[Updated 4-30-13] Avicularia's 43k DPS Dbl EK TOTEM AND Dbl FP Totem ‡‡GOD BUILD‡‡ (Guide/Video's)

There have been some changes. Updated 3-28-2013

Got a new job testing microchips for NASA's space shuttles and the like, so that is taking up ALOT of my time during the week. That will free up some here in 1.5 weeks when I start working the night shift. Once that happens, I will be available alot more often to test and tweak these builds.

Right now my stats are:


7k dps
700 hp
5300 Energy Shield
790 mana
Fire - 44%
Cold - 78%
Lightning - 78%
-60% Chaos
11.8 %crit chance
290% crit multiplier
339% Increased Rarity
115% Increased Quantity

Screenshot of what iir/iiq can do for you:

Gear is a little lackluster atm, next project is a shield, and then gloves, and then helm. I should be able to get 8k+ ES, although I have a feeling that my totems low hp now is going to make me end up changing back, and selling shavronne's. Then I'll buy a bad ass set of 115% spell damage wands, high ES 6L Vaal Regalia ( might mirror ), and that leaves trying to keep resists capped since andvarius gimps me 40% all resists. I will most likely switch the ES nodes to HP, and most likely will try to run without speccing into damage nodes. I'll see how it works out.

Projectile weakness to make up for the loss of dps due to respeccing.

I am running lvl 19 clarity as blood magic, this keeps me below the 35% threshold for my low life benefits.


****These levels are approximates, you may reach the appointed skill tree build before or after you hit that level.****

Level 31 - We will be heading straight for the Double Totem first, picking up hp nodes, resist nodes, and casting speed / damage nodes along the way.


Level 60 - We clean up some hp nodes on the left side of the tree, while moving back towards the witch tree. We then spread the witch tree up to Eldritch Battery in the top right. after picking up Eldritch Battery, I go pick up the three resist nodes and Inner Focus immediately. After that, around lvl 55-60 I begin moving down toward the shadow side picking up hp nodes along the way.


Level 85 HP BUILD- Here, we finish our HP, while picking up some crit and resistances. IF, you have the gear to drop the 6 resist nodes, then do so and look at the DPS Section next to figure out where to put them.


DPS OPTIONAL - At any point in time, you can choose to increase your dps vastly by going into these few nodes. This is the lvl 85 DPS build, whereas the other was HP BUILD. Honestly, you can't do either one, you are going to have to compromise in the middle somewhere, but that is for you to choose.



- Ethereal Knives/Spell Totem/Added Fire Damage/Faster Projectiles/Faster Casting

Once you get a 6L ( I haven't yet ) you could either go Added Chaos Damage/Fork/Chain. It's completely up to you, but get the ones I listed first in order, depending on your links.

- Projectile Weakness/Critical Weakness/Increase Area of Effect/Reduced Mana

I personally prefer Critical Weakness, since I'm going more into the crit side of things, with a lvl 15 crit weakness curse I am getting about 28% chance to crit, and at 3k damage with a 400% multiplier, that's 12000 damage crits. The cool thing not many people realize about EK is that it fires 10 projectiles, each with it's own chance to crit, but if one of them crits, they all crit on that same shot. Not sure if it is intended to be this way, but it is like this.

- Temporal Chains/Increase Area of Effect/Reduced Mana

I use Temporal Chains when I am getting run down or there are frenzied mobs in maps.

- Clarity/Hatred/Haste/Reduced Mana

A quick tip on Clarity, do not level it past level 4, the amount of mana reserved to the amount you regen is unbalanced, and lvl 4 is the best level mathematically for efficiency. Unless, of course you have EB with 2500 ES.

- Discipline/Enfeeble/Reduced Mana

I use Enfeeble on bosses that 1 shot my totems, just so my totems can stand a few hits.



As promised, I have been testing different builds and theories, and this is my second major end-game build.

As far as stats, I still have alot of gear to go to get pimped for this build, but here is the stats so far :

160/931 HP ( Running Blood Magic lvl 16 Clarity )
3594 Energy Shield
14k DPS ( Given LMP shotguns )
75/75/75/-43 Resists
32.1% crit chance
300% crit multiplier
100% iir
46% iiq

Got some mutt gear there, still working on selling some of my EK gear off, and then I should be all set!

Basically what my goal is with this build, is as soon as possible I want 20% Faster casting. I want to get my cast speed astronomically high, since right now i'm at 2.77 casts per second, per totem. so almost 6 per second. I want at least 8, pushing 10 if i can. Even with this half-ass gear, I still solo'd a decent lvl 74 map yesterday! This build, though far less DPS than my EK build, literally seems much safer due to the permafreeze/chill. Nothing gets near you, which is epic!

Here is my build currently :


The way I have my 5L currently linked is : Freezing Pulse > Faster Casting > Spell Totem > Added Chaos Damage > Lesser Multiple Projectiles.

The reason I chose LMP over GMP, is because of the aiming mechanics. If you are unaware of this particular mechanic, depending where your mouse is, ie. on the mob or half a screen behind it, etc. will differentiate how your LMP / GMP activates. The closer the mouse to you, the wider the spread of GMP/LMP, The farther away, the more narrow the stream. This is beneficial to facetank FP'ers because they can constantly aim and do massive single target damage by making all 5 projectiles shotgun a boss or mob. However, with totems this is not possible, so the best we can do is throw LMP on a totem, and hopefully it shotguns with the 3.

I'll be getting video footage of this build soon guys! Bear with me :)

On a side note, streaming this character was started purely for educational purposes geared towards a newer player audience. We love giving tips and helping out new players in this game that we love playing. So even if you are new, don't be shy, stop by! LOL

Before we get to the build, let me give you a few new player tips that will help you immensely in your gaming experience with Path of Exile.

It is a very easy build to pull off that isn't bank breaking on the wallet. It is phenomenal for a first character that will allow you to farm easily, to gear up better builds and characters. NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY!!


If I'm not streaming, here is a demo video of what I do with this build.


Basically, drop 2 totems, run around them. Easy enough, and it wrecks maps. Put two totems in a room and the room dies instantly.

I plan on switching a few things out soon, so I'll keep this thread updated for anyone who finds it.

As far as the streaming, I'll be streaming most of today, 3-2-2013. Feel free to stop by and if you have any questions, let me know.




a.) Anything YELLOW. Identify it before you vendor it so that it will give you alteration orbs. Alteration orbs are in high demand as they are the orbs that change stats on high level maps.
b.) 6 SOCKETS. These vendor for 7 Jeweler orbs, which is equivalent to a little over 1 CHAOS orb.
d.) All Uniques ( Orange )
e.) Anything with all three colors linked together, these vendor for 1 Chromatic Orb.
f.) Anything with 5 or more links. Explained below

#2. DO NOT use any orbs on anything until you are lvl 50+ and understand what they do and what they are worth. I wasted 4 exalt orbs for no reason back before I knew that they were the highest currency in the game.


a.) 5L = 5 Links. 5 and 6 link items are in HIGH demand and very rare. These will sell for 1 Exalt +.
b.) Boots with 3 resists, life, and movement speed
c.) Gloves with 3 resists, life, attack speed, and life leech. Keep in mind all these stats have to be on the same item.
d.) Wands with +50% or higher Spell Damage ( Resists, crit, mana are a plus ).
e.) Shields with +40% or higher Spell Damage and/or +40% or higher all resists, high armor / es, etc.


#1 Due to request, I added a gems / links spoiler section.
#2 Due to request, I added a leveling passives section.
#3 Due to request, I added my two gear-outs.
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