Since we have just commenced a new Fan Art Competition, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate recent work done by members of the community! Today's community showcase includes fan art, music and even a cake!

Fan Art by darklolita666

Fan Art by Joe_Duncan

Fan Art by Killjoykitty1

Fan Art by DevelopedHydra

Izaro's Labyrinth Interior Remix by aTension

Totem Cake posted by Poma333

Fan Art by Kardalak

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Grinding Gear Games
Permanent Hardcore only.
Rafurion wrote:

This doesn't add much to the conversation, especially when the content hasn't even been made available to view. Anyways, Joe_Duncan deserves all the praise he has been getting on reddit, man is a PoE treasure
B&W drawings are always great - cake takes the cake!
Joe_Duncan just murdered my lungs with that little comic. I can't stop laughing XD
Poor Einhar :c
That cake is awesome.
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