dont give a single shit about us.
Resonators and fossil are still not stacked.

Good job!
Still no BR servers fix and enormous number of sulphite per run...

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