[3.3] Hipster Melee Elemental Hit Champion - Melt all Content with low Budget! - With Video

raggapaul wrote:
KajoMar wrote:
Hey, what about using the new vaal impurity of fire, since we're full fire, instead of blood magic in the anc prot and lightning golem 3-link?

I also thought about it and I do level a impurity. The reason why I used blood magic is that I wasn´t able to cast my golem with my mana pool left after reservations. I changed the setup to a lower golem level that is linked to culling strike (as well as the totem).

Vaal Impurity is bugged in PoB right now, or Iam just too dumb to understand why it actually halves my DPS. Also it has a very short duration compared to vaal lightning trap and vaal grace. I still might try it when I start to face guardians and shaper and see if that short damage boost is worth it.

Vaal impurity makes it so you ignore enemies resistances, which is the same as making their resist equal to zero.
You have a lot of resistance reducing and fire pen, which could make it so you get enemies to negative values, increasing damage. So making their resists equal to zero is actually giving them resists

If it's against normal ememies, flammability is -44%, combustion is -19%, from xoph's blood, 10% pen, wise oak is another 15%, there's more pen in the tree (a idk if you get it, still haven't seen the tree) against normal enemies it's very easy to get damage through lowering and penetrating their resists. On bosses curses are almost useless(80% reduced effectiveness) shaper for instance has 40% all ele resists, so you'd have to reduce and penetrate 40% to get it to zero (with flammability and everything you get it to....-52% + whatever you have on the tree,even shaper get to negative values) and resistance works as a less damage multiplier, so lowering it (and even making it negative, as you can feel during acts if you don't care for resists after killing kitava) acts as an more multiplier, it's quite significant.
Can i do it with fishing rod
Can i do it with fishing rod

It's ele hit, you can do it with a stick.
Is Xoph Blood a must have for this build?? If not would a rare amulet suffice??
Hey, just specced into this build with my 86 Duelist, tried Phoenix and i get killed everytime, 5k life idk what i'm doing wrong :-(
PoB link is just wrong, its just normal poe tree link, can you replace this?

I love MELEE ele hit build <3
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Melts Shaper with a small investment.
I thought I was the only one trying melee ele hit. I took a different approach though, went with EO and bloodseeker. Damage has lower ceiling (I think), but its pretty tanky and you can equip a shaper mace with fire explosions for better clearing. Also extremely cheap.
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