[3.7] A Little Outdated - Crit - CONSECRATED PATH - Chieftain - League Starter

Hello there,

Just wanted to ask, do you think the new support gems (Rage & close combat) are going to be nice for this build with Oni-goroshi? (Instead of Ruthless & melee phys)
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Theres a lot of "is this new thing better than X" questions. I dont know the answer yet, but it's really gonna depend on your specific build, and there's usually no single best set up (like I explained in the common questions section)

you just have to avoid combining 2 things that dont work together, like ele focus and combustion on the same link.

I'll edit the guide within 1 or 2 days
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So I honestly never played this build but I was thinking of going this build as my second character but as a slayer. A simple passive tree and pob that is simply your pob modified: https://pastebin.com/hJrbRb9t
aRc tRaP
Anyone knows if the Cheftain Oni-Goroshi pob will be updated?
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On Oni...

I started playing with a Tectonic Slam Chieftain Oni build and switched it over to Consecrated Path. I'm sure you could fine tune, but the PoB in dookletoo's Oni version of Rake's TS guide is a good place to start, or even Rake's guide itself. .

It's a lot of fun. CP is tankier than TS because it doesn't consume endurance charges for DPS. CP gives away some clear area, but nearly makes up for it with the speed of movement of your leaps. I should be able to clear nearly an entire legion encounter in an open area when I get a little better. I have Onslaught on Leap Slam which makes it really interesting if you get good at your timing.

Oni CP Chieftain is not the best starter perhaps, but it's much cheaper than most builds for end content because Oni is your 6L for ~ 1 ex.

(I imagine you know all this; I'm just posting for the benefit of any browsers who happen along.)

My total build is very basic end game gear (< 1 ex total after the sword) and can destroy anything the Legion or Syndicate throws out in a few seconds. I only die to a fat finger or if I stumble into multiple packs of high damage mobs rather than consecrating into them.

With an Enlighten and a little work you can keep up Ash, Purity, Blood & Sand, Flesh & Stone, and a low level Precision.

Right now I am having no issues with yellow maps and expect to be able to do Shaper with only a little tuning of the build and no significant additional cost.

And did I mention it's a ton of fun? Highly recommended.

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