Xbox One 3.3.1b Patch Notes

Loot filter not working in Temple. Regular maps ok!

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Can we just make our own filters yet holy hell. Neversink can place his filter in the bin for all i care.
Xbox is GGG's neglected step-child.
Neversink can place his filter in the bin for all i care.

Neversink: if you ever read the Xbox forums, rest assured that I for one at least greatly appreciate your filters.

GGG: but I too would like to be able to further customize my filter. I have suggested previously that an interim solution could be to allow a white list (always include) and a black list (always exclude) functions to be super imposed over the current filter choices.

Oh, and nice to see all the bug fixes (even if I am unsure if they ever affected me).
Dude they probably have like two whole programmers even working on the xbox, we'll be lucky to get filters when the next expansion releases in like 2020.
Xbox is GGG's neglected step-child.
Does this actually apply to us on Xbox? From what I understand we have a hybrid mode not a pure Predictive.

Xbox One 3.3.1b Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug where players in Predictive mode were sometimes unable to gain Vaal Souls after using a Vaal skill.
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    PLEASE RE-ADD THE STASH TAB PRICING!! Seriously you guys keep implementing stuff that we don't even need. How many new "skins" and "cosmetic" junk has come out, yet you guys can't give us what we actually want?

    Also, please show us a way to see who the people that are posting on AH are. WE HAVE TOO MANY SCAMMERS AND PRICE FIXERS ON AH!! I already know a bunch of my friends have stopped playing this game due to small frustrations like this and just went back to fortnite.

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