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Divot612 wrote:
Uber Elder down! (Final build)

This was my first attempt at Uber Elder so that may have played a factor but I could not down him with Glad/Lacerate. I switched to Champion/Bladestorm and got him first try. Although I didn't like Bladestorm at first, I ended up loving it once I improved my play style with it.

Thanks again for sticking with the guide and updating it so often throughout the league.

Nice! I tried uber elder yesterday, but fucked it up bad lol. I did my first uber elder on saturday with my cyclone slayer. With the champion bladestorm, i died a few times due to trying to record it, and getting FPS drops when i'd re-enter. First 1/3rd or so of the fight I did okay.
Hi! Why do we use Whirling Blades instead of Leap Slam? TY for answer
And why do we need so much cold res? TY again
FelicKiandi wrote:
Hi! Why do we use Whirling Blades instead of Leap Slam? TY for answer

We are using leap slam.
Enjoying your build guide so far only early but great information on a skill i never knew was strong :)
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I ended up transitioning into MF with my first character this league while looking for something fun to complete challenges with and I really like this not whirlwind or bow build so I saved up a couple ex and gathered the gear for this.

Will I be able to delve with this? I imagine I'll have to switch to champion after maps.


Any feedback appreciated! Thanks.
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