[3.8] Omni-golem Primordial Chain Elementalist

Hello! I am DoctorShiki, and I decided to make this guide after noticing that most golem builds focus on just 1 type of golem for dps. The rest tend to get ignored. It takes a lot of investment to make the dps returns worth it for each type of golem. So, it makes sense to just go all in on one type. However, I feel that it is worth it to try to maximize the potential of all of your summoned golems.

My other guide(s):
Endurance Charge Jugg

Better late than never. NOW UPDATED.
However, the gear linked in this guide is very old, please follow the text instead. Also, I am likely going to retry golemancer for 3.9 assuming elementalist isn't nerfed into the ground. I will begin working on a PoB again, and expect a decent number of gem link changes next league.

Incredible buffs to this build. Big buffs to our lightning/stone/chaos golems' damage. Massive buffs to golem effectiveness (life regen, phys dmg reduction, attack/cast speed, etc). New golem for primordial harmony bonuses and 1 more golem from tree! Vis Mortis now is a much higher damage chest option, but would lose tons of ES.

The core items that make this build work are the Primordial Chain amulet and The Hungry Loop rings.

The amulet allows a total of 11 golems (if duel wielding Clayshapers) or 10 if using a shield for more ES and block chance. I will go into more detail about this later. The decreased golem damage and life on the amulet is negligible with all of the golem bonuses that we receive from the elementalist tree and the primordial gems. The rings let you have a 5 link golem in a single socket ring slot and are customizable with the supports of your choice. Having 3 extra golems makes a huge difference. The meta for a long time has been to use 5-7 golems and then use dps spectres for single-target. I have played a summoner of some kind for the last 3 seasons, and I am very tired of dealing with spectres. Resummoning them is a pain, and you need a decent amount of investment to keep them from dying. I am not trying to say that this build is superior to a golem/spectre hybrid build, but I like the way it plays better, and I think the damage is fairly comparable.


+ Very good damage with the right gear
+ Very low maintenance, pets almost never die
+ With new changes to minion nodes, hybrid summoner + pet dps variations possible
+ Easy to change to a different golem build.
+ Multiple layers of defense
+ Dual Clayshapers for early leveling are really cheap


- Min-maxing is expensive
- High initial investment cost with Anima stone and primordial gems
- The trade-off for highest DPS variation is much less energy shield
- Hit hard by ES nerf
- Difficult to cap resists without expensive rares
- Getting 4 red sockets on an INT chest can be hard
- May not be "busy" enough for you, if you like that kind of thing
- Remembering to use your flasks and spirit offering all the time

Core Mechanics

For most content, you just hit phase run + quicksilver flask and run through everything while your golems destroy everything in their wake. For harder enemies you spam your curse on hit setup to make them easy prey. There is no shame in standing still while your immortal golems constantly taunt the enemies off of you if you need to go AFK for a while. You could say it is a high quality of life build.

For our golems: We get 1 from base, 2 from Clayshapers, 2 from anima stone+primordials, 2 from elementalist passives, 1 from tree, and 3 from primordial chain for a total of 11.

Like most golem builds, it revolves around flame golems being your primary golem. Unlike most builds, your other golems also hit very hard. In fact, it is fairly easy to modify the build so ice golems acutally do more damage without lowering the flame golems' damage. For my version, I use 2 Clayshapers for the extra golems/damage. But, if you find that surviving is difficult, you can get a high ES shield (I recommend 400+) which will drastically increase your total ES. You can also substitute one of your primordial harmony gems for a watcher's eye for more defense options, but they are ludicrously expensive even for basic ones.

For the 11 golems, I use 6 fire, 1 ice, 1 lightning, 1 stone, 1 carrion, and 1 chaos. However, this can be changed based on your personal preference, but keep in mind that the flame golems will do slightly more damage than the others with most setups. In the passive tree below, I use many jewel sockets which are an anima stone (for 2 extra golems), a primordial might (for aggressive golem behavior and + golem life), and several primordial harmony's (for 100% bonus golem damage per jewel and massive skill cooldown reduction so they can spam their strongest abilities). From the gem setups, your minions will have massive attack/cast speed with multistrike and spell echo. Your minion cast/attack speed will be so high that the skill cooldown reduction for your minions is the rate-limiting step on how fast, say, your flame golem can spam its magma ball. Therefore, the increase in attack/cast speed from minion frenzy charges obtained by using a Victario's Charity with the Necromantic Aegis skill node does not give any substantial dps increase for flame golems, despite Path of Building tell you that the minions receive 40% more dps with full fury charges. This is because PoB does not take into account cooldown in it's dps calculation. The minions cannot spam their attacks faster than the cooldowns allow despite whatever cast speed they have. With this build's 10-11 primordial harmony setup, the cooldown reduction is such that dual-wielding clayshapers is significantly ahead of Victario's. However, if you modify the build to have 13-15+ primordial harmony's then Victario's might be better and is probably better in melee golem builds.

FYI, to those of you who read the first version of this guide, I did not fully understand the theory behind what I mentioned above, as I was using Victario's Charity. I would like to thank Tomatopotato's comments and data for correcting me. I will link the document here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lA7tpZ-7ZOSS2yWK3bWV9IBbYta7qMbAjvO1G96wVdM/edit#gid=1968740767


For survivability, the standard Cast When Damage Taken/Immortal Call link is here, and I recommend getting it to level 9 CWDT. This is because if you get the required level above 54 on CWDT, then the level 12 stone golem that comes from the clayshaper will spawn when CWDT procs. That will replace one of your higher level golems with a lower level golem until you have nothing but low golems. Please note that Immortal call is not nearly as good as it was previously for this build, but some survivability is still better than nothing. It is also reasonable to throw in a convocation on that link for instant teleporting meat(mineral?)shields whenever you are hit, but I prefer to keep a max level convocation so I can summon them offensively whenever I run too far ahead of the pack if I use convocation.

Currently, I am using a blind on hit CWDT setup. An added layer of survivability can come from your minions if you use a stygian vise with a "minions taunt on attacks" and "minions blind on attacks" abyss jewel. This works well with phase run and a stibnite flask. I run a double curse on hit with Elemental Weakness and Vulnerability on my gloves for DPS but can be changed to Temporal Chains and Enfeeble for survivability. This allows you to get the shaper affix of "socketed gems are affected by #level Blind" on your gloves if you choose. Also, a lot of our defense will come from flasks (jade, rumi's, stibnite, basalt).

So, I prefer to run Chaos Inoculation with pure energy shield gear to save on life flasks and to keep from having to try to build up chaos resist. Don't forget the the elementalist passive, Liege of the Primordial, gives you 500% increased golem buff effectiveness with 10 golems out (plus 80% from tree). This gives you massive defensiveness and offensiveness. You get tons of physical damage reduction, life regen, attack/cast speed, crit rate, and pure damage modifier.

You can use Grace instead of Hatred for base evasion which scales with flasks and offers improved survivability. I use Vaal Discipline for ES and an "oh crap!" button.

So in total: you have immunity to chaos damage, immortal call, 50% decreased visibility from phase run, constant taunting and blind from all your golems, as well as blind from your stibnite flask and your CWDT setup if you choose. Close to 50% chance to evade and over 80% physical mitigation as well as 35% block and 10% spell block when your flasks are up. This is even without any armor or evasion on your gear. Also, you have immunity to chill/freeze, ignite, and shock due to elementalist ascendanceies when your golems are out. This eliminates the need for most flask suffixes except bleed. Spirit Offering also drastically improves the survivability of your golems.

Gear Stat Priority

*ATTENTION: These stats are for a CI build. If you are using Life, pioritize that instead of ES*

$$$ This is where it gets expensive. $$$

Other than a very well rolled Primordial chain, the 2nd most important piece of gear (other than you primordial jewels/anima stone/The Hungry Loops mentioned above) is a high level, elder INT helmet. I prefer a bone helmet with a 20% minion damage implicit. This is where our flame golem goes. The best possible rolls are +2/3 level to socketed minion gems, Level 16/18/20 Minion Damage, and Level 16/18/20 Concentrated Effect (or Minion Life) for prefixes. You can also do Level 16/18/20 Immolate for Suffix. If you are really lucky, you might find one with the "socketed gems deal 30% more elemental damage" from essence crafting. These make a pseudo 7 link helmet for your flame golem that give it more damage than even using a 6 link body armour with a level 4 empower. This will likely be your most expensive purchase and it is extremely hard to find or fossil craft. In fact, I've never seen a perfect one. Now, don't get discouraged, because this is absolutely NOT NECESSARY. I did fine until lower red maps with just Minion Damage and Concentrated Effect on my helm which you should be able to get for a reasonable price. I recently crafted a very good example that I will link here:

It should be noted that there is some debate about the effectiveness of concentrated effect. The decreased AOE makes it harder to shotgun the different golems' magma ball if you use Greater Multiple Projectiles, which some debates is a dps loss despite the increased damage gain from the skill itself.

Amulet - Primordial chain (required) - lowest minion damage and life reductions possible. Minion movement speed is actually very important for melee golems (ice, stone, carrion, and chaos) dps uptime. Get the best one you can. If you can, try to get a corrupted version with either increased discipline or hatred aura effect, or the best possible corruption, "you can apply an additional curse to enemies". This will save you 3-4 skill tree points that you can spend either in ES, ES recharge, or more minion damage, but this corruption is usually very expensive.

Main hand and Off-hand - Clayshapers (required) - Minion life > minions physical damage > attack speed. Gives +2 golems. Very cheap. However, if you are having trouble staying alive or just want more survivability, consider running a high ES shield in your offhand, but you will lose 1 golem which is a significant dps loss considering the primordial harmony jewels.

Body Armor - 6 link rare int based chest, such as Vaal Regalia. Your goal here is for the highest ES rating possible. We do not need Shavronne's Wrappings because we use Chaos Inoculation, but this is a good alternative if you want to do a life/ES hybrid build. You can get a good rare body armour more cheaply than you think. There is a Divination card (The Ethereal) That gives you a 6 link white Vaal Regalia of your level (up to ilvl 80). Now, granted, you cannot roll the highest ES affixes without an ilvl 86 item, but with fossil crafting I was able to make a 700 ES 6 link chest for less than a total of 60 chaos which is about 10 times cheaper than buying one off of POE.trade currently.

*Vis Mortis was recently buffed drastically for melee-based minion builds* It is now the highest damage chest option, but you will lose a lot of ES/Life to get it. Keep that in mind.

Gloves - Multiple options here. Priorities are highest ES possible but also resists as you are probably starting to really hurt for them. Remember that you can skip chaos resists, and you do not need life on any of your gear due to CI.

The highest DPS option is a Grip of the Council. It is very nice because it gives 20% EXTRA physical damage as cold for our Ice, Chaos, Carrion, and Stone golems. However, the ES is very low and we do not use the HP on it. Also, as many uniques as we use in this build, resists are very hard to cap. I am currently using just a normal rare pair of gloves with high ES and resists for survivability. If you are good on resists but want more defense, rare Shaper gloves with "socketed gems are supported by # level Blind" work well. I will give examples below:

Boots - Priorities are High ele resists (to cap) > ES >> movement speed. For mapping, speed is very important, but I find that with phase run and a quicksilver flask my speed more than fine for all content even without extra movement speed.

Rare Elder Boots with "socketed gems are supported by # level Increased Duration" are an option to save a socket on the 4 link involving Phase Run, Vaal Discipline, Spirit Offering, and Convocation. But, will likely drop your resists too low, and you will not be able to have a 4 link CWDT setup as it will have to go on a weapon/shield.

Belt - Stygian vise (required) - #% increased ES from body armour (Delve/fossil only) > ES >> high resists >> armour and probably str if you need it. The fossil affix for %ES of body armour is really good with a very high ES chest. You can get up to 16%. The reason why we need a stygian vise, specifically, is because of the abyss jewel. Ideal stats of jewel are ES >> Minion Taunt on hit > Minion Blind on hit> Minion physical damage > Minion spells hinder by 30% movement speed.

Rings - This part is cool. I use two of the same ring called The Hungry loop. It is a unique unset ring that literally eats any support gems that level up to max level while in its socket up to 4 times. That means that you can select what support gems you want to make into a 5 link for each golem you put in there. Unfortunately, it does not get bonuses from quality, but on the bright side, it is very cheap to buy level 19, 0% quality support gems with very high %exp till next level to use on them to save time grinding. It is also very customizable based on your personal preferences. You can even throw the flame golem in one and put the ice or lightning golem in the helm if you want to modify the build. The biggest downside is that you lose all of the ES and resists that you normally get in your ring slots (and amulet) which is a lot!

For jewels, it is very straight forward. You need 1 anima stone for +2 golems. You need 1 primordial might for the aggressive behavior(some would argue you don't even need that due to the movement speed on the necklace). And as many primordial harmony's as you can possibly get. These are God gems. With 11 of them, you will have 1100% more golem damage (plus 200% golem damage from the Elemancer passive) and 300% or more golem skill cooldown reduction. Go for those 2 stats over golem summoning cooldown which is kind of useless when you have this many jewels. If you are going for more of a melee/ice golem or lightning golem build, at least 1 Primordial Eminence jewel is recommended for the attack/cast speed, as they are not as affected by cooldown limitations as the flame golems.

However, if you have tons of currency and find that surviving is hard, consider a watcher's eye with some of the many Discipline affixes to replace one of the 11 PH's. I personally like the up to "50% blind when enemies hit you while affected by grace" if you are using grace instead of hatred for survivability. All of the Discipline ones are very good. My favorite are the ES on hit and ES recharge/regen.

There is one last thing that is very important. Do not get any + fire/ice damage/spell damage on hit in any of your gear. This is most commonly on gloves and jewelry. This will mess up the Elemental Equilibrium that we are using to buff our golems. For those of you who do not know, only your own personal elemental damage procs Elemental Equilibrium. Your golem damage benefits from it but does not overwrite it. With the Elemental Equilibrium (EE) node in the skill tree, if we hit an enemy with lightning, it will gain +25% lightning resist (which we negate with Elemental Weakness to -19%) and lose 50% fire and ice resist (-94% with Elemental Weakness). Also, keep in mind that any enchantment or physical/movement skill will ruin EE if you are using Hatred.

My Gear

Keep in mind that this gear is out of date.

x11 jewels, or if you need more survivability, use 10 jewels with a

As mentioned before. If surviving is an issue, change the clayshaper off-hand for a high ES shield, but keep in mind this will put you down to 9 golems from 10 and will decrease the total damage of each of your golems due to the primordial gems.

Gem Links

In all cases you want to go for level 21 golem gems over 20% quality level 20 gems. Thanks to divination cards, they are fairly cheap, but try to get the highest quality you can.

Helm - Flame Golem - (Minion Damage in Helm) - Controlled Destruction/(Combustion if you have Immolate Support in helm) - Spell Echo - Greater Multiple Projectiles.

Greater Multiple Projectiles is faster for mapping and has better AOE with shotgunning. If you use GMP, you can switch out to a Slower Projectiles for bosses if you want. However, when using Concentrated Effect and having 6+ flame golems out, I find that enemies are obliterated with Controlled Destruction even with less projectiles. Pick what you prefer. I would recommend against using Elemental Focus if you helm has an Immolate Suffix on it as it will keep your golems from igniting and make Combustion useless. Concentrated Effect also makes it harder to shotgun the molten balls when using GMP. The plus side of Controlled Destruction, if you choose to use it over GMP/slower projectiles, is that the immolate and flame wave skills that the flame golems use in melee range hit much harder. Some argue that GMP is actually better for bosses as well due to the overlapping shotgun effect of the magma orbs, but I have yet to see any concrete data that this is the case. See above for the helm affixes for the pseudo 7 link.

Body - Lightning Golem - Chaos Golem - Carrion Golem - Minion Damage - Minion Life/Minion Speed/Feeding Frenzy - Empower (Level 4).

You can use Minion Speed, Feeding Frenzy, or Elemental Army Support for more survivability/damage if Empower is too expensive. However, Empower also gives significantly higher life to the golems. It also greatly increases the life/ES regen and increased damage you get from your golems as well.

This gives a 4 link to lightning, carrion, and chaos golems. These are our weakest golems in the build. Most of the links are for survivability. The carrion golem is actually a very strong golem by itself, but it is rather weak in this build because there are no non-golem minions in the build. But having multiple types of golems drastically increases the overall build strength due to the jewels.

*Keep in mind that the gem links in this build are pretty free form. If you wanted to make a melee golem build instead of a fire golem build, virtually everything would be different. You could also mess around with the non golem links to make more space so that you could make the body with 2 melee golems since the rings are virtually the same.

Weapon/Shield - Increased Duration - Phase Run (as high as your dex will allow) - Vaal Discipline.

Increased Duration is great for both of these skills! Phase run is our movement skill for a few reasons: It makes us less likely to be targeted by enemies by decreasing our visibility by 50%. It allows us to phase through enemies which is super useful in delve (no more quartz flasks!). When combined with a quicksilver flask, it makes our movement speed fast enough that we can focus on ES and resists on our boots if we want.

Vaal Discipline is your best survivability cooldown. It scales really well with increased ES recovery from your tree or a Watcher's eye. In 3.4, they made it so increased duration increases the time it takes to start absorbing Vaal souls to recharge it as well. I still prefer using it with increased duration for when things get rough.

You could also change things around and move the Vaal Discipline somewhere else and use either flame dash, Lightning Warp + Less Duration support, or even a leap slam setup. Your choice.

Main Weapon - Hatred - Spirit Offering - Desecrate

Spirit Offering is a great skill. It gives all your minions up to 20% of their maximum life as additional ES every time you use it. It gives 29% of minion physical damage as extra chaos damage. This only affects the stone, chaos, carrion, and ice golems, but it is very strong with as much physical scaling as we give them.

Hatred gives 36% of minion physical damage as extra cold damage. This stacks with Elemental Equilibrium (and our curses) which we are using with a lightning skill to buff our cold and fire damage. The ice/stone/chaos golems are all scaling very hard with melee supports, so this gives a lot of damage. If you are using the Grip of the Council gloves, Spirit Offering, and Hatred, then you are getting 75% extra damage for the ice/stone/carrion/chaos golems! In some setups this gives the ice golem (and maybe stone or carrion golem) more damage than the flame golems. It is perfectly legitimate to use maybe 2 flame golems with GMP for AOE clearring and keep 5 ice golems as the bulk of your damage. You can even put the ice golem in your helm if you want. So many possibilities. If you want more survivability, change out hatred for Grace.

Desecrate is just needed for corpses for Spirit Offering. Most of the time you will only use this for boss fights/harder encounters that may not have additional enemies. You can use a lower level one if you want.

Boots - Cast On Damage Taken (9) - Immortal Call/Steelskin (11) - Ball Lightning (12) - Blind Support (20)

Many options here. I use a blind on hit setup for CWDT +IC. This increases your survivability, and also because I have a Watcher's with ES on hit, gives me a lot of ES when it procs. You can change out blind support for Greater Multiple Projectiles for more hits and EE if you want. Increased duration can be used with IC, but it is not very effective due to our lack of endurance charges. Steelskin is another alternative. You can use Tempest Shield if you are using a shield for Elemental Equilibrium and increased block chance. A low or high level convocation also works here as a defensive/offensive cooldown. Ice Wall also may be effective if you are using phase run or any teleport type of movement skill. Be careful of using any attack skills that are not lightning based which may mess up EE. Also, physical skills will do this due to the cold damage from the Hatred aura.

Once again, if you are dual-wielding clayshapers for the more offense-based build, if you have an CWDT level 10 or above, you will replace your super strong golems with weak, level 12 stone golems when you are hit!

Ring - Summon Ice Golem - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Fortify - Multistrike/Ruthless

This is for now the best supports for the Hungry Loop for the ice golem. Keep in mind that you cannot get a level 4 Empower in this ring since it would have to be corrupted and cannot level max level without it. A level 3 Empower could be done but is not worth it. With all the physical as extra damage that it has, the DPS it can do is very, very high.

Ring - Summon Stone Golem - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Fortify - Multistrike/Ruthless

The Stone golem has very similar melee based links as the ice golem. It also is nice because it taunts naturally and is very tanky. Thanks to all the cooldown skill reduction from the jewels, most of our golems spam their AOE with multistrike pretty much all the time. I prefer this, but Ruthless gives stronger single hits.

Gloves - Arc/Storm Brand - Curse on Hit - Vulnerability - Elemental Weakness. See above for a possible pseudo 5 link with Blind Support gloves. For more defensive options use Temporal Chains and Enfeeble curses.

So, why Arc? In previous versions of this guide, I recommended Glacial Cascade. I did this because it is much more synergistic with the EE of your pseudo 5 link lightning golem setup, but if you are able to get a 20%+ quality Arc, your chance to shock goes up to 30% base from 10%. Also, Elementalists get a passive which guarantees at least 15% increased enemy damage taken when enemies are shocked. Since your flame and melee golems are significantly stronger than the lightning golem, this is a total damage gain even though the lightning golem will deal decreased damage due to EE (-19% lightning resist from -94% when EE and elemental weakness are applied). Storm Brand is another option that is good for curse on hit, but it does not get the added shock effectiveness.

In my most current version of the build, EE is even more important with Arc because it drastically increases the extra physical as fire and cold damage of our melee-based minions.

Vulnerability is perfect for this build, increasing physical damage and bleeding taken, not to mention maim.

If you are having trouble staying alive, and you don't mind losing a lot of damage, change out the two curses for Temporal Chains and Enfeeble. This will require a re-color of your gloves unfortunately.


For mapping. For harder fights replace Quicksilver with:

Your flask are very important and where a large chunk of your defense comes from. I recommend copying my flask combination as close as possible. You want them up at virtually all times when engaging enemies. The overflowing flask helps tremendously with this. If you would rather substitute a Taste of Hate flask for physical taken as cold damage instead of either the jade or overflowing flask, you can.

As an elementalist you are immune to all elemental based ailments such as chill, freeze, ignite, and shock. You are also immune to poison and chaos based damage with Chaos Inoculation. The only flask suffix that is not defensive and is required is bleeding cure/immunity unless you also want one for curses.


For Ascendancies, go Liege of the Primordial and Elemancer first for the golem bonuses, then go Shaper of Desolation and Beacon of Ruin for crowd control/additional damage/rotating conflux. This is probably still optimal even without proliferation due to chill/freeze and increased shock damage.


This is situational and depends on the fight. I like Solaris for Major to get boss phys reduction, chance to get area damage reduction, decreased crit damage against me, and chance to avoid bleeds from crits. For fast mapping, Lunaris might be better. Brine King if you are getting stunned a lot.

For minor, I like Tukohama, but Gruthkul and Ralakesh are good options as well.




This is the last thing you should worry about. Notice how I still don't have mine.

For gloves, any of the lightning based enchants is what I would go for. Note that Reflection does not work with our build because the amulet does not let us have any non-golem pets. Avoid any enchantments that will mess up our EE.

For boots, anything but added fire/ice damage enchantments work. Probably, my favorite is "Life and Mana Regeneration When Hit" because of Zealot's Oath.

For the helm, the 40% damage increase of flame or ice golem is the best. However, if you are unable to get it, buffing the damage of the stone, lightning, or chaos golems is OK. Buffing Spirit Offering's extra damage is great. Decreased cooldown of convocation and reduced mana cost of Hatred aren't bad either. Increased duration of Phase Run is also an option. Given the buffs to golem buff effect, that could now be considered for an enchant as well, possibly. I haven't actually crunched the numbers for that one.

Map Mods

It is possible to do ALL maps.

Elemental Reflect is not an issue for our golems as they cannot be hurt by their own elemental damage.

Physical reflect will kill your ice golem, stone golem, and carrion golem but when that happens, just summon more elemental golems.

Enfeeble does not matter on us. Temp chains is annoying but we are not attack speed based. Vulnerability is OK with the right flasks. Elemental Weakness is fine as long as you are overcapping your resistances on your gear (extremely difficult to do with all of our uniques).

Decreased/No energy shield/life regen can be done if you are careful thanks to recharge and vaal discipline.

No energy shield recharge is probably the most dangerous but your regen should be fine for it. If you get no energy shield recharge and regen on the same map, you might as well delete the map because your RNG sucks.

You are immune to most ailments including chaos based ones. Just bring a bleed flask. Solaris can help for crit maps.

If you would like to try this build, feel free to give me feedback.
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10/21/19 - Finally updated for 3.8

6/6/19 - Updated for 3.7

5/29/19 - Awaiting 3.7 patch notes. Added a PoB section.

12/4/18 - After reading 3.5 patch notes, there should be no major changes. I will fix the skill tree in the link to POE Planner when it is updated. Unsure how difficult it will be to get a Primordial Chain Amulet in 3.5. I might want to look into beastcrafting again.

9/24/18 - Massive changes involving no longer recommending Victario's Charity and instead using 2 Clayshapers. Added in advice for increased tankiness and many updates to gear stat recommendations. Updated to the skill tree to no longer have Necromantic Aegis. Fixed many typos.

9/30/18 - More updates to gear. Changed to Arc for curse on hit setup from glacial cascade. Added Bandits and Map Mods sections. Emphasized the importance of flasks. Still fixing typos.

10/07/18 - Major changes. Large DPS increase of the non-flame golems. Added in Hungry Loop rings, changed Grace aura to Hatred, Grip of the Council. Most gem links changed. Gear updated. More explanations of why I use certain things. Alternative builds with ice golems. The typos never end.
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How is the leveling process? Do you have any advices?

Can you do without a kind of jewel (for progressive improving) etc...

Tkx in advance
Vivan wrote:
For my version, I use 1 Clayshaper in main hand for an extra golem and use Victario's Charity shield in offhand with the Necromantic Aegis node on the skill tree to give basically constant max frenzy and power charges to the golems. In PoB this gives about 40% more dps per golem which I believe outweighs the benefit of a 2nd Clayshaper, all things considered.

Contrary to popular belief, Victario's Frenzies offer virtually no benefit to typical Magma Ball usage.

1) The Minion Frenzy checkbox in POB (currently) doesn't account for cooldown and is therefore not accurate when determining DPS on skills bound by cooldown.

2) The bottleneck for Magma Ball (when used with Spell Echo, as is typical of most Flame Golem builds) is cooldown up until about your 10th Primoridal Harmony. Therefore, there is little to no Magma Ball benefit to having increased cast speed if you have less than double-digit Harmony. Even at 11x, I suspect NecroAegis+Vic's will not outclass a 2nd Clayshaper in the long run.

Tests/numbers here (sheet #2).
⚡ Lightning Golems:
⛄ Ice Golems:
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Is physical to lightning support simming as the highest sixth slot gem you can get on your six link for ice golems or was that just for ease of coloring?
GrandChampion wrote:

How is the leveling process? Do you have any advices?

Can you do without a kind of jewel (for progressive improving) etc...

Tkx in advance

Once you are able to get clayshapers/primordial chain, leveling is very easy even with just 1-2 primordial harmonies which you can get for around 15 chaos or less. If you can't afford any gems, go for the minion damage in the trees first, rather than last. Leveling with pet builds in general is pretty easy. Before all that, though, you may want to use zombies/SRS/skeles before level 31 and even after if it is faster. Save CI until you have a lot of energy shield.
Utopian238 wrote:
Is physical to lightning support simming as the highest sixth slot gem you can get on your six link for ice golems or was that just for ease of coloring?

It was closely between that and added fire damage, but getting 4 red sockets on an ES only body armor is quite hard. Also it works due to EE with a cold skill. So... a little from column A and a little from column B.
tomatopotato wrote:
Vivan wrote:
For my version, I use 1 Clayshaper in main hand for an extra golem and use Victario's Charity shield in offhand with the Necromantic Aegis node on the skill tree to give basically constant max frenzy and power charges to the golems. In PoB this gives about 40% more dps per golem which I believe outweighs the benefit of a 2nd Clayshaper, all things considered.

Contrary to popular belief, Victario's Frenzies offer virtually no benefit to typical Magma Ball usage.

1) The Minion Frenzy checkbox in POB (currently) doesn't account for cooldown and is therefore not accurate when determining DPS on skills bound by cooldown.

2) The bottleneck for Magma Ball (when used with Spell Echo, as is typical of most Flame Golem builds) is cooldown up until about your 10th Primoridal Harmony. Therefore, there is little to no Magma Ball benefit to having increased cast speed if you have less than double-digit Harmony. Even at 11x, I suspect NecroAegis+Vic's will not outclass a 2nd Clayshaper in the long run.

Tests/numbers here (sheet #2).

This is very interesting. I may need to test with going back to double clayshapers or go for survivability with a 400+ ES shield and take off NA as this build is starved for ES due to the helm. From your testing, have you seen if the same holds true for the Ice, Stone, and Lightning golems with regards to Victarios and PH jewels?

i'm noob.
Only playing from this league.

is this build ok for delve farming?
kobeworld wrote:

i'm noob.
Only playing from this league.

is this build ok for delve farming?

Works great. But, more important is making sure that you are utilizing your Azurite upgrades properly.

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