3.4.2 Hotfix 3 Patch Notes

JayFinch wrote:
BTW another 15 minutes 10 MB Steam update.

GGG, please comment.

Why do they need to comment? It's 10MB. Unless you're on dial up, that's seconds to download.
Are you complaining just to have something to complain about?
nic1023 wrote:

maybe stop the game if you really dont enjoy it they doing an awesome job for a free to play , thx GGG btw for that.

More salt please.

Thank you - I thought it was just me who finds this annoying. For a f2p game, there sure is a lot of complaining and people are Rude about it. I got this free thing and I hate it, I want my money ba . . . wait . . .. Those who have paid to be a Supporter have a little leeway to gripe, but reaming GGG is simply ill-mannered. We know they'll fix it, just sit tight.

Since the wait time for patches seems to cause so much distress, Steam users can check to see if there are updates via the phone app. That allows them to mentally prepare before logging in. In the worst case how about doing something productive (shower, prep food, let the dogs out, fold your laundry (maybe even put it away), acknowledge your family, pick your nose - darn near anything is preferable to whining) while waiting for the DL. 15 or 25 minutes is not a lot of time.

Now someone will be along to say, "it's not the point that it's free, it's **** programming and it's ruining my life because they can't get their *** together." <eye roll>
JayFinch wrote:
BTW another 15 minutes 10 MB Steam update.

GGG, please comment.

I've been reading about this since i have the same problem. But it's not a PoE (GGG) problem or malfunction. Is just that Steam backup files of games whenever it updates in case u crash, disconnect or lose power supply. So allocating the files takes longer than other games due to the nature of those files. At least that's what i understood. Hope it helps. HF
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LMTR14 wrote:

You do know you can unlink PoE from Steam right? You sound very entitled indeed for a free game. I understand your frustration, but you're going about it in a very childish way.
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i appreciate the patch and everything but why do you do this the first time the lab feels really good to run?
and now the constant disconnects =(
Okay man

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