The Pyre Knight Armour Set

Now this one is FIRE!! :)
Why is it almost the same everytime? Armout set is looking really good except the helmet? There are really not many good looking pieces of headgear in game. :(
Ingest cloth
So-so, on an amateur, I will not take myself...
💥 The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent
- Fundamentals of Chess 1883
guaranteed this was a starter pack alternate...they gave us the walking stove instead, not cool.
Love this now to wait till it goes on sale ^_^
Very nice.
Just want to see me on the forum
looks like thier going for the bathed in light or fire spirit concept here. can't wait to see a angelic warrior theme brought to path of exile ( bathed in fire and light or a white/yellow firelight)
Dang, I like that helmet!

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