3.4.2 Patch Notes

We are now getting 30% LESS sulphite in group when collecting it.
Why the F-Word are we punished for playing in groups? What sane person would map together when you want to delve when you know you get 30% less sulphite... wtf ?
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Using the new Zana mods now retains any Quality on the Map.

What it is mean?
Qarl wrote:
Party members can no longer see hidden paths when in another player's Azurite Mine.

This appears to not be properly fixed. Just now my friend was asking how he could get to a particular node which was disconnected on his map, but I could see a long winding path downwards from the node when I looked at the map.
"Scourge Arrow: Additional Projectiles now apply to the primary arrow instead of the thorn arrows. The number of thorn arrows at lower levels has been increased to compensate. Pods are now distributed evenly among all primary projectiles."

Please tell mne it means that when I use GMP I will shot 5 arrows that spawn pods. If it works like that Im gonna make Scourge Arrow build.
Completed 21 Challengesrahven32 wrote:
Qarl wrote:
3.4.2 Patch Notes
Delve Improvements
  • Voltaxic Sulphite deposits now only grant Sulphite proportional to the number of nearby players when they are first discovered. This brings it in line with how other reward systems work.
  • ...

Does this mean the suphite snapshots when it is found? Or just everyone has to gather around before clicking?

If it's the first that's freakin awesome. Bitch boi's won't be able to feed anymore. If it's the latter it's just a inconvenience.

I expect it to snapshot for any player's in the Zone when it is found, rather than those that are arbitrarily "near" it within the Zone when it is found. So if you aren't in the Zone when one is found you won't get anything from it if you load in to the Zone before someone clicks it.

So now you have to actually play together to share the spoils and can't just have multiple people scout them out in multiple zones simultaneously and call friends to load in to the Zones (group up) as they're found.
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Totems still not attacking in the dark?
Fixed a memory leak.

Oh thx alot guys :) Was waiting so long for this!


Hope this will get fixed ASAP. New content is fine and good, but pls GGG make your game more stable and remove some pressure from our CPU`s and RAM`s. Thx :D
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Qarl wrote:
Fixed a rare bug where Voidspawn of Abaxoth monster packs would not spawn in some Zana missions, preventing completion of the mission.

Different variant of this: the pack spawned but they didn't spawn the boss. I think we froze the pack and pretty much instakilled them, maybe that caused them to not work?
LMTR14 wrote:
Completed 37 Challengesegeoguz wrote:
People really need to learn to appreciate the amount of hard work GGG puts into everything they do. All of these nonconstructive criticism I see on the comment section never seems to fail to amaze me. I am not saying they're always on point with what they do to balance or improve things with patches, but if you are going to insult them or whine about every single change they do, maybe just quit or deal with it. They don't deserve this amount of toxic feedback and if you are one of them you don't deserve to be a part of this community.

people need to see the shitty minimal effort ggg puts into everything they do that has to do with gameplay and balance and call em out on it. white knights like you are exactly what keeps em getting away with work that would get each and every one of them fired in any other game development company (except for riot maybe)

just reflect on your post: did you say anything at all about the issues people rightfully complain about or did you just use ad hominems directed at nobody in particular even?

Love how people that havent even played the game nearly, keep shit talking developers of games. Actually funny you mention Riot as an example, since you really remind me of the toxic community League of Legends have.

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