The Gorgon Armour Set

looks like a slightly better normal armor set from game.
seriously get better talent.

not worth 42$ , especially since you are not an indy developer now.
How much time consume 1 mtx armour set ?
WTB Mana and life leech for casters on tree...
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these cloaks...can you plz make them wider. seems like we're strapping flags to our back for no reason.

THIS, please!
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Another set of perfectly decent plate.

Ridiculous helmet though.

Not worth $40.

This sort of thing should be part of your free 'armour overhaul' as you did with helmets. The repetition of body armour skins doesn't sit well with the removal of the repetition of levels via difficulty. Unless you can't afford to do an armour skin/art overhaul without selling this sort of thing at a ridiculous premium, in which case you might be in a bit of trouble.

Maybe take a loan out from the former investors who cashed out recently?
I'm like that one piece of ugly furniture too heavy to get rid of. Best you just learn how to live with it. If it comes down to you or me leaving, it's going to be you every time. I can do this all day if I want. Literally.
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Music is top notch, is it from the next expansion?
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Both of these new armor sets look amazing! Once the new supporter packs come out, I know what sets I'm buying.
If only the snakes on the helmet were alive!
I guess if you get hit in the head it would be easy to bend one - or all - of those cobras back in place.

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Don't get me wrong this armor and the gryffon set are very well done. Hell all the 3D art you've been releasing is awesome, the conquest and council sets are all very well done and your art department has matured by a lot. However...

You guys are pricing yourselves out of business. I urge you to rethink your pricing. The ONLY way most MTX is even remotely feasible is when it comes on sale and even then it's still quite steep.
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They are seriously pushing out mtx at a faster and faster rate.
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