[3.6] Tahreyn's 83/83 Block Herald of Agony Gladiator - Über Elder Viable

giff new srs build ples mister, or riot
Thank you for the build, had much fun and killed uber elder pretty easily with it

My gear

I this build good for 3.7 what dps can it reach can it do 5 generals pretty easily and get 4-5 stack of drops without hh or inspired learning?
Really love this build and finally did my first ever Uber Elder kill with it tonight. The melee changes in 3,7 seem to balance out the nerf to HoAg. I tried probably 20 times to kill Uber Elder in 3.6 with this build and failed. Probably not due to gear but more lack of skill. Seemed much smoother and actually did it on first attempt this league (3 deaths but better flask management may have prevented 2).
I really liked this build. Been playing it since the beggining of this season and had so much fun. Then I changed the claw for Arakaali's Fang because "why not?" xd (my build is visible in my profile).

Just came to say thank you and give my two cents on the build:
-The node Arena Challenger in the Ascendency is really great for map clearing when using Cyclone. Thanks to the node Sovereignty, I can use Blood and Sand along the HoA and Hatred (but you can use Flesh and Stone for the increase on Physical Damage and Maim).
-The "#% increased Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill recently" mod in Jewels is really strong when you consider that Convocation is a minion skill that has very low cooldown and only spends 6 mana (none if you have -mana cost in your rings). Still, I wouldn't recommend to look for it in every jewel.
-"Minions have 4% chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks" is really good with an AoE minion like the Crawler. Only 1 Jewel with this mod is good enough.

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