absolutefury wrote:

Been trying to craft a ring with fossils for cold damage life leech with not much success.

Picked this up for 5c!

Can spam indefinately with another reduced mana cost ring, some mana nodes and arcane surge.

Actually didn't bother with MoM in the end. 5k life and 1.4kES, just run enfeeble on blasphemy as mana is not an issue

since latest patch legion mobs can be frozen & makes it way way less rippy for this build :)

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How can I make this viable again after the Warlord's Mark nerf?
tree has been updated in path of building https://pastebin.com/GaMXQjrH
(if you have trouble importing code take the "s" out of https: in code, I might be the only one with this wierd pob bug)

now using eldritch battery to sustain our freezing pulse with energy leech
added zealorty aspect of the spider dropped mom/ warlords ring

defenses should be roughly the same with way more dps pob @ 7mil shaper dps

ign: ROCSpoe
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Thank you so much. I don't even have time to keep up with all the patches nowadays tbh I was just going to uninstall lol.
Yikes, I dont think Eldritch is a good choice fo rme I copied your build except mine is ES, not life. And it was expensive. :/
I'm running a very similar build (like 99% the same) and all i can say is its fun as heck. the new jewels make freezing pulse so good
If I don't have any issues with mana (energy shield), should I still use energy leech instead cold pen ?
Warlord's mark doesn't work with spells anymore, probably a good idea to remove the "warlord's mark on hit" ring from recommended gear.
I bought 2 -8 cost rings and I still hate playing this build feels so gimped now with ES instead of life and I am just sick of trying to keep up with nerfs in games. Think I might give away my 70 ex and all my gear and just quit.
Hello always been a fan of Freezing Pulse currently playing Cyclone(i know dont hate me) but im bit bored of it so was checking out some Freezing Pulse builds noticed yours and looks good but was wondering do you have a leveling tree i have your POB already just wondered which way to go?

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