WTB Sellable Uniques Under Market Value for QUICK Exalts :)

Rainbow Unique:

Other Uniques:

Jannanomana - ♥ I am Supporting my Golems! - Golemancer ftw ♥
do you wanna buy that ?
Interested in any of these?

Looking at taking a break from the game; would like to liquidate before I go and mess around with the resulting currency.

I have plenty of legacies and generally some great gear. Wondering what your preferred format would be to evaluate a few hundred items.
IGN: Cocaineguin
hi, i have a 6 link starforge 20% quality (not corrupted)

it has: 499% increased physical damage
7% increased attack speed
+99 maximum life

how much could you pay for it?
How much can you give me for a max life roll 6 link inpulsa?

This is currently the uniques I am trying to sell. If you are interested in any of them hit me up!
+2 TS proj. starkonja with 100 life roll
356 pdps 6L double leg ROTC.

Neither is relic, both on std. Please, PM the offer to my account, not online these days.

Keep in mind im not too desperate pls, won't sell for half price.
Very smart ♤ Very handsome ♤ Very depressed

lmk if u have any interest in these. prices are just place holders

Ignore prices, have not been on standard in quite some time and do not know what these are worth in current markets, for the most part. PM me any you are interested in, what they're worth, and what you'll buy them for.

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